Ollingdale Series 2 - Episode 17 - Committed

When you meet an old friend or enemy, they seem to know everything about you. Your life, your relationships, your agendas. But what they don't know can cause them pain...
Or make them stronger.

Donte: Lucas.
Maddie: Why's he here?
Amanda: I thought he was dead!
Maddie: So did I...
Lucas: Long time no see, brother. Wait, 2 weeks isn't that long, is it?
Maddie: 2 weeks? You knew where he was? So that's who you meant...
Lucas: Oh yes, Madeleine. He knew everything.
Amanda: Maddie, come on. Let's get out of here.

Donte: Why are you here, Lucas?
Lucas: Well, I came to get my share in the sale of our flat, but now I'll stick around for the wedding.
Donte: How do you know about that?
Lucas: Well, the Daily Oasis did have a front-page story on it last week.
Donte: You're not invited, Lucas. Get out.
Lucas: Well, I don't see a club owner around, so no.
Donte: I am the club owner. Now get out.

Maddie: Lucas, go back to whatever hole you came from, and leave us alone. Now.
Lucas: Looks like your missus doesn't change.
Donte: I don't have to stand here and play your games.
Lucas: Well, it seems you can't throw me out, does it?
Maddie: I'll get you a cab.
Lucas: Oh no, I'm staying.

Amanda: What?
Lucas: Amanda? Well, you've gone designer, haven't you?
Amanda: Don't test me, Lucas.
Lucas: You haven't changed much either. You'd think a flood would melt your little heart.
Amanda: Don't, Lucas. Just get in the cab and leave.
Lucas: No, honey, I won't. I'm staying here, in Donte's house.

Donte: I think not. Tim, close up the club, and make sure this guy gets in a cab to Africa or somewhere.

Mark: Urgh...
Olivia: Hello sleepy.
Mark: What?
Olivia: How are you, after last night?
Mark: Where am I?
Olivia: My flat.
Mark: Who are you?
Olivia: The woman you slept with last night.
Mark: What?
Olivia: I made you some breakfast, it's on the table. So is some aspirin.
Mark: Oh, thanks.
Olivia: The next bus into town comes in 25 minutes, so you should get dressed too.

Mark: Oh, okay. Remind me of your name?
Olivia: Olivia. Olivia Frost.
Mark: Where were we...?
Olivia: In the club. At your sisters party. Then we came back here.
Mark: Right, okay. Well, I'd best be off.
Olivia: Your toast is in the kitchen. Clothes are, under the bed.
Mark: Right, okay. Okay. Could I have some privacy please?
Olivia: Sure.
Mark: Thank you.

Mark: Crap!

Lucas: So, you're getting married.
Donte: Nice sleep, was it?
Lucas: Oh yes, I love the feel of a cold park bench on my t-shirt.
Donte: Get used to it if you want to stay in this part of town.
Lucas: Are you really going to marry her?
Donte: Yes. I love her. And she loves me back. You'll never know what that is, Lucas.
Lucas: Why? Why are you marrying her?
Donte: Because... I don't need to tell you. Go back to where you came from.

Lucas: I can't. I'm here to stay.
Donte: You always were persistent, weren't you?
Lucas: I'll be at that wedding. And I'll see you fall apart.
Donte: Is that a threat or a promise?
Lucas: Don't try and stop me, Donte.
Donte: What happened to that cab?
Lucas: Check in the office. You've got a visitor.
Donte: I'm going. Goodbye.
Lucas: Bye then. See you later.

Donte: God, I hope not.

Receptionist: Mrs Hillside?
Carla: Yes.
Receptionist: Come on through. Mr Williams will see you now.
Carla: Thank you.

Mr Williams: Hello again Carla.
Carla: Hello Michael.
Michael: So, you wanted to see me?
Carla: Yes. It's about James.
Michael: Your husband?
Carla: Yes. I want to file for a divorce.
Michael: Okay. How long have you not been living together?
Carla: Um, he's still in my house.

Michael: Right. Well, when did you both come to an agreement that it wasn't working?
Carla: We've been having a bad time for quite a while now. Almost a year.
Michael: Well, Carla, I will file for a mutual divorce at the Ollingdale Town Court for you.
Carla: Thank you. How long will it take?
Michael: Well, you know that recently the laws of divorce have changed in this state.
Carla: How long?
Michael: Your case will go before a judge...
Carla: A judge? Why can't we just separate all the bank accounts?
Michael: The judge will decide whether you are no longer a couple and will terminate all joint accounts, etcetera. The law is stricter on divorce now. It could be months.

Carla: Months?
Michael: Looking at what I have in front of me, I have to say, you have a very weak chance of getting any form of divorce, annulment or separation order from the court.
Carla: What do I have to do?
Michael: This looks like a spur of the moment thing. I recommend you make him move out, change accounts and if it helps, return to your maiden name. At the moment, the judge will say no.
Carla: What can you do now though?
Michael: I will apply for a temporary separation order. That'll go through in a matter of days.

Rebecca: Hi Matt.
Matt: Where were you?
Rebecca: Out.
Matt: Out where?
Rebecca: Out with Amber. Shopping. Remember her? From down the road.
Matt: No you weren't.
Rebecca: Yes, I was. Why don't you trust me?
Matt: Because Amber came here and said that you never came round here place last night.
Rebecca: She came here?
Matt: Yes. And she had asked around and people said you came back here.
Rebecca: I was with Amy.

Matt: Yes, I know. People also said they saw her running out the house in tears.
Rebecca: Matt... Why don't you just ask her what happened last night?
Matt: Because my sister has disappeared!
Rebecca: What?
Matt: She never returned. No note. Nothing.
Rebecca: I...
Matt: Go out and apologise to Amber. Seems your own selfish need to kick out my sister from the house was stronger than your self-respect. And your marriage.

Rebecca: Matt! Don't...
Matt: I'm going to look for my little sister!

Amanda: Michelle? Ready to shop?
Michelle: As I'll ever be.
Amanda: Okay, first we'll go to Oribiana, for some clothes. Then Santé Dolce for some make-up. Then, to Peter Jones salon for a new trim. Last of all, Starbucks for some coffee.
Michelle: Great! Let's get a move on then.
Amanda: Come on. I'll get us a cab.
Michelle: Where's your car?
Amanda: Erm... At a friends house.
Michelle: Come on then!

Michelle: Is this alright?
Amanda: Yeh. Trust me!
Michelle: It's just... All the boys are staring at me.
Amanda: Michelle. They all think you're hot!
Michelle: Really?
Amanda: Yes! Now, let's go show your dad his new daughter.
Michelle: Why are you doing this?
Amanda: To help a friend. You.

Michelle: Dad?
Amanda: Are you sure he's in?
Michelle: He should be. Come on.
Amanda: This is where you live?
Michelle: Yeh.
Amanda: It's quite cramped.
Michelle: With dad being a single parent, money has always been tight.
Amanda: Oh, right.

Pete: Hey girls. Wow, Michelle!
Michelle: Do you like it?
Pete: Yes, it's really, well, you. Thanks Amanda.
Amanda: No problem. As long as you think it's suitable.
Pete: No, it looks great. Can I talk to you outside?
Amanda: Sure.
Pete: Great. Honey, go put your shopping in your room.
Michelle: Sure dad.

Amanda: What's wrong?
Pete: It's great.
Amanda: But?
Pete: She looks... just like her mum did.
Amanda: Oh no, I'm so sorry.
Pete: Don't be. It doesn't matter.
Amanda: I can't believe it, sorry.
Pete: Don't worry.
Amanda: But to have made your daughter look like your dead wife... I'm so sorry.
Pete: Wait, dead?
Amanda: She is, isn't she?
Pete: No... She left us. And we never married.

Donte: Maddie, why is there a delivery van at our door?
Maddie: Oh, that must be dad.
Donte: Huh?
Maddie: Didn't I tell you?
Donte: Tell me what.
Maddie: He's moving in.
Donte: He is? I thought he was staying for the week!
Maddie: He can't stay in the family home. There are too many memories of my mother.
Donte: Yes, fine. He can stay here. We've got room, and with us moving into the State Apartment, he could rent out this place from me.
Maddie: I doubt it. He's not that rich.
Donte: Don't be so sure, honey. You haven't seen him in over 3 years, remember?

Donte: And you haven't seen the...
Charles: Seen the what?
Maddie: Dad! You're early.
Charles: Well, the removal people came early, so I thought I would leave the b and b too.
Donte: Well, we don't mind you staying here. Your room is through the hallway.
Charles: Thank you, Donte. Nice place you own.
Maddie: Donte did make a tidy profit on his city pad last year.
Charles: I heard you invested it wisely, too. Nice to see a man after my own heart.
Donte: Thank you.
Charles: I'll just set up in my room.

Charles: Soon, Charles. Soon this will all be yours. Don't worry.

Jon: Hey. How are you?
Tina: Heh. Are you talking to me?
Jon: Who else?
Tina: You know, the only way to a woman's heart is to buy her a drink.
Jon: Then I guess you'll be having a vodka martini.
Tina: Not the closest attempt I've seen. One vodka and orange please for me. A beer for him.
Jon: Oh. Okay. You predicted me well.
Tina: Your cover is easy to judge.
Jon: Are you calling me shallow?
Tina: No! But you'll need to show me you aren't before you can get any closer to me.
Jon: I like a challenge.
Tina: Good! Because I am one.

Lucas: Hello? Yes. I need to talk to you about a deal.
Man: What kind?
Lucas: A gun.
Man: Just one?
Lucas: No. Two.
Man: What kind?
Lucas: Small pistols. Pocket-size. But they must be able kill.
Man: Meet me at the harbour tomorrow.

Being tested can push you to your limits, but if you get pushed over, you can become blinded with pure jealousy or rage. When that happens, who knows what will happen. Top you, or the person you feel this for. But one thing is certain.

Someone has to fall. A long way.