Ollingdale Series 2 - Neighbourhood

After the flood Ollingdale was slowly rebuilt. Below are all the key locations around the town in Series 2, telling you about the homes and businesses that the residents live and work in. There is also some information about who lives in the homes, and when they moved in. Some of the places have information about their past and what happened to them during the flood.

Littlewood Family Home
This is the home of Mark and Amanda Littlewood, a modern barn-style home in Ollingdale. There are 4 bedrooms, 2 of them have en-suites. The house has a reasonable sized lounge, and a study alongside it. A kitchen/dining room is also in the downstairs.
The house was damaged in the flood, and was partly rebuilt and modernised before the start of Series 2. Amanda Littlewood moved in after the Christmas special.

Penning Family Home
This is the home of Maddie Littlewood and Donte Penning, until the mayoress' new home is complete, which will be at the end of Series 2. She has an office in the centre of town, along with a temporary State Office outside town. Downstairs is a study, dining room, kitchen, lounge and hallway. There is also a raised patio that is half-built. Upstairs is a bathroom and 3 bedrooms.
The house is part of a private development across the town. It was one of the first homes completed.

Hillside Family Home
The modern new home of the Hillside Family was part of a new development following the flood. It follows the modern design of Ollingdale, with 2 double bedrooms, a bathroom, garage and kitchen/breakfast room. The lounge is in the entrance room.
The house was built and bought by James and Carla Hillside after their home was deemed unsafe after the flood. They moved in after the Christmas Special episode.

Walker Family Home
Amy, Matt and Rebecca Walker live in their new country-style home in Ollingdale, in the same development as the Littlewood family. The home has 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms upstairs, but downstairs is a garage, a lounge, office and kitchen. There is also a dining room and entrance hall.
Matt and Rebecca moved in after Christmas, and Amy moved in, at the start of Series 2.

Persine Family Home
Pete and Michelle's home was built following the flood, and has 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and a study upstairs. In the downstairs of the property is a lounge, kitchen and dining room in an open-plan design, and a new patio was built during the 2nd series..
The home is a separate development from the rest of town, and the family moved in following it's completion.

Seaview Apartments
This is the home of several families, and is also partly a hotel, where the Pierroni family now live.
It's a modern development, with 5 apartments and a small motel at the side. Each apartment has an open-planned kitchen/lounge/dining room and 1 or 2 bedrooms, and the biggest apartment has a 3rd bedroom. They all have one bathroom.

Green Room
The Grreen Room is the local nightclub owned by Donte Penning, and was one of the first local businesses to open after the flood. It also has a private function area, a restaurant and a private office and staffroom.
The services include a coffee bar, bar, lounge area, restaurant and dance floor. Donte bought the land and built the club with the money he received from selling his apartment in his old hometown.

Ollingdale Prison - H Wing
The prison was partly destroyed following the flood, and was restored and repaired in the year afterwards. Now the original inmates have been moved back in. A private police centre is at the entrance of the prison, with a new Police Centre being built nearby. 2 other wings are being built outside the town to house minor offenders.

Country Shop
This local store was one of few buildings that were not destroyed in the flood. The store's interior was refurnished following the flood, and the exterior was also improved.
The shop includes a cafe, dining area and a recreation area.