Pleasantview - Series 4 - Episode 30 - My Hero

Darren: Were so grateful you managed to get us on this flight.
Air Host: It's not a problem. Your sons are out there all alone. They must be terrified. Besides, it's Christmas, your family should be together.
Darren: Just thank you so much. We really do appreciate it.
Peter: We're just so worried about them.
Air Host: Yeah, I can imagine. I've got a son myself, and I'd be beside myself if he'd ran away in this country, let alone to another one! Good luck guys.
Darren: Cheers.
Air Host: Your seats are just down here.
Peter: Thanks mate.

Peter: Just how many details did you actually give them Darren?
Darren: Well I had to get on this flight some how. I didn't tell them that they'd run away together because they were in love.
Peter: What are we actually going to do about that?
Darren: Right now I just want to get them home and safe.
Peter: Yeah, me too. But afterwards, it really can't go on.
Captain: This is your captain speaking, welcome on board this Blue Sky flight to Paris. We will be departing in a few minutes, and will arrive in Paris within 30 minutes time.
Father: Danny, put those away and sit down right now!
Captain: The cabin crew will now do a final check of the cabin, before take off. During take off, please pay close attention to the emergency procedures video which will play on the monitors around the cabin.

Peter: I hate this bit.
Darren: I always forget you're scared of flying.
Peter: Isn't Dirk afraid of it too?
Darren: Yeah, I'm surprised he actually got on one to get away.
Peter: I hope he's going to be alright getting on the one back.

Darren: What's going on!?
Air Host: Sir, please fasten your seat belt!
Captain: Were all going to die!
Old Woman: (Screams)

Peter: Darren, were not going to survive this!
Darren: We will! It's going to be all right!
Peter: Were plummeting back to earth!
Darren: We'll survive. We'll survive! The boys.. we've got to see them again! We've got to survive!
Peter: I love you Darren!
Darren: This isn't the end! Were going to be alright!

Darren: Peter, Peter, no! No, no..!

Darren: It's going to be alright. It's going to be ok. Can you hear me!? Peter!?
Peter: Dar.. Sam... Look after... Look after him..
Darren: You'll be able to look after him yourself! Your going to survive! I promise! Don't you die! (Sobs) Don't you die on me!

Woman: Help! Somebody help me!

Darren: I'm coming, hold on!

Peter: Darren? Darren?

Fire man: Don't move sir. You're seriously injured! ...Yes, we need paramedics immediately. They're are casualties everywhere... most appear to be dead.
Peter: My brother.. Darren, he ran towards the plane..
Fire man: It's going to be ok sir. ...I've found one survivor so far, he's badly hurt and needs urgent medical help. Tell the 'effing paramedics to hurry up, will you? Sir, stop moving!
Peter: I've got to find my brother.
Fire man: It's too dangerous. Leave it to us now sir, don't try to be a hero.
Peter: He carried me away from the plane, then, then.. it exploded. I've got to find him! He might be dead!
Fire man: Sir please, your not helping the situation! Just be grateful you're alive!

Mrs Sutton: One second Sam. I won't tell you two to stop talking again! Jenny, did Sam talk during your presentation of why the vet was your hero?
No Miss.
Mrs Sutton:
And Graham, do you think Sam will talk through your presentation?
No Miss.
Mrs Sutton:
Then please give him the courtesy of listening. I know you've had to listen to a lot of presentations now, and you're probably getting bored, but these assessments are very important parts of your exam and I will not allow people to talk over them! Sam, please carry on..
Well, that was about it really. My dad was saved by my uncle and that's why my uncle Darren is my hero.

Mrs Sutton: Well done Sam, that was an excellent presentation. It must have been difficult to talk about such an emotional story.
Yeah, it was, but my uncle died a hero, and I feel like it's honouring him to talk about him.
Mrs Sutton:
Yes, I understand that. You did a great job.
(Bell Rings)
Mrs Sutton:
Ah, I completely lost track of time again. Well done to everyone who completed their presentation today. We'll hear the rest in Monday's lesson. You can all leave when you're ready. Have a good weekend.

Sam: How's your day been?
Dirk: Boring, we've been doing more exam revision. I've got my mocks straight after Christmas.
Sam: Great, sounds like you'll have to do a lot of revision over Christmas then (laughs).
Dirk: Yeah, I will unfortunately.

Dirk: Have you had to do your talk yet, in English?
Sam: Yeah, I've just done it now. It went well.
Dirk: Good. It was really nice of you to talk about my dad.
Sam: It's true Dirk. He is my hero.
Dirk: Yeah, and mine.

Dirk: Hey Dad, it's just us again.
Sam: Do you think he'll be proud of us, for coming here everyday?
Dirk: Of course he will.
Sam: It's a shame we can't bring my dad down here very often.
Dirk: I know, but the doctor has said his backs getting a lot better. Mum said he could even walk again one day.
Sam: I hope so. I hate that he's barely able to get out of bed.

Darleen: The boys won't be long, so I'm going to start making dinner. What do you fancy?
Peter: Why are they still going to his grave everyday Darleen?
They just miss him.
But it's almost been a year. I'm worried about them. It's not healthy for them to still be missing him this much. Maybe we should all see a councillor.
Darleen: Were managing just fine by ourselves.
Peter: Oh come on Darleen, we both heard Dirk shouting out in his dreams last night.
Darleen: It could have been a dream about anything.
Peter: Darleen, he screamed leave her dad, just leave her! It's going to explode! What more could he be talking about?
Darleen: He's allowed to miss his father! It's natural.
Peter: He shouldn't still be dreaming about saving him. It's not right.
Darleen: He needs a father figure. You have to be there for him.. for both of them.

Peter: Oh yeah, and how am I supposed to do that Darleen? I'm stuck in this chair or that bed all day, everyday!
Darleen: But things will get better.
Peter: Oh yeah, I wiggled my toes yesterday. Big effing deal! I'm sick of you telling me things will get better. You're not the one stuck here. You don't know what it's like!
Darleen: I've been caring for you ever since the crash! I care about you. I know it's hard, but we've got to to carry on, for the boy's sake!
Peter: You'd be better off without me. I just... I really can't live like this anymore Darleen.
Darleen: What are you saying?
Peter: I just can't bare lying in that bed every day, being pushed around in wheel chairs, and having you wipe my backside. I need some independence! I'm not happy like this at all. You could be a proper mother to the boys if I wasn't around. I'm just a burden to you.
Darleen: Well whether you like it not, your staying in my care. We need you here.
Peter: I wasn't talking about going into a home or something. I know it's selfish of me to want to leave you and the boys, but I know you'd all be happier eventually, if I was gone.
Darleen: Gone?
Peter: I miss Darren and I want to be with him...

Darleen: Don't be so ridiculous. That's a cowardly thing to say! You should be grateful that you're still here!
Peter: I can't live this way anymore!
Darleen: You're not allowed to take an easy way out of this Peter. You're going to stick with your treatment, and you're going to get better!
(Doorbell rings)
Darleen: I'm going to answer the door and then make fish for dinner.
Peter: Fish again?
Darleen: It's good for you. I'll bring it up around seven.
Peter: Great! I'll just sit here!

Darleen: Hi.
Rachael: Hi Darleen.
Darleen: I'm sorry, do I know you?
Rachael: It's Rachael.
Darleen: You!? What on earth are you doing here! You can't walk out on Sam and show up fifteen years later!
Rachael: I'm not here for Sam, I'm here for Peter, I was worried about him.
Darleen: What do you have to worry about?
Rachael: He's been emailing me, ever since the accident.
Darleen: Why would he email you?
Rachael: Because he needed something in his life that made him happier! He's depressed Darleen. He never stopped loving me, even if I couldn't love Sam as my own. I never really stopped loving him either.
Darleen: You're not seeing him. He's got everyone he needs!
Rachael: Look, he's expecting me, so can I please come in?
Darleen: No, you stay away from Peter, you stay away from all of us, or I'll be ringing the police and reporting you for trespassing.

Rachael: Darleen, I just want to help! I care about him! Darleen! Let me in! I'm not going to give up on him.
Darleen: Oh, like you didn't give up on your son?
Rachael: He wasn't my son, he's yours. I just couldn't love him as my own.
Darleen: Get off my property or I'll call the police.

Rachael: Fine! I'll go, but I'm going to keep coming back until you let me see him. You'll have to give in sooner or later.
Darleen: We'll see about that.