Crystal Town - Episode 12 - Love Really Does Hurt

Kacey Wellington wasn't exactly a good girl as a teenager. She would disobey her fathers orders.

She would always argue with her siblings.

She would find a way to cause family feuds.

She would stay up late and return home drunk.

Yes... it was a fact that Kacey Wellington was the downfall of the Wellington family.

Bruce was the most popular guy around.

Jenna was an amazing mucisian.

Tim always got straight A's.

The three of them would always look down at Kacey for every move she seemed to make... the person who would always give her a chance and see the best in her however was her Mother....Louise.

After a visit to her father's and brother's grave, Kacey got a surprise.

Kacey: Hello were not open at the moment but come back at... oh my god.
Louise: Hey Kace.
Kacey: Mu...Mu...Mu...Mum!
Louise: I thought you'd be supirsed.
Kacey: You're... you're alive!
Louise: Yes very much so, may I come in?

Kacey: You're... you're not here...
Louise: Kacey, it's me.
Kacey: My mother died a year ago!
Louise: Kacey, honey please.
Kacey: No! You're not my mother!
Louise: Kacey stop being so silly, of course I am.

Kacey: No!


Louise: Kacey open up! Open up! Honey please! I've only just found out about Bruce's and Tim's death... please honey just open the door! Please!

Meanwhile at the Kim's, Kayleigh was telling the police about her recent trauma.

Officer Porter: Kayeligh, I know it's an upsetting time for you but you have to tell us who did this to you.
Chris: Kayleigh tell him so I can go and kick the guys arse!
Officer Porter: Mr. Kim that is not necessary, now please calm down!
Chris: Calm down! Calm down! My sister has just been raped!
Officer Porter: Mr. Kim...
Chris: This guy needs to be locked up!
Officer Porter: Yes... indeed he does Mr. Kim, however Kayleigh needs to tell us who did this to her. Kayleigh?
Hilary: Come on sweetheart. Be strong!

Chris: For gods sake can't you just go and find him, this is ridiculous!
Officer Porter: Mrs Kim, is there a way he can leave us alone for a moment?
Chris: Excuse me!?
Hilary: Chris leave please.
Chris: What!? No!
Hilary: Get out... now! Go to your room!
Chris: Mum I'm twenty five years of age, stop treating me like a kid!
Hilary: Then stop acting like one... now please go!

Chris: Fine!
Officer Porter: Kayleigh? We need to know, before we can take this further...
Hilary: Come on sweetheart tell us everything that happened.

Earlier that Day

Kayleigh: Well today was fun, I better be heading home my mum would be worrying where I was.
Rick: So soon? Stay the night!
Kayleigh: Wha! Steady on! I just met you, we can defiantly do it again sometime though.
Rick: Stay for one more drink ok?
Kayleigh: Well alright...
Rick: Good I'll go get you one.

Millie: Hey!
Kayleigh: (Screams)
Millie: Get out this house now! Or I'll shoot you!
Kayleigh: What the hell?

Rick: What's going on? Oh Millie.
Millie: Rick who is this?
Kayleigh: Who the hell is this and why is there a gun!?
Rick: This is my date Kayleigh and Kayleigh this my sister Millie, what's with the fake gun?
Millie: You know I keep it for...well... you know.
Rick: Why are you in my house anyway Millie?
Millie: Just... looking for something.
Rick: Ok, well go away now please.
Kayleigh: I'm gonna go...
Millie: Oh don't worry this gun isn't even real, I just use it for threats in case of well... something.
Rick: Mille! Go!
Millie: (Sighs) Fine.

Mille: I'll be back later though, I need your help with...
Rick: Yes ok! Now go for gods sake!

Rick: I'm sorry about that.
Kayleigh: I am kinda freaked out by it but... oh wow champagne, haven't had that since Megan's wedding.
Rick: Megan?
Kayleigh: Oh a friend of mine (laughs).
Rick: Well you're most defiantly worth it... shall we go to the bedroom?
Kayleigh: No! Sorry I just met you... I don't do that...
What are you like a virgin or something? (Laughs).
Yes in fact, I am.
Well that's ok...

Kayleigh: Get your hands off me! I'm going...
Rick: No I don't think you are.
Watch me.. hmm why do I feel dizzy?
Maybe you should lie down.
Did you drug me!?
Well... yes.
Please don't...

Rick: Don't worry Kayleigh, just rest.

Hilary: The animal!
Officer Porter: So his full name is...?
Kayleigh: Rick Myers, well what he told me anyway.
Officer Porter: And his sister is Mille Myers have you got anything Ern?... yep he's tracked them to a place near here... I'm off to arrest him, then I will take her in too for having an illegal gun.
Hilary: Good, lock them both up!

Chris: I'm coming too...
Officer Porter: Not necessary, backup are arriving here soon.
Chris: Let me go!
Officer Porter: Sorry Mr. Kim, stay here with your family, the answer is no.


Louise: Kacey, now come on! I can wait here all night! Kacey! Kacey! Come on love! I'm sorry! If you let me come in, I will explain where I've been this past year... Kacey please... open the door. Come on...
Eddie: Hey what's going on here?

Louise: Who are you?
Eddie: I'm Eddie. I'm co-manager at Bruce's. Can I ask who you are and why your knocking on Kacey's door?
Louise: Actually Eddie it's my door.
Eddie: Excuse me?
Louise: I'm Louise... Kacey's mother.
Eddie: Wha... what?
Louise: You're shocked as well?
Eddie: Kacey's mother died... like a year ago.
Louise: No I never died, me and my husband made it up... for well private reasons... Do you have a key?
Eddie: Yes.
Louise: Can you let me in?
Eddie: Here, take them.
Louise: Thank you Eddie.
Eddie: I gotta get home to my wife, goodbye.

Louise: Kacey! Kacey! Where are you? Kacey!

Louise: Oh my... Kacey come back here young lady!

Louise: I can't believe I have to do this!

Eddie: Honey, I'm home!
Cindy: Where the hell have you been!?
Eddie: I've been working. Why?

Cindy: Your shift ended two hours ago!
Eddie: Honey, we were short staffed tonight. I was forced to help Sasha clean up.
Cindy: Well she's the chef. It's her job!
Eddie: Cindy, where are you going with this?
Cindy: Are you having an affair?


Eddie: (Laughs) Don't be daft!
Cindy: I'm serious, are you cheating?
Eddie: I can't believe you would even suspect me of cheating on you.
Cindy: Well you seem to be spending more time with her than you do with your own wife!
Eddie: If you must know, I saw Kacey at the start of my shift and that is all, I helped her unpack cheese into the store room. Other than that she was working in the Pub as Karina didn't work tonight and I was in the restaurant so we've been together for ten minutes. If you forget I watched a film with you and had breakfast together before I went to work!
Cindy: Ok, sorry you're right I know that...sit down.

Eddie: Well I suppose we have been off with each other lately.
Cindy: Come here babe.

Eddie: I love you so much honey.
Cindy: I love you too.

Louise: Kacey! Kacey! I've been looking for you for ages!


Kacey: My mum is dead!
Louise: No Kacey... I am not, I'm here.
Kacey: No! I got to terms with it! I got to terms that I would never see the three of you again!
Louise: I am so sorry Kacey... it wasn't my fault...
Kacey: My mother is buried here! She's buried there! This grave here! I came here everyday. I was going to have it moved next to dad!
Louise: Honey, please. Let me explain!


Kacey: I don't need them.. you lied! You could have been there for us.. for all four of us. Now Tim and Dad are dead... Jenna's serving time and now it's just me and James!
Louise: Which is why I came back... I only found out about their deaths and Jenna's arrest a week ago!
Kacey: Why... why did you leave us?
Louise: I'll explain everything... remember when me and your father went on holiday to Spain last year?
Kacey: Dad said that was when you had the heart attack...
Louise: Just listen...

25th June 2006

Louise: Ah Bruce this place is fantastic! Where are you going?
Bruce: Home...
Louise: What?
Bruce: I'm going back to Crystal Town Louise. Don't you dare even think about following me!
Louise: Wha!? Why!?


Bruce: I know about the guy... the guy you're sleeping with.
Louise: Excuse me?
Bruce: Don't play this game with me Louise! Don't even try it! I saw them boxers in our bedroom... they wern't Tim's and there were not mine.
Louise: What are you talking about honey?
Bruce: Don't call me honey! Don't talk to the kids nor me never again! Understand?
Louise: They're my kids... I'm not just about to leave them..  why are you doing this?
Bruce: Your affair Lou! I'm not stupid!

Louise: I'm not having an affair. I would never cheat on you!
Bruce: Goodbye Louise.
Louise: I'm not just about to throw away my life... the kids mean the world to me.
Bruce: So you'd never come back.
Louise: What?
Bruce: I told them you died.
Louise: WHAT!?
Bruce: I've taken your passport but if you do ever get back to Crystal Town... I swear to god... I will kill you.
Louise: Bruce please! Don't!
Bruce: Goodbye.

Louise: Bruce! You've made a mistake! BRUCE!

Kacey: You had an affair?
Louise: No Kacey! I swear to god I have never cheated on your father.
Kacey: Oh my...
Louise: What?
Kacey: One night last year... I had this guy round... we were going to sleep together in my room but.. Jenna had fallen asleep in there... so we...
Louise: Used our bed!?
Kacey: Yeah... I guess he left his boxers there.
Louise: Oh.

Kacey: So all this is my fault!
Louise: No it's not! It was a misunderstanding. No one is to blame at all!
Kacey: It's his fault... Dad should have never have told us three you died!
Louise: I know honey...
Kacey: (Sobs) Everything is ruined! Everyone is gone!

Louise: I'm not gone... I will always be there for you and James. I promise you!
Kacey: You promise?
Louise: I promise... let's get home.


Officer Porter: We've been watching the two overnight. They are both in the house but we think they are about to leave at any second, remember they could be armed.
Officer Dori: Yeah I know, I've got a gun too just in case.
Officer Porter: Alison I can do this. Let me. Remember what happened to Officer Sammy.
Officer Dori: They have one gun William, it will be fine. I should do it. I need to prove myself that I'm worthy.
Officer Porter: Look don't be stupid you're worthy of being an officer.
Officer Dori: I made a mistake William two people died because of my mistake... I need to...please.
Officer Porter: If you need any help, at any time. Just call.
Officer Dori: I will.

Millie: Quick Rick, they're after us! Go! Go!
Officer Dori: Freeze!
Rick: Shoot her!
Officer Dori: Oh no you don't!

Millie: Rick! No!
Officer Dori: Put the gun down or I will shoot you!
Officer Porter: I'm coming Alison!

Officer Dori: Arghh!

Officer Porter: No! Oh Alison, don't be dead!


Officer Porter: We need backup now! Alison has been killed, I've captured Rick, Alison was forced to shoot him in the shoulder.. he is stable but does need medical treatment. Millie is on the run, I repeat Mille is on the run! She is armed I repeat, she is armed!

Hannah: Thank you again for inviting me to lunch with you Tina.
Tina: Oh it's no problem. I want everyone to be friends!
Hannah: I'm sure we can be! When is Megan going to get there?
Tina: She's meeting us there...
Hannah: Oh right.

Louise: Hey Eddie.
Eddie: Morning Louise. How are things with Kacey?
Louise: Everything is back to normal now!
Eddie: Good I'm pleased, she could do with someone in her life.
Louise: Like you, eh?
Eddie: (Laughs) I'm a married man.
Louise: So?
Eddie: (Laughs) Sorry?
Louise: I see true love when I see it dear... now where is Kacey?
Eddie: Out in the garden.

Louise: Thank you Eddie.

Eddie: By the way, I'm not in love with Kacey.
Louise: Oh no... of course you're not.

Louise: Morning Kace, what you doing out here? Dear lord where has Bruce's grave gone!?
Kacey: It's gone. I removed it!
Louise: You cannot be serious!

Hannah: What's going on there?
Tina: I have no idea.

Kacey: He told us you were dead, and I'm not having this liar sitting in our family graveyard!
Louise: Kacey you're not thinking straight!
Kacey: Believe me mum, I am.. I've has his grave moved near to the church.
Louise: Kacey... you will regret it!
Kacey: He never did love me... it was all about Tim and Jenna with him, his "Perfect" kids.
Louise: Kacey please.
Kacey: Goodbye Father(!)

Tina: Good lord...