Ollingdale Series 1 - Episode 3 - New Start

Reporter: The new loft in the west of Ollingdale has caused chaos in Oasis Valley Hall, as it "does not fit in with local architecture", according to locals and the town Mayor, who agreed with the residents in his first statement for 5 years.

Pauline: First time in 11 months, Alfred.
- Alfred is in salon office
Alfred: Yes. Thankfully, Amelia isn't here to mess it up.
Pauline: She's our daughter.
Alfred: And a clumsy one too.
Pauline: Here comes Maddie Littlewood. Want a makeover? No? Oh right...

Pauline: No customers today. Maybe tomorrow.
Alfred: Maybe. I just hope it happens.
Pauline: So do I. Do you think that sign out front is helping?
Alfred: Of course! And with that new modern-paddy thing by the new dayclub thing, more customers!
Pauline: It's a pad, and a nightclub.
Alfred: Yes. Them.

-Alfred is thinking to himself
Alfred: Maybe Amelia was right. Do people want a salon? Or a fashion store?
Alfred: Why is Pauline so distant?

Pauline: New estate planned in west of Ollingdale turned down, due to too many houses being built on small plot of land. Over 30 homes just like the new pad had been planned by modern developers. This first one has met widespread criticism by locals.
Just as well, too.

And living in that controversial new home, is London couple James and Carla Hillside.
James: A lot of steps.
Carla: Thankfully, all the furniture was provided.
James: Thank God.
Carla: Since when were you religious?
James: It's an expression!
Carla: We could've had a church wedding, like mama Maya wanted!

Carla: You have to admit, it's a lot safer round here than in Kensington Olympia.
James: And the house is of better quality too.
Carla: Shame the locals hate the house.
James: What's to hate? Especially when there's a lovely couple living there.
Carla: Calm down! You still think very highly of yourself, even in Oasis Valley.
James: Just because London didn't accept us doesn't mean we can't be obnoxious!

Amy: You own this cottage and yet you live with your parents?
Amelia: I rent it out in the summer. But it hasn't been making much money lately.
Amy: You're a great friend, Amelia.
Amelia: I know. And you don't need to thank me. After what you've been through.
Amy: Thanks.

Amy is thinking to herself.
Amy: Should I go back? He might get injured...
Amy: No. I can start again. But I'm right down the road...
Amy: He can't hurt me. Can he?

Amelia: I'm supposed to be at cosmetics school, so can you do the shopping?
Amy: Sure.
Amelia: Both hiding from relatives.
Amy: Yes. Look, what happens when he gets back?
Amelia: By then, we will have told everyone what he put you through. You'll have the town to protect you.
Amy: Are you sure?
Amelia: Of course. Shouldn't you be at work? Not playing chess with me.
Amy: I've taken a holiday.
Amelia: Quite right too. A new start.

Amy: A new start.
- Amelia is sitting in the kitchen
Amelia: A new look.
Amy: A new look. Is this okay?
Amelia: Perfect.
Amy: A new start. A new look. A new me.

Amelia: You seem so much more confident.
Amy: Yes… I still smell of your curry though.
Amelia: I know. Dad still stank of it a week later.
Amy: Doesn't your dad smell anyway?
Amelia: He doesn't believe in deodorant.

Lord Nicholas: Morning meeting again.
Pauline: I can't believe it's you. I thought you were...
Lord Nicholas: Dead? I've got years left, honey.
Pauline: Honey?
Lord Nicholas: Yes. You may have rejected me before, but I never stopped...
Pauline: Oh, Nicholas...

Pauline: Nicholas! I'm married!
Lord Nicholas: So?
Pauline: I love my husband!
Lord Nicholas: Do you? Do you really?
Pauline: Yes! Yes I do!

Lord Nicholas: Rejected again...
Lord Nicholas: Why doesn't she love me?
Lord Nicholas: Is this my destiny? To die... alone?
Lord Nicholas: Time to give her, and this town, a taste of their own sour medicine...

Donte: Lucas? Hi? Good. Time to do some checks...
Donte: What's under here...?
Donte: Gotcha!

Donte: Oh no! Lucas... What have you done?
Lucas: Leave it.

Donte: Lucas... Why?
Lucas: I need the money! So do you!
Donte: Is it stolen?
Lucas: Of course not!
Donte: Then how on earth did you get...