Ollingdale Series 2 - Episode 15 - Love, and Family

"Trust me. I love you."

3 words, so powerful they can make or break a relationship and even a life. Love is one of the most powerful emotions in the world, but when used carelessly, it can devastate people.

Michelle: Dad...
Pete: Yes?
Michelle: This is a bad party.
Pete: What?
Michelle: I said... THIS IS A BAD PARTY!
Pete: Pardon? There is a mad farty?
Michelle: Urgh! Forget it.
Pete: What? Go get it? What are you on about?

Michelle: This is a nightmare.
Amanda: What on earth...
Michelle: I'm sorry, this is terrible isn't it?
Amanda: What do you mean?
Michelle: I thought this would be good. But it's terrible, isn't it? The party!
Amanda: Michelle, right?
Michelle: Yeh.
Amanda: Come and sit down.

Amanda: You let your dad organise this party, right?
Michelle: Oh no.
Amanda: First rule: Never let dad take over.
Michelle: Okay. But... He's the only person I've got. I never had a mum.
Amanda: Why? If you don't want to say you...
Michelle: It's okay. She left when I was little. For England, where she was born.
Amanda: Where are you from then?
Michelle: New York State. I was 4 months when she went.

Amanda: You know what? I'm going to get this party started!
Michelle: Thanks, m...
Amanda: Pardon?
Michelle: Amanda. Thanks, Amanda.
Amanda: You're welcome!
Michelle: Where are you going now?
Amanda: Outside for a bit.

Donte: 'Cause I need somebody, someone like you... Huh?
Amanda: Hello Donte.
Donte: Why is the club so busy?
Amanda: Pete Persine, the new guy, is having a party.
Donte: Who said he could do that?
Amanda: Because your assistant asked the person sat in your car whether he should, and she said yes.
Donte: Erm, no-one is sat in my car.
Amanda: Not yet... Park up.

- Amanda gets in the car and touches Donte's leg.
Donte: Err, I think not.
Amanda: Don't... open the door.
Donte: Why not?
Amanda: Because... My sister isn't here, and no-one else is... either.
- She leans in to kiss him
Donte: No, Amanda.

Amanda: Ugh. Why not?
Donte: Because I'm engaged! That's why.
Amanda: You don't really want Maddie. That's obvious.
Donte: She's mine. My wife-to-be. You, are no-ones.
Amanda: Don...
Donte: Leave me alone, Amanda.
Amanda: I think not.

Donte: Peggy, have you got enough barrels? Okay, great.
Amanda: Don't avoid me by having fake phone calls through your earpiece.
Donte: I'm working. Something you never do.
Amanda: Yeh, right.
Donte: This is a private office.
Amanda: Good.
Donte: Look, I'm dating your sister. I'm getting married to her!
Amanda: You don't love her. At all. You never did.

Donte: You know nothing about our relationship.
Amanda: Really? I'm her sister.
Donte: She doesn't trust you.
Amanda: Oh yeh? I know things about her you'll never learn. You see, I grew up with her. I know how she thinks. How she talks. How she breathes. I know everything about her.
Donte: You overrate yourself.
Amanda: You underestimate me.
Donte: Leave. Now.
Amanda: I'll be back.
Donte: Timothy! Escort Miss Littlewood outside, please.
Amanda: You'll slip up, someday.

Michelle: Dad.
Pete: Yes honey?
Michelle: This party is brilliant. I thought it was bad earlier, but now it's great! Everyone's having fun!
Pete: Yeh, no-one's been arrested or thrown out yet.
- Amanda is thrown out by security.
Pete: The one person you demand comes...
Michelle: She's nice. And pretty.
Pete: Excuse me?
Michelle: You'd make the perfect couple.
Pete: She's like, 10, 15 years younger than me.
Michelle: So?

Pete: What will we do with you?
Michelle: Lock me up.
Pete: And throw away the key.
Michelle: Hah, you'll have to try.
Pete: Come here, kiddo.
- They hug.

Amy: Shouldn't she be in bed?
Pete: And you are?
Amy: Amy Walker pleased to meet you.
Pete: Hi Amy. Actually, it's 10pm. She should be in bed, but the school is still being built. And the temporary school is shut for a short holiday.
Michelle: So it's not a school night.
Amy: Ah, okay. Well, it's nice to meet you. I guess that you're Peter. And this is Michelle?
Pete: You shot 2 birds with one stone! But call me Pete, please.
Michelle: Dad! Don't say that...
Amy: Um, yes, okay, Pete. Well, nice to meet you. And your daughter.
Pete: You too, Amy.
- Amy walks out of the club. Pete turns to Michelle.

Pete: Mad woman. Is that the Amy you meant?
Michelle: Yes. Her husband was shot dead last year.
Pete: Ohh. Oh god. Should I apologise?
Michelle: Don't worry. She'll be fine.
Pete: Okay...

Matt: Wow. She didn't stay for long.
Rebecca: Who cares?
Matt: Erm, I do.
Rebecca: Look, she can look after herself. Now, come along and join the party!
Matt: She's got no money.
Rebecca: Tell her to get a job.
Matt: She wasn't allowed to work by her husband. And no one can get jobs now, since many people lost their jobs recently.
Rebecca: She can find work! Somewhere!
Matt: We aren't earning enough between us two either.
Rebecca: Get a lodger. Oh no, I forgot. Your sister is taking up the spare room.
Matt: We can't throw her out.

Rebecca: Pay them.
Matt: What? What do you mean?
Rebecca: The bar team. Pay them.
Matt: Oh, right. Err...
Rebecca: What's wrong?
Matt: Honey, can you pay?
Rebecca: Fine.
Matt: Come over here for a second.

Rebecca: Why couldn't you pay her?
Matt: I've only got enough for the rent.
Rebecca: I can't believe you.
Matt: I'm not going to make her pay my rent!
Rebecca: She may be your sister, but she shouldn't get away with these kinds of things.
Matt: You're really hell-bent on ruining her life, aren't you?
Rebecca: Why don't you give her 50,000 dollars and we can forget about it?
Matt: What about saving up for our own place? We can't rent forever.
Rebecca: Look, give her the money or I leave.

Carla: What are you doing here?
James: I was invited.
Carla: Urgh, you'd think new people wouldn't hold such big parties.
James: We had a party.
Carla: We held it in our house!
James: Okay, sorry.
Carla: Look, don't apologise, just go off with someone who can give you children.
James: Carla, are you okay?
Carla: Do I look okay?

James: You've been drinking, haven't you?
Carla: Just go away James.
James: No, no I won't. You're my wife and I'm going to look after you.
Carla: What? Even when I can't give you any kids?
James: Yes. You're my wife. And I'm your husband.
Carla: Oh yeh, great husband you've been. Storming off just because I can't give you children? You're pathetic.

Pete: Everything okay here?
James: How much have you allowed my wife to drink?
Pete: Erm, I don't know. You'll have to ask the bartender that.
Carla: Look, can you just take my husband away from me?
Pete: Okay. Come on James...
James: I will go when I want, thank you very much.
Pete: Erm, no. This is my party, to celebrate me no longer having cancer. Now please leave.

Donte: Alright, James, Carla, that's enough. Come on, James, go home.
James: Pardon?
Donte: Go home. Or I'll get security to remove you.
James: Fine! But it should be Carla being sent home.
Carla: Thank you for that Donte.
Donte: You're welcome. Now, go and enjoy the party, without any more alcohol, okay?

Pete: Thanks for that, mate.
Donte: Don't worry. We get that a lot in here.
Pete: Really?
Donte: Yeh, it's a shame. Such a close-knit community, tension will obviously flare.
Pete: Oh, right...

Matt: You're kidding me, right?
Rebecca: No! I'm deadly serious. It's me, or her.
Matt: I don't believe you.
Rebecca: Look, I'm fed up with being second-best to your perfect sister!
Matt: Fine.
Rebecca: Fine what?
Matt: I'll give her the money.
Rebecca: Good. At least your going to do what I say when I threaten you.
Matt: But it's on her terms. She won't have to pay us back.

Amanda: Thank you, Donte.
Donte: Don't worry. I can't leave you out in the cold, sis-in-law.
Amanda: So, you aren't a ... who's that?
Donte: That? I don't know. But he's definitely not on the guest list, everyone's here... I'll get Timothy to throw him out.
Amanda: No... I'll do it.
Donte: Are you sure? He's looks like trouble to me.
Amanda: Trouble is my middle name.
- Amanda licks her lips and purrs
Donte: I should've known.
Amanda: See ya later!

Jon: Whisky please.
Amanda: Hello.
Jon: Hi.
Amanda: I'm Amanda, Amanda Littlewood.
Jon: And?
- Amanda lowers her voice and touches Jon's hand.
Amanda: How are you today?
Jon: I'm Jon. And I'm fine.
Amanda: Jon who?
Jon: Jon Hillside.

Mark: Who's that then?
Pete: I dunno.
Mark: Surely you know who you've invited?
Pete: Well, I knew about people's past and what they do and stuff, but I'd met very few.
Mark: So, who's he?
Pete: Exactly my point! No one knows who he is, and most of the girls are walking around dreamily!
Mark: Especially my sister.
Pete: Especially her. Look! She's touching him up! I mean, do you get that? Look! Err...

Pete: Mark?

Amanda: Michelle! Come here!
Michelle: Yes? What is it?
Amanda: You see that guy I was talking too?
Michelle: Yes. Or, rather, you weren't talking to him.
Amanda: He's a Hillside!
Michelle: You're kidding me.
Amanda: Nope.
Michelle: My dad only invited Carla and James though!
Amanda: I don't know, anyway, I'm going to go and grab me a Hillside.

Mark: Hello?
Olivia: Hello.
Mark: What are you doing?
Olivia: What does it look like I'm doing?
Mark: Kissing me...
Olivia: uh huh...
Mark: Oh, my...
Olivia: Where is this?
Mark: The office.
Olivia: Will we be disturbed?
Mark: Not at all...

Woman: Come on in.
Man: Where is this?
Woman: This is the club I was talking about.
Man: Well, it's very nice.
Woman: Come on in, Dad.
Man: Who knows I'm here?
Woman: No one.

Amanda: Dad?
Charles: Hello, Amanda.