Crystal Town - Episode 11 - Six Months On

Only a few hours after the death of Ariel Watson, the Stripe family was in grief however life went on as it always seems to do.

Sharon Grey, the mother of Ryan Grey, was the perfect housewife of Vernonaville, as was her husband Howard Grey. He was a successful business man and they were, in the other residents minds, "perfect".

It was meant to be a normal morning for Sharon Grey, she was going to serve her busy husband a big breakfast.

She was going to buy her husband a big cake.

She was going to water her beautiful flowers.

However when she had got up, made the bed and had a shower she discovered...

Sharon: HOWARD!

That life...

Doesen't always work out the way we hope...

It is now six months on since the death of Ariel Watson and Howard Grey... a lot has changed in Crystal Town...

The Kim Family won some money on the lottery and finally got rid of their disgusting flat and replaced it with a nice modern home.

Hilary started to go to dancing lessons every Friday with her boyfriend Malcom.

Chris got a job working in Advertising...

Kayleigh, however, tried to find a job but kept getting turned down...

A lot has happened to the Wellington family too...

Bruce lost too much blood when he shot himself in the shoulder and he died soon after... his grave now sits in the garden of the pub next to Tim's.

Kacey was distraught... only Eddie could cheer her up by coming up with an idea.

They soon changed the Crystal Inn dramatically but also built an Italian Restaurant next to it named "Bruce's" as Italian was Bruce's favourite food.

Despite Cindy's wishes for Eddie to not quit his job as a swimming coach, Eddie began work at Bruce's as a co-manager with Kacey.

Tina Stripe's life at the moment was less than perfect...

Her husband David had finally moved out...

Aaron still blamed himself for his Mother's death and refused to get a job..

Robert, however, is currently attending University and doing very well at that...

Other than that Tina Stripe kept up her role as the perfect woman, mother and housewife...

Karina Adams has also been able to get on with her life...

She has a job working as a barmaid in the renovated Crystal Inn...

She has also brought a small one bedroom place, in Crystal Town just down the road from her sister Cindy.

Megan Grey's life has also changed a fair deal. She's got a new hair do, which neither Tina nor Ryan like...

and Ryan's mother Sharon has moved in and made Megan's life a misery...

Whenever Ryan left off for work... Sharon would demand! Demand! Demand! One day, however, Megan stuck up for herself.

Sharon: Megan my feet are cold! Could you please go and get my slippers?
Can't you? They're only upstairs Sharon... and I'm kind of busy washing up here.
Excuse me?
:  I know you're upset over Howard's death and everything but seriously... enough is enough, and I am not being your slave any longer!

Sharon: You are whatever I tell you, you are!
Megan: Oh yeah?
Yeah unless you want the police to know you pushed James Terry of a cliff!
How... how did you know that?
You better start being nice to me Megan... because otherwise I won't be very nice either and I don't think the police will be either when they hear what I have to tell them.
How the hell did you know?
I have my uses.

Megan: Where are your slippers?
Outside my room.
Want a cup of tea?

Yes Sharon Grey was full of surprises...

Kacey: I'm telling you Seth I did not order twenty two packets of cheese! Why would I need them?
Umm.. maybe because you run an Italian Restaurant!?
Look Seth I didn't order them so please just leave and take it back!
I drove all the way from Lakeside to deliver these! There is no way I am just gonna take them back!
Well them dump in a river, I don't care!
Look you ordered them, so you have to take them!
I'm not taking anything I didn't order!
You are really starting to annoy me Kace...

Eddie: Hey! Is everything ok here?
Seth won't leave! I didn't order twenty packets of cheese!
Well you obviously did! Our company is a professional company. We don't make mistakes like this...
Well maybe you need to be more professional.
Kacey didn't order these.
Thank you!
I did.
Just drop them off here please Seth.
Ok, thank you Eddie. At least someone has manners...

Kacey: Seth I'm sorry!
Forget it!
Come on Kace, let's go inside.

Robert: Aaron... Aaron?
I'm going to back to university for a while, you gonna be ok with my mum?
Yeah, I'll be fine.
I don't have to go if you don't want me too.
It's alright mate, just go.
Ok see you later.

Tina: Hello boys.
Hey mum I'm back off to uni.
Ok honey take care.
Speak to you later.

Tina: Well seeing as it's just us two tonight, I was thinking of making shepherds pie. Would you like chocolate cake for afters or pancakes?
I'm not hungry, thanks.
Aaron honey you have to eat. Your mother wouldn't want you starving yourself to death, now come on cake or pancakes?
Chocolate Cake.
Are you sure? I thought you loved pancakes.
I do, but mum liked chocolate cake.
Aww honey come here.

Aaron: I really miss her Tina.
I know sweetheart... so do I.

Aaron: Oh please, you hated my mum.
I'll have you know Aaron Watson, that ok.. me and your mother argued from time to time but she was family and I most certainly did not hate her and she didn't hate me either.
How do you know what my Mum felt or what she wants me to do!? She's not here!
(Yelling) Well maybe she would be here if you hadn't got drunk and rammed her off the road....

Tina: Aaron I'm so sorry I shoulden't have said that! Come back here! Aaron please!

Hilary: Hello? Oh hello Malcolm, oh you can't go dancing tonight, why not? Oh right... yeah I understand. Don't apologise if Scampers is ill then he's ill... yeah ok bye honey. Bye.

Chris: Hey mum, work was great. Clint did the stupidest thing today... Mum are you ok? You look kind of down.
Oh I'm fine, it's just Malcolm cancelled dancing tonight. I was really looking forward to it. I got changed and everything.
Why did he cancel?
His dog isn't very well...
Oh well, that's not really Malcolm's fault mum.
I know I was just looking forward to it, that's all.
Aww sorry to hear that mum, where's Kayleigh?
She's gone for a job interview.
Oh right.
(Phone rings)
That should be her actually. By the way I want that wall done as soon as possible.
Chris: I'll work on it...

Hilary: Hello.
Hey mum, it's me Kayleigh.
Oh hi honey, how did the job interview go?
Not too good, I don't think I'll get it.
Oh I'm sorry to hear that honey, come home and we can go out for lunch.
Actually mum, an employee here has asked me out and I accepted.
Alright then honey, ring me later on. Have fun.
Thanks mum, speak to you later.

Chris: Well?
She didn't get it.
Oh that's a shame... I feel really sorry for her.
Me too...
She heading home?
Nope she has a date.
Aww I'm glad she has, she hasn't had one in about a year!

Megan: Hey Tina I came by to ask if... Tina are you alright? Are you crying?

Tina: Oh no, I'm fine! Really!
You don't look fine, what's wrong?
Oh, did you argue with Aaron again?
Yes, what is it you want?
Just wondered if lunch tomorrow is still going ahead...
Yeah it is.

Megan: Where are you going?
To greet the new neighbours!

Aghh! Oh my god Ariel!
No... no... no... go away...
Aaron, no! Stop the car! Stop the car! Who did I hit? I don't know!

Aaron: Oh god... thank goodness it was just a dream!

Tina Stripe had done her best to raise the best family she could and everyone thought she and her family were perfect, but one family who didn't even try to be perfect...

Mina: JASON!
...are the Johnson's.

Jason: (Laughs) Can't keep up?
You wait til I get my hands on you!

Tina: Hello there.
Oh hi. How can we help you?
I'm looking for your parents are they in?
Thank you...

Hannah: What did I tell you two about arguing!? You knocked over the box full of my fancy china while running out here!
He started it!
Just cause I chose the best room, there's no need to be jealous!
See he does it on purpose to wind me up!
No I don't!
That's enough both of you, get upstairs you're both grounded for a week!
What? That's not fair!
You wanna make it two?
Then get your butts upstairs now.

Hannah: I really am sorry you had to see that.
(Laughs) It's ok kids will be kids.
Yeah it's just I feel like a bad mother.
Oh honey don't worry, we all feel like that sometimes.
Yes it's natural for a mother to think like that! I think you just did a great job in punishing them too.
Oh thanks. I'm Hannah it's lovely to meet you.
Pleasures all mine, I'm Tina Stripe.
It's great to meet you.

Ross: Honey where are the boxes with the... oh hi there.
Hannah: Hey Ross, come here this is Tina Stripe she lives down the road.
Ross: It's nice to meet you Tina.
Tina: Pleasure to meet you too Ross.

Mina: JASON!
Hannah: Brats again?
Ross: You guessed it. I'll go take care of them... nice meeting you Tina.
Tina: Yeah, you too.

Hannah: They can be so embarrassing.
Tina: (Laughs) Don't worry about it. All teenagers do it.
Hannah: Do you have kids?
Tina: One. His name is Robert and he is at university.
Hannah: Oh wow, but I swear I saw another teenager in your house.
Tina: Oh that is my cousin's son Aaron, he lives with us.
Hannah: Oh. If you don't mind me asking where's his mum?

Tina: She died a few months ago.
Hannah: Oh my... I'm so sorry to hear that!
Tina: It's alright, Aaron is just finding it hard to move on. Tomorrow me and my friend Megan have lunch plans, you're more than welcome to join us?
Hannah: Oh that would be excellent. Thank you Tina, that's very sweet.
Tina: I'll meet you here at about one. Is that ok?
Hannah: That's great. I'll see you then.
Tina: Yeah, see you.

Megan: So Ryan, how was work?
Ryan: Quite good actually, you know Terri?
Megan: Big girl with long red hair?
Ryan: Yeah her, she's only gone into the elevator and got stuck in there by herself!
Megan: Oh how funny! Bless her.
Ryan: It's taking the firemen ages to fix it... bet she's still in there now.
Megan: (Laughs) That will teach her for making a move on you at the Christmas party huh?
Ryan: Oh god don't remind me!
(Megan and Ryan laugh)
Sharon: Anyone gonna ask me how my day was?

Megan: You didn't really do anything Sharon, you lazed on the sofa all day and watched knots landing DVDs which you got from ebay.
Sharon: I'll have you know Knots Landing is a lot better than the junk you get on TV these days!
Megan: (Laughs) True. You guys like the samwiches?
Ryan: Yeah honey there delicious.
Sharon: Meh they're ok.
Megan: Well there's plenty more if anyone wants them.
Sharon: Are you having more?
Megan: Most likely.. why?
Sharon: I mean, maybe you should cut down... you are gaining a few pounds!
Ryan: Mum!

Sharon: Well it is true.. and why have we got sandwiches for dinner? This is not what I call a meal!
Megan: I've been slaving around all day Sharon. The majority of it was for you, don't forget.
Sharon: Alright love don't go on... I'm off to watch more Knots Landing. Reminds me of the good days.
Ryan: Actually Mum me and Megan normally watch a quiz show now..
Sharon: Oh no, I am not putting up with that rubbish!
Ryan: Mum, it's our house!
Sharon: Ryan enough! Quiet!

Megan: Why does she talk to you like that?
Ryan: I guess my mum is just a bit old fashioned.
Megan: But still... she is being rude I've tried these past few months to put up with her I really have, but I honestly have had enough.
Ryan: I'm getting tired of her comments and moaning too.
Megan: Well we could book her a place in a hotel somewhere.
Ryan: Not sure that's a good idea Megan, my mother wouldn't be a able to cope being alone.
Megan: Well alright... guess you have to put up with months more of Knots Landing...
Ryan: It's not that bad.
Megan: It had over ten seasons'.
Ryan: I'll ring some local hotels later.
Megan: (Smiles) Good, good.

Karina: Use my card for that...
Shopkeeper: Sorry but your card has balanced.
Karina: What? That's impossible. Try it again.
Shopkeeper: Miss I have there's nothing left on it, can you pay with anything else?
Karina: Yeah, take cash then..

Cindy: That's it Jennifer, walk! Oh good girl! I'm so proud of you!

Cindy: Hear that mummy is so pleased with you!

Karina: Hey Cind...
Cindy: Hey Karina, you alright love?
Karina: I went shopping today and...
Cindy: As usual...
Karina: Anyway I went shopping and the lady told me there was no money left on my credit card.
Cindy: Oh yeah, dad cut you off.
Karina: What!?
Cindy: I was supposed to tell you actually... he and mum decided it was time you made your own money!
Karina: What!? I work! I work at the Crystal Inn!
Cindy: Yeah but dad shouldn't have to pay your bills and stuff...
Karina: Why not? He did for you when you moved in here.
Cindy: That's not true...
Karina: Oh... well he and mum should at least help me out a bit!

Cindy: They have been for the past twenty six years of your life! Get a better working job or extend your hours! Make your own money! It's simple once you get started. You should have done this ages ago to be bloody honest Karina, Mum and Dad won't be around forever! Remember that! Now please leave I have to make dinner for Eddie when he gets in from work!

Kayleigh: Mum! Chris!
Hilary: Kayleigh? Why are you crying?
Kayleigh: I've been.. raped!

Hilary: Oh my god...
Chris: I'll call the police!

Bad things in life happen to all of us...

Knowing that some husbands put work before there wives...

Things which happen to us that we don't deserve...

Guilt which we have to live with...

The fact that some husbands will let the wife feel completely alone...

Knowing that someone you once loved will never love you again.

Kacey: Hi Dad... Hi Tim. It's me... Kacey. I really miss you both so much. Things have not been the same with out you guys in my life... I just wish... wish that we could be together. All of us, me, you two, Jenna, James and Mum. My life hasn't been the same without any of you... the restaurant is going well... me and Eddie have done really well so far. I miss you both so much, I know you both are still with me.. in my heart you two will always lie... same with Mum too. I love you both...

Kacey: ...Goodbye.

Little did Kacey Wellington know...

Her Mother Louise.. was a lot closer than she thought...