Crystal Town - Episode 10 - The Ten Simple Rules

James: Why didn’t you tell me Megan?
Megan: I… I…
James: Your husband must know the truth!
Megan: He cheated on me the night before our wedding!
James: You cheated on him on his honeymoon!
Megan: Please I’m asking you nicely not to tell Ryan what we did.
James: Maybe I can and maybe I can’t.
Megan: I’ll do anything.
James: Do it with me again…
Megan: Except that! I love him, it was a mistake!
James: Fine then, I’m off to tell Ryan!


Karina: Are the kids asleep?
Cindy: Yeah they're both fine. I can’t believe what's happened today.
Karina: I know it’s awful.
Cindy: Oh my god!
Karina: What?
Cindy: Look!

Jenna: Cindy please, I need your help!
Karina: Oh my god! Should we call the police?
Cindy: Just go upstairs with the kids. Lock yourself in a room. There’s a phone up there, but only call the police if you hear a gunshot, understand?
Karina: But Cindy!
Cindy: Go! Now!

Cindy: Came to kill me too?
Jenna: No, please Cindy! I need your help!
Cindy: Why should I help you? You killed an innocent police officer not to mention shot your own father.
Jenna: Ask my father about it in a few days please!
Cindy: That may not be possible.
Jenna: What?
Cindy: He lost too much blood. He’s in an unstable condition.
Jenna: What!? He shot himself in the shoulder! You don’t normally die from being shot there!
Cindy: You can… wait! He shot himself?
Jenna: Yes! Just so I could escape.
Cindy: But!?
Jenna: Can I borrow your car?
Cindy: What!? No!
Jenna: Ok... I have no choice.

Jenna: Give me your car keys Cindy, or else.
Cindy: Jenna please don’t I have a kid!
Jenna: Cindy I don’t want to! Give me your car keys and I’ll be on my way.
Cindy: Ok! Ok!

Cindy: Hello police… Jenna Wellington just approached my house and threatened me… she’s driving a blue car and she’s just leaving with it now… yes… I’d like an officer to watch over my house… thank you...

Eddie: Hey, how is he?
Kacey: If he dies… I don’t know what I’ll do. I would have lost my whole family!
Eddie: You still have James.
Kacey: Yeah but I’ve lost my mum, Tim, Jenna's god knows where and now I could my lose dad! I can’t cope!
Eddie: Aww sweetie, come here.

Eddie: Wha! What just happened?
Kacey: I don’t know why I did that. I’m sorry!
Eddie: I’m married Kace!
Kacey: Ok! I’m sorry.
Eddie: Come on... lets go ask the doctor if his condition has changed.

Megan: James please I’m happily married!
James: Your obviously not!
James: You’re a liar… and a dirty slag.
Megan: No I’m not!

Megan: Ahhhh! What have I done?

Ariel: Everything I try and do for you to like me better just makes you hate me even more!
Tina: Ariel you embarrassed me!
Ariel: You told me to go and speak to that guy!
Tina: To talk to him so you could get together, not so you could play tonsil tennis!

Tina: I’m not finished with you Ariel come back here!
Ariel: What!?

Robert: Aaron look out!
Aaron: Agh!

Tina: ARIEL!

Robert: Aaron stop! Stop! Stop the car!
Aaron: Who did I hit?
Robert: I don’t know!

Tina: Its gonna be ok I’ll call an ambulance. Hang on your going to be alright!
Ariel: It’s…too…late…
Tina: Don’t be stupid come on just hold on… Oh come on where is my cell phone!?
Ariel: You… left it in the …bar!
Tina: Ok I’ll go get it! Lets move you over to the curb.
Ariel: It’s… too late… please take….care of Aaron for me…
Tina: Ariel don’t worry you’ll pull through. HELP! Someone please!
Ariel: Goodbye…Tin Tin.
Tina: No!

Ryan: Hi sweetie you ok?
Megan: Fine.
Ryan: What's wrong?
Megan: Nothing. I’m going to the toilet.
Ryan: Ok fine.

Megan: What have I done?

After getting changed upstairs Tina discovers my loving son Aaron and Robert have returned home.

Tina: Aaron! I’m so sorry honey, there's been an accident... your mothers dead.
Aaron: No! What?
Tina: A car hit her.
Robert: WHAT!?
Aaron: Did you see who hit her?
Tina: Yeah I saw…
Aaron: Are you going to tell the police we did it?
Tina: Your mother asked me to take care of you Aaron. I can’t do that if you’re behind bars, can I?

We are asked to follow God’s simple rules in our life…

We’re asked not to kill another human being…

We’re asked not to lie…

We’re asked not to steal…

We’re asked to respect our elders…

We’re asked not be jealous...

We’re asked not to cheat on our partners...

We all break these rules… for good and for bad reasons… does this mean we all go to hell? Like my cousin Tina. Doing the good I asked her to do, to take care of my son… so she’s allowed to lie. Right?

We all live our lives of lies, secrets and affairs. But this is what life is about. As I watch over the town I feel there are other stories too be told… like Ryan’s parents for example…

Sometimes when you break these rules it can become too much. Take this lovely morning in Veronaville for example…
Which ended in an awful suicide…