Pleasantview - Series 4 - Episode 29 - One Survivor

Almost one year ago, in the quiet neighbourhood of Pleasantview, the life's of some residents were changed forever.

One of those residents was my sister. In just a few short years our mother had run away with another man, our father had been taken from us by cancer, and our mother had returned only to be imprisoned for murder. My sister didn't deserve any more misfortune in her life. Sure, I gave her a hard time, but that didn't mean that I didn't love her and care about her.

Cassandra: Alex, where are you? Come here! Come on..

Cassandra: (Claps) That's it, good boy! Who's a good doggy, eh?
(Door bell rings)
Ooh, we have a visitor. Come on, lets go and see who it is! There's a good boy. Come on, follow me.

They say tragedies bring people together, and this was true for my sister and police officer Tony. Tony met my sister for the first time on Christmas day last year, when he came with a work Colleague to tell my sister that the search team searching for me, had found me... dead.

Tony! What a nice surprise. I wasn't expecting you.
Hey babe. Thought I'd drop by on my way home. There's a real blizzard starting out there!
Any excuse to snuggle under the duvet with me.
(Laughs) I'll make us some hot chocolate.

I really like Tony. He's good for my sister. I consider him a hero, because he saved my sisters life..

Christmas Eve

Cassandra: (Cries) Please Alex, I have to tell you something. It's important! I think I might... I might have been.. oh Alex, where are you!?

Cassandra: Hello? Alex, is that you? Where are you? ... Max!

Max: Hey babe, yeah, it's Max. How's that head of yours? What do you mean... don't call you? I thought we had a good night. Ah come on, don't be so aggressive! When can we meet again? Never!? Why? ...Rape!? What the hell are you on!? You are one crazy bitch!

Mailman: Good morning.

Max: Is it!?
What the hell is your problem!?
Women! Sodding useless tarts! You have no idea what one just accused me of! I can't believe it!
Well don't take it out on me!
I'll take it out on whoever I want to!
Mailman: Now I see why I'm only delivering bills to you and no Christmas cards!

I wish I'd been there for my sister at that moment, as she stood sobbing at the top of the stairs, but I was having problems of my own while waiting hopefully for my mother to show up in the park.

It was such of a cold morning, the frost still covered the grass as I sat alone in the almost deserted park at nine in the morning. Now I know that I was foolish to go alone, but I really thought that my mother was about to show at any minute.

I waited for a few minutes, before a man approached my table. I was scared, as even the one early morning dog walker had now left the park. I was alone, with a stranger.

Alexander Goth?
Yeah, that's me.
I'm going to take you to your mum.
But, where is she? She said I was going to meet her.
There was a change of plan. She sent me instead. I'm a good friend of her's, don't worry. We've got to hurry though, she won't stay hidden for long where I've left her. We've got to get going. We've got a long journey, and I won't be able to stop because I could be being followed. You better use the toilet before we leave.

I was just a fool to believe him, but the thought of seeing my mother again stopped me from thinking straight. Needless to say, when he followed me into the park toilets and that door shut behind him everything became clear. How could I have been so stupid? How could I have let this happen? On this day, the love for my mother had been stronger than my common sense.

That night the police searched the park for clues of my whereabouts, after my sister had reported me missing. No one was expecting to find my cold naked body floating in the lake, tangled amongst the reeds. This spot is one my sister often visited for months after my murder, and when Tony brought her a puppy it was just another excuse for her to visit this spot. I'm thankful that Cassandra is beginning to move on now. I don't want her to mourn me forever. She blamed herself for sometime, and in truth, it was no one's fault except my own.

Christmas Day

Christmas day arrived, and my dear sister hoped that the police were delivering good news. Sadly, Tony and his colleague had come to ask for my sister to come and identify my body.

She never did go to confirm it was me though. I think they must of got my mum to. Cassandra sat alone in my room crying for hours. She'd lost the last important thing in her life.

And then, as the other residents were tucking into their Christmas dinners, my sister stood in the kitchen beside our defrosting turkey, and downed two bottles of vodka and a few packets of pain killers.

If Tony hadn't come back to check on my sister, she'd be dead. I just wish I could thank Tony somehow, for acting so quickly and getting my only sister to the hospital to have her stomach pumped.

Tony not only saved her life, but he also made her happy, after all the misfortune she has suffered, and for that I am eternally grateful. Whatever life throws at Cassandra now, as long as she has Tony, she will get through it.

Cassandra was no longer alone, but little did she know, she was about to meet another person with something, well someone, in common...

Ronald: Hi, I'm looking for Mortimer Goth.
Cassandra: Your looking for my father? Haven't you heard? He died three years ago.
Ronald: What? He's dead!? I really wasn't expecting that.
Cassandra: Forgive me, but who are you?
Ronald: Well if your his daughter, that makes me... your half brother.
Cassandra: What!? Look, if your after his money, he designated all of that in his will.
Ronald: I didn't even know he was dead! I'm not interested in his money. I'd come here to meet him!
Cassandra: Look, my father would never cheat on my mother. I don't know who you really are, but this game isn't going to work on me. Good day to sir.

Ronald: Cassandra, wait!
Cassandra: You know my name?

Ronald: Yes, I've learnt a lot about you all. I've been trying to find my father for years now. Ever since my mum gave me his name on her death bed.
Cassandra: My father wouldn't cheat on my mother. She'd cheat on him, but he wasn't like that.
Ronald: I'm sorry to have to be the one to tell you, but he must have done! My mum told me she didn't even know he was married. Your dad had a second family for quite a few years, and then he just abandoned me and my mother.
Cassandra: My dad wouldn't do that.
Ronald: Was there never times during your childhood when it felt like he was hardly ever home?
He was just busy with work.
I know the truth hurts, especially if he's dead and can't tell you the truth for himself, but can you not understand how I'm feeling right now? I thought I'd finally found him to discover that I'm three years too late! I just wanted to meet him, get to know him, and see if he'd be proud of me. I wasn't coming here to argue with him about leaving us, because I can understand why he did.
Cassandra: I am sorry your too late, if you really are who you say you are.
Ronald: Look, what will it take for you to believe me? A birth certificate with his name on it!? Because I have that with me right now.
Cassandra: You do? Then, I guess, you better come in.
Ronald: Thank you. I'm sorry for snapping, I'm just frustrated that he's gone.
Cassandra: It's ok, just come in.
Ronald: I'm Ronald by the way.
Cassandra: Ok, hi.
Ronald: Hi.