Pleasantview - Series 4 - Episode 36 - Look Who's Back

Mick: Leo!? Leo! It's half six!

Maria: Leo? Can you hear that?
Leo: (Grumbles)
Maria: Someone's shouting you. Leo!

Leo: Wha! (Leaps up) What is it?
Maria: Someones at the door.
Leo: What time is it!?
Maria: The crack of dawn.
Leo: Oh crap! I've got to be somewhere.
Maria: What!? Now?

Luke: Daddy?
Leo: Luke!

Maria: Luke!
Luke: Er..
Leo: Listen, Luke.. I've got to go out. Maria, can you look after him?
Maria: Erm.. ok.
Leo: Just go back to bed now mate. Maria will get you some breakfast in the morning.
Luke: Why is she...?
Leo: Not now Luke! I'll explain later, ok?
Luke: But..?
Leo: Get back to bed NOW!

Maria: What am I supposed to tell him later? How am I supposed to explain why I'm in your bed.. half naked?
Leo: I'm sure you'll think of some explanation, and when I get back you can explain it to me too.
Maria: What's that supposed to mean!?
Leo: I made a mistake.
Maria: So I'm a mistake, yet still good enough to be a baby sitter?
Leo: Look, I'm sorry. We'll talk later. I really have to go.
Maria: Where are you going? What's the big rush?
Leo: It's just important, ok? The man knocking my door off it's hinges should be enough for you to realise that.
Maria: (Sighs) You've got a lot of explaining to do.
Leo: I'll explain everything later, I promise.

Mick: Finally. I've been trying to get hold of you for an hour! Your phone was off. The boss isn't gonna be happy with either of us now.
Leo: I know. I'm sorry. I forgot to set my alarm.
Mick: He doesn't accept excuses Leo, you must know by now that he takes family members, freinds and body parts!
Leo: I know, I know. It'll be fine. This meeting isn't that important. Lets just get going, shall we?
Mick: Yes.

Don: Its so nice to see this place again.
Dina: Yeah...
Don: Are you ok?
Dina: I guess.
Don: Come on, we knew we couldn't do it forever. Jack and Oliver need some stability in thier lives.
Dina: I know, It's just, Eric and Nina are never gonna get that stability again.
Don: Which is their choice.
Dina: It's better than a life behind bars.
Don: True.
Dina: Hey look, we wont have to decorate for Christmas this year!
Don: (Laughs). Aww, we should take it all down and put it all up again, Jacks old enough to enjoy it now.
Dina: That's true. I love you.
Don: I love you too. Come on, lets get inside and get some sleep.
Dina: Good idea (smiles). It was a very tiring flight.

Last Christmas

DC Fisher: For the last time Don, telling us you lent your car is not enough to clear your name here. You're gonna have to tell us who you lent your car to.
Don: I'm not gonna do that to a mate.
DC Peters: We're talking about murder here Don! Your car is connected with a murder, it's not a matter for you to play around with. Who borrowed your car!?
DC Fisher: Do you want to spend the rest of Christmas day locked in a cell?
Don: No.
DC Fisher: Then tell us.
Don: Fine, it was my neighbour. Eric Johnson.
DC Fisher: Thank you! We appreciate your negotiation.
DC Peters: Even if it did take four hours to get a name out of you!

Don: Eric! Listen, I dont know what you did but I'm sure you had a good reason. Just get out of the house, and bring your passports. The police are coming! Meet me at, at... the church!

Don: At last, I thought the police had caught you. Dina, what are you doing here?
Nina: She inisisted.
Dina: I wanted to find out what you're doing getting arrested on Christmas day!
Don: Well, ask Eric! The idiot used my car to ditch a body.
Dina: Body?
Eric: Don, I'm sorry. I didn't think it would get traced back to you.
Nina: It was Mr Dawson, Don.
Don: Who?
Eric: The thug I told you about inside, he..
Nina: Look, we can't explain this now. We've got to get away from here right now!
Eric: Shes right.
Dina: Can't you explain this to police...
Eric: We buried the body! We hid the evidence! It's too late for us to get away with this now.

Dina: But you cant just leave! You can do so much better than him Nina.
Eric: Oh cheers!
Dina: Why should you suffer for something he did?
Nina: It wasn't Eric who killed him, I'm the one who shot him!
Dina: What!? This just gets better and better.
Nina: And besides we love each other.
Eric: And Nina's pregnant.
Dina: What? You cant raise a baby on the run!
Nina: Come with us!
Dina: Don't be stupid! Its no life for Jack either.
Nina: It might not be an ideal way of life, but if my sisters there it will be a whole lot better.

Dina: Don, take Jack. I'm gonna go with them. Look after him.
Don: But...
Dina: She's my sister. Ever since my parents died she looked after me! Now it's my turn to return the favour. I have to go!
Don: I...
Dina: I cant just say goodbye to her forever!
Don: Will you listen to me!? I'm trying to say, that if you're going then so am I.
Dina: Are you sure?
Don: I love you Dina, of course I'm sure.
Eric: Right! Sorted. Don't suppose you've got your passports on you?
Don: I could go and get them.
Eric: No, theres no time. I've got a mate you can sort you out with some...
Dina: Now why doesn't that surprise me.
Nina: Come on lets get moving people!

Joe: Six I said. It's just gone seven! You better have a good excuse..
Leo: I..
Joe: No? Shame. Leo, come with me. Mick don't move!
Mick: Why?
Joe: Don't move! Come on Leo.

Leo: Joe please. I'm sorry. Whatever you're planning..
Joe: You know what an electro-magnet is don't you Leo?
Leo: Yeah..
Joe: Well, just to remind you, an electro-magnet is only magnetic when supplied with electricity. If the electricity happens to be cut off then the magnet will no longer work. Now this computer controls the warehouses electro-magnet, and that crate swinging right above Mick's head is being held there with it right now.
Leo: No, you can't!
Joe: Someone needs to be punished Leo, and it cant be you since I need you.
Leo: Please, its not his fault!
Mick: (Clicks mouse).
Leo: Nnnnoooo!

Leo: Oh my god. You've killed him!
Joe: Yeah, it's a shame. I always did like him. You know, he's never been late, not once!
Leo: I cant believe you did that!
Joe: Get over it, and pull yourself together. We've got a job to do.
Leo: I can't, I wont..
Joe: You will. I've sorted it all out myself, all I need you to do is be here tomorrow night, open the crate and let our special delivery out. I've made it nice and easy for you, ok?
Leo: I..
Joe: One last job and you're free, remember? You've got to do this Leo.
Leo: Surely the crate will be checked on its way in..
Joe: I've paid out enough cash to ensure it wont be. You dont need to worry about all the details. All you have to do, once it goes dark and the staff have gone home, is come and let them out. Once you've done that, one of them will let someone back home know and then we'll get the rest of our money.
Leo: If it's so easy then why do you want me to do it? Why don't you do it and you can have all the money then..
Joe: Nice try, but you're doing it. Now get lost!

Don: So when mummy gets back with your new bed, you and Oliver can sleep in here together. He needs his big brother to look after him.
Jack: But Oliver's mummy isn't my mummy so...
Don: I know, aunty Nina is his mummy, but we're going to be looking after him from now on. That makes you his big brother now.
Jack: Wont he miss his mummy?
Don: No, because me, you and your mummy are going to give him lots and lots of love. Can you do that for me champ?
Jack: Ok daddy.
Don: Good boy.

Jack: Daddy.
Don: Yeah mate?
Jack: I wont have to change Olivers stinky nappies will I?
Don: (Laughs) Only if you're naughty.
Jack: Dad! He stinks!
Don: You were just like that a couple of years ago.
Jack: No I was not!
Don: Yeah you were, you were even stinkier.
Jack: You smell worse (sticks out tounge).
Don: (Laughs). Oh (sniffs) Oliver needs his nappy changing.
Jack: Bagsie not doing it!

Dina: Hey Sis. I've just got myself some more bar work.
Nina: Good for you. I wish I could go out and work instead of looking after this little brat!
Dina: Oi! That's your son. Bad day I take it?
Nina: He's not stopped crying all day! I cant do this anymore.
Dina: It gets easier. I promise.
Nina: Maybe he's ill or something, but I cant just pop to the doctors with him, can I!? Not without a ridiculous bill.
Dina: He was checked over by that woman when you had him. She said he was very healthy.
Nina: No, that's what Don thinks she said after using his little translation book! I cant cope with this anymore!

Dina: Things will get better.
Nina: They can hardly get worse! We're living in some crappy hotel room, we have no money and poor Jack should be going to nursury by now, but instead he's having a never ending holiday!
Dina: We'll settle down somewhere eventually. With me, Don and Eric working as hard as we are we'll be able to afford somewhere out here in no time at all.
Nina: That's just not soon enough for our kids Dina.

Dina: Well what else do you suggest?
Nina: I've been thinking long and hard about this, ever since I had Oliver in fact. I want you to go home, with Don, Jack and Oliver.
Dina: You want me to take him!?
Nina: You can look after him far better than I'll ever be able to. You're a good mum Dina.
Dina: But he should be with his mum.
Nina: But you can be his mum. He'll never have to know any different. He's gonna be far better off with you and Don than a mum and dad on the run.
Dina: I don't know about this. It'd break your heart.
Nina: (Sobs) I know, but a lifetime of heartbreak for me is well worth a happy life for him.
Dina: Oh Nina, are you really sure about this?
Nina: Yes, it'll be better for all of us. Please say you'll do this for me.
Dina: I will, if it's what you want. It might take a couple of days to sort out flights but we'll leave as soon as we can.
Nina: You're such a great sister.
Dina: Not as great as you are (smiles).

Tommy: Dad, what are you doing?
Liam: What's it look like? I'm making you some breakfast.
Tommy: They look a bit burnt dad.
Liam: I can see that.
Tommy: Where's mum?
Liam: I don't know and I don't really care. She never came 'ome last night.
Tommy: Oh. But where did she sleep?
Liam: I don't know Tommy! I've not seen her since yesterday!
Tommy: Oh.
Liam: Get me a plate for these will you?
Tommy: Dad wait, you need to wear an oven glove..
Liam: Arghh!

Liam: Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!
Tommy: Dad, you need to run it under the tap!
Liam: Owwww!
Tommy: (Shouts) Dad!
Liam: (Yells) Stupid oven! It was bloody 'ot!
Tommy: That's the point.

Maria: Wow, how did you do that move!?
Luke: It's just oval and cross at the same time. Watch!
Maria: Oh wow, that was really good.
Leo: Hey guys!
Luke: Hey daddy.
Maria: (Mutters) At last.
Leo: You two having fun?
Luke: Yeah! Loads.
Leo: Good. Maria, can I speak to you in the kitchen please?

Leo: You're really good with him.
Maria: Cheers.
Leo: No really. I can tell he likes you.
Maria: Is that all? I need to get home to my family.
Leo: What's wrong?
Maria: Oh, don't you remember rushing out this morning, lumbering me with your baby sitting and telling me that you made a mistake last night?
Leo: Look, I was under a lot of pressure. I didn't mean it. Last night was far from a mistake. I really like you Maria.
Maria: It didn't seem that way this morning.
Leo: I'm really sorry about that.
Maria: I better get going.
Leo: Please don't be like this. Why don't you stay for some lunch? I'm supposed to be explaining things to you.
Maria: You're actually going to tell me?
Leo: Yes. Even my wife Dawn didn't know about it. That's how into you I am.
Maria: Well, I can stay for a bit I suppose. But not too long.
Leo: I'm sure your bafoon of a husband can manage without you.
Maria: You remind me of someone.
Leo: Who?
Maria: The last guy I had an affair with.
Leo: Oh, so we're having an affair now?

Leo: I'm gonna take that as a yes. By the way, what have you told Luke?
Maria: Nothing. I just made sure that he was well occupied so he didn't have time to ask. Thought I'd leave the hard explanation to you.
Leo: (Laughs) Thanks for that.

Kaylynn: I really can't eat any more of this.
Daniel: Come on love, you've only had a bite.
Kaylyn: I just feel so sick to the stomach, and it's going to be like that until I get my baby home. I need to know she's safe.
Daniel: (Sighs) You've got to eat a bit more love. For me please.
Kaylynn: I really can't!
(Phone rings)
Kaylynn: I'll get it!

Jennifer: Hi Kaylynn, don't freak out! I just wanted to call and thank you for my new little girl. She's everyhing I could ever ask for... of course she's safe, in fact she's having a great time! You must be worried sick, but don't worry, I'm going to take very good care of her. I promise. I better go because I think Lucy's getting a bit bored... no, she's called Lucy now. Bye Kaylynn.

Kaylynn: ... Daniel! It was her! It was her!

Kaylynn: It was Jennifer!
You got your mobile?
Call the police! They must be able to trace that call.. gob forbid anyone else decides to call.
Ok, we've got to act quickly. We're gonna find our girl!
God I really hope so.

Maria: And your boss killed someone this morning!? You acted so natural when you came home!
Leo: I know, I've had years of practice. Dawn never knew and she lived with me for nine years.
Maria: But you really dont seem the sort. How did you get tied up in it all?
Leo: A mate got into trouble with them, and basically he got me involved in a job for them, wthout me really knowing what was going on. Because I was involved in some plan they made sure I stuck around so that I kept quiet. I begun to enjoy all the money, and when I met Dawn so did she... so I just kept on doing it. But since Dawn's death I've realised that I need to be here for Luke, which is why I'm gonna pack it all in.
Maria: After one last job.
Leo: Yeah. You're not too shocked are you?
Maria: Very! But at the same time, you're doing the right thing now, which I admire.
Leo: You've not been put off me?
Maria: No. It's gonna take more than that. I'm married to Liam, remember?
Leo: (Laughs)

Charlie: Because you acted so quickly, we managed to pinpoint the call location to just a small radius.
Kaylynn: How small is the radius?
Charlie: Less than a quarter of a mile. We're questioning people who live and work in the area, and hopefully one of them will be able to help us.
Kaylynn: What if she's moved away already?
Charlie: Mobile phones regulary send out signals to their service providers, to check they have network access, so as long as Kaylynn keeps the same phone we can track her.
Kaylynn: I hope shes stupid enough to keep it.
Charlie: Hopefully. But even is she doesn't, this is still very promising, We have a starting point and somewhere to look. All hotels in the area are being checked as we speak.
Daniel: I'm so glad she's still in the country.
Charlie: Yeah, I dont think she has any intention of leaving. I'm sure she's missing her husband... she might even be heading back. I think Jennifer is perhaps a little unhinged now. She's renamed your baby to her dead daughters name after all. I think we have a very good chance of finding Sophie.

Liam: What time do you call this? Where 'ave you been?
Maria: I told you, I needed some time to clear my head.
Liam: I've had to look after Tommy all day!
Maria: I better make him some tea then because you've probably not fed him properly.
Liam: I tried!
Maria: Trying isn't good enough Liam. You're a 38 year old man! You should be able to look after your kids, but they look after you more!
Liam: Love, I'm..
Maria: Shut up! I'm going to make tea, and then we're going to put up the Christmas tree for little Tommy. And you are not going to sit on your chair giving out instructions, you're gonna get off your fat arse and help! Ok?
Liam: I'm supposed to be mad at you, remember?
Maria: Well if you can't forgive me then you know where the door is. Otherwise, if you like your comfy life too much to just walk away then I suggest you start lifting a finger!
Liam: Alright alright! Are you quite finished?
Maria: Far from it! Things need to change around here Liam Hodegeson!

Dina: Where's my living room gone?
Jack: (Laughs) Mummy!
Dina: I go upstairs for an hour and you two transform the place into Santa's grotto.
Jack: Hehe.
Don: It was all Jack.
Dina: Now why don't I believe that? You're daddy's a big kid, isn't he Jack?
Jack: Yeah! Daddy wanted to put even more up Mummy.
Don: You little snitch!
Jack: (Laughs).
Dina: I think Oliver likes all the pretty lights.
Jack: Aww, he's really cute.

Nina: Come here Jack, give your aunty Nina a hug.
Jack: Eww.
Dina: Jack! Do it!
Jack: But mum..
Dina: No buts!
Jack: Oh... its not fair.
Eric: I guess this is it guys. Take good care of my boy.
Don: We will. And take good care of yourselves.
Dina: Look after each other.
Nina: I'll miss all of you so much.
Dina: We'll miss you both too. Get in touch when you can.
Eric: We will.
Dina: And you look after my sister.
Eric: Don't worry, I will do.
Don: Well... the taxi will be here any minute. Good..
Dina: Bye for now!

Nina: Ohhhh (cries) god...
Eric: Shhh, shh.. we've done the right thing.
Nina: (Wails) My boy! My little baby.
Eric: I know... but they'lll take very good care of him for us.
Nina: (Sobs) I know. I'm going to miss him so much. I'm so glad I've still got you.
Eric: You have. You always will. I promise. I love you.
Nina: I love you.
Eric: Come on, it's getting cold. Lets get inside and have a nice long cuddle.

Nina: You're the best person in the universe.
Eric: I can't be, because you are.
Nina: No, you are.
Eric: Nope, it's you!
Nina: You!
Eric: You!
Nina: (Laughs) It's definately you!
Eric: Oh alright then, it's me.
Nina: You cheeky git!
Eric: (Laughs). Why don't we just agree that you're the best woman, and I'm the best man?
Nina: Deal. But, overall you're the best...
Eric: Should we agree to disagree?
Nina: No! You're the best.
Eric: But you are..
Nina: I'm not gonna shut up until you agree..
Eric: Well good job I love hearing your voice then.
Nina: Aww. That's really sweet.
Eric: Not as sweet as you.
Nina: You're much sweeter.
Eric: (Laughs) Here we go again...