Pleasantview - Series 4 - Episode 37 - Trouble

Mrs Hooper: Good morning dear, can I help you?
Maria: Morning. I'm looking for Leo.
Mrs Hooper: So am I. If you see him can you tell him I dont appreciate being taken advantage of.
Maria: Is something wrong?
Mrs Hooper: Leo should of been back last night! First he calls me at eleven last night, to ask me to come over, and now he hasn't come home. It's simply not on.
Maria: He never came home? Oh my god. I have to go!
Mrs Hooper: What is it?
Maria: There's no time!

Maria: Please let him be ok.

Luke: Was that daddy?
Mrs Hooper: No dear.
Luke: Whens he coming home?
Mrs Hooper: About 10 hours ago.
Luke: Sorry?
Mrs Hooper: I'm sure he'll be home soon dear. Would you like some breakfast?
Luke: Yes please Mrs Hooper.

Cassandra: Ron?
Ronald: Yeah?
Cassandra: I've just realised something. Last night, you pretty much admitted you were gay, but when we first met you said you were divorced...
Ronald: (Laughs) That's the reason I'm divorced! I couldn't live a lie like that any longer, so I told her.
Cassandra: Ah right. I'm glad. I just wanted to check your stories all tied up...
Ronald: I am your brother Cassandra, you've seen the birth certificate.
Cassandra: I know... I'm just being silly really. I'm glad you're my brother, I really am. It just wouldn't surprise me if it wasn't really true. Everything goes wrong in my life.
Ronald: Well it's not going to go wrong with me. I promise. I'm here to stay, for as long as you want me to. We'll look after each other, and when your baby comes I'll be here to help every step of the way.
Cassandra: (smiles) I'm really glad you're here Ron.
Ronald: So am I (smiles).

Maria: Leo!? Leo? Oh my god!

Maria: Leo! No! Oh my god. Leo! Please dont be dead. Please dont be dead.

Maria: I need an ambulance right away! It's my freind, I think he's been shot. I think he's dead! Hurry up! We're at the docks, in the last warehouse... warehouse 10, on the right. Please hurry! Leo, it's going to be ok. The ambulance is on it's way!

Mary-Sue: As enjoyable as this is, I can't help but feel it's wrong - with Sophie still missing. I feel we should be doing more to find her.
Andrew: I feel a bit guilty too. We should get out there and have another look.
Mary-Sue: Yeah.. we should. Lets just have another couple of minutes first though, yeah?
Andrew: Like I could resist that offer...

Lilith: Yeaurh, excuse me while I vomit.
Dustin: Ah, you're only jealous. I think it's sweet, like a couple of love birds.
Lilith: It's nice she has someone, but she doesn't have to rub our faces in it.
Dustin: I repeat, you're only jealous.
Lilith: I just don't want to have to watch them kissing.
Dustin: It is pretty gross I suppose. Do you think me and Angela...?
Lilith: Easy tiger. I know exactly what you're going to say and the answer is no. Angela doesn't need a guy in her life right now. She's been through a lot with that creep Jack and I don't want her getting hurt. The last thing she needs right now is a fella, especially one who needs babysitting while he trys to kick drugs.. no offense.
Dustin: None taken - I'm going to get off them. I feel really good today actually. But about your sister, I really like her...

Lilith: She doesn't need the hassle right now!
Dustin: But do you think she likes me?
Lilith: I know she likes you.. but thats not the point. Just give it a couple more months..
Dustin: Months!? I can't wait that long.
Lilith: Just use your hand like every other single guy on the planet!
Dustin: I'm not after sex Lilith! I want to hold her, I want to be there for her and Laura...
Lilith You're not Laura's dad!
Dustin: But I could fill that role. I would love Laura just as much as I love Angela.
Angela: You don't really love her, it's just a replacement for the drugs!
Dustin: No it's not! I really really love her, I really do.
Lilith: Look I understand, you've been away from civilisation for a while, and you want to start living your life again, but you're certainly not ready for a relationship already and I don't want Angela getting involved with you right now...
Dustin: It's not really up to you.
Lilith: Oh for god's sake!
Dustin: What now?
Lilith: Not you, it's him! Again!

Dustin: Look mate, I've already told you to stay away from here! I shoudn't have to tell you again!
Jack: I'm not leaving until I see my child. You can shout, you can hit me, you can do whatever you want, but I am not going anywhere this time! I'm seeing my kid!
Dustin: We'll see about that.
Jack: Go on, hit me! It's all good ammo for court.
Dustin: If you live to tell them that is!

Angela: Dustin!
Dustin: Angela... let me take care of this idiot for you..
Angela: No, you'll only get yourself in more trouble than you're already in!
Jack: Angela... oh my god, is that her? .. It's my baby. My little girl. At last. She's so gorgeous.

Maria: Leo, you're awake! Don't try and move. You've lost a lot of blood.
Leo: What... how?
Maria: I found you.
Leo: .. you did? Oh Maria, I can't thank you enough... as I lay on the floor all I could think about was that I'd left Luke behind. I reallly thought I was going to die.
Maria: What happened. Who shot you, Leo?

Leo: It all happened so fast. One second I was opening the crates doors, and then...

Joe: No one gets to quit Leo.

Leo: I'm so lucky to be alive.
Maria: That's exactly what the doctors said. The bullet missed your heart by a milimieter. You would have been long since dead if it'd hit anywhere else.
Leo: I need to see Luke.
Maria: Don't get up. You're not going anywhere for some time!
Leo: Will you bring him?
Maria: Of course. I'll go and pick him up.
Leo: Thanks. Thank you.
Maria: It's no bother. He needs to be here with his dad.

Leo: I meant for saving my life.
Maria: Oh, It was nothing.
Leo: Seriously, I owe you a lot. You saved my life!
Maria: Alright, don't get all teary eyed on me now. You're shattering your tough guy image.
Leo: (Laughs) Oww.. don't make me laugh.
Maria: (Laughs) I best be off before I make you rupture your spleen or something! I'll go and get Luke now.
Leo: Will you come back?
Maria: Yeah I'm coming back with Luke, remember? How much morphine have they given you!?
Leo: What I mean is, will you come back and stay?
Maria: Erm... we'll see. I have my own family to care for too...
Leo: What about.. me and you... us?
Maria: I dunno. We'll see. I just... I don't now if there is an us yet.
Leo: Oh. Talk about kicking a man when he's down.
Maria: I'm sorry. I've just got a lot to think about Leo. I'll see you later.

Leo: Yeah... see you later.
Maria: Bye.

Leo: I love you.

Jack: She's so gorgeous.
Angela: I know.
Jack: Thanks so much for letting me see her.
Angela: I didn't really have a choice. I can't have you scremaing the house down everyday forever..
Jack: I am sorry about that... it's a fathers right to see his daughter though.
Angela: But you didn't want her...
Jack: That was a big mistake. Now that I've met her, I would never ever of suggested getting rid of her. It's a life... a human being. I was stupid Angela. I was too busy with studying to accept the consequences of my actions. I want to put that right now. I want to be there for my daughter.
Angela: We're just going to have to take it slowly Jack.
Jack: Whatever you want. Ah... I think shes done something stinky.
Angela: Oh, pass her here..
Jack: No, let me... where do you keep everything?
Angela: I'm very impressed!
Jack: I'm her dad. I want to do everything for her... and that includes changing smelly nappies!

Lilith: Oh stop looking so sour Dustin. There's nothing between them..
Dustin: Apart from their kid! Kids bring people together!
Lilith: Would that be so bad?
Dustin: Yes! He abandoned them and now he's trying to worm his way back in... back into her knickers!
Lilith: (Laughs) Angela isn't stupid Dustin. She's not just going to take him back very easily. As sweet as it was for him to come charging in here demanding to see his daughter...
Dustin: I'd call in Neanderthal!
Lilith: No, it shows his passion for his daughter. Angela will see that, which is probably why she chose to finally let him see her.
Dustin: So they're going to get back together? Great!
Lilith: No! No one knows Dustin. It wouldn't be so bad if they did... but realationships are complicated things. She definately wont take him back just for Laura's sake. We still have a great relationship with our father despite him and my mum being separted.
Dustin: Maybe I still stand a chance...
Lilith: Perhaps, but if not, there's pelenty more fish in the sea.
Dustin: None like her.

Liam: Love, where 'ave you been all day!? Oh, hello Luke.
Maria: Leo's been in an accident.
Liam: What, is he alright?
Maria: Yeah, thankfully. Luke, go and find Tommy for a few minutes. I'll take you to the hospital soon.

Liam: You're going back out?
Maria: I have to take Luke to see his dad.
Liam: Can you not go after tea? Me and Tommy are starving.
Maria: (Sighs) Cant you just make some sandwhiches or toast?
Liam: We had sandwhiches for lunch and toast for breakfast! You've been gone all day! Katy's been out all day too! We're used to you looking after us.
Maria: You've managed! I'm sure you can manage a bit longer.
Liam: It's supposed to be mash night.
Maria: Right! Fine! I'll go and take Luke to the hospital. You start peeling and then I'll be back soon to cook it.
Liam: But how?
Maria: Figure it out and get Tommy to help you! I'll be back soon to help. I just need to get Luke to his dad first.
Liam: Well I guess he is only a little boy.. he must be quite upset. I suppose he should come first. Just don't be long.
Maria: I'll be back as soon as I can.

Mary-Sue: Oh Kaylynn, I just wish there was more I could do.
Kaylynn: I hate how all we can do is wait and hope and pray.
Mary-Sue: When we find them Jennifer is going to pay!
Kaylynn: I don't care what happens to Jennifer. I just want my daughter back home safely.
Mary-Sue: Oh love.
Kaylynn: Thanks for all your help Mary. I know you've pulled out all the stops and abused your mayor privelages.
Mary-Sue: I'd do it for anyone. This is a child. For all I care all the houses in the neighbourhood can be burgled. I'd rather use police resources to find your daughter right now!

Jennifer: Excuse me.
Ranger: Jesus! You made me jump!
Jennifer: Sorry. I think I'm a bit lost.
Ranger: You can say that again. The forest closed to the public a couple of hours ago! You shouldn't be out here in the dark.
Jennifer: We strayed off the path a bit... we were following a squirrel.
Ranger: Come inside, get yourselves warm. Your daughter must be freezing.

Jennifer: Thank you.
Ranger: You both look chilled to the bones! Take a seat by the fire. Can I make you a warm drink?
Jennifer: I don't want to keep you from your work..
Ranger: It's no bother. I was supposed to stop an hour ago... I was just filing in the hole out there because it was right outside my front door! Someone's bloody dog diggin'!
Jennifer: Oh. I'll have a tea then please.
Ranger: Rightio. After that I'll drive you up to the entrance and you can get your car and get home.
Jennifer: I came on the bus.
Ranger: Oh.. the next bus ain't till morning now. I'd offer you a bed if I had one spare! I could drive you home, where do you live?
Jennifer: Oh, it's too far to go tonight. Please can we stay? She can curl up on one chair and I'll sleep on the other.
Ranger: Well, if that's what you want to do, then ok!
Jennifer: Thank you. We really appreciate it.
Ranger: It's no bother.

Leo: Luke!
Luke: Daddy!
Leo: Hello champ!
Luke: Are you ok daddy?
Leo: I am now mate! Now my pride and joy is here!
Luke: Dad...!
Leo: (Laughs) I love you.
Luke: I love you too daddy.
Leo: Is Maria just getting a coffee?
Luke: No, she jsut dropped me off and went home.
Leo: Oh. Right.
Luke: Are you ok dad?
Leo: As good as I can be.
Luke: What happened to you?
Leo: Well after I climed up the ten storey tower to save the damsel in distress I...
Luke: Dad! Tell the truth!
Leo: Ok ok...

Tommy: Why do I have to wash up?
Liam: Because I asked you to.
Tommy: Mum never makes me...
Liam: Well it'll be a nice surpise for her if we get it done before she gets home.
Tommy: You're not doing anything!
Liam: I'm making tea. Do you think these potatoes are soft enough?
Tommy: You have to prod them with a knife to see.
Liam: Oh right. Well when you've done that find me the masher, will you? You're mother isn't going to know what's hit her when she gets in!
Tommy: She might die of shock!
Liam: Don't be so cheeky you.

Maria: Hey you two.
Leo: You came!?
Luke: I thought you were going home.
Maria: Well I couldn't miss the chance to see your dad in his undies now, could I?
Luke: Yuck!
Leo: (Laughs) Pull up a chair. I'm just telling luke how I battled the dragon and got chased by the knight across the magma pit...

Dustin: Jack gone?
Angela: Yeah, just now.
Dustin: He's been here nearly all day.
Angela: Well, it was the first time he got to see his daughter.
Dustin: The first of many?
Angela: Probably... I don't see any reason to stop him seeing her anymore. He's proven to me that he cares and loves her. He's really good with her actually.
Dustin: Great.
Angela: (Laughs) You're more transparent than a pane of glass you know.
Dustin: What?
Angela: I know you fancy me.
Dustin: Oh.
Angela: There's no reason to be jealous of Jack. He's Laura's father... and that's it.
Dustin: Really?
Angela: Yeah, really.
Dustin: Well I guess thatonly really matters... if you like me.
Angela: Good job I do then. You going to hare those crisps or what?
Dustin: (Laughs) Yeah, here.
Angela: Thanks.

Tommy: That was really nice for you dad.
Liam: Thanks mate. I wonder where you mother is. I can't beleive she missed dinner. We worked so 'ard to make it.
Tommy: Maybe that sissy boy Luke started crying on her or something.
Liam: Yeah, maybe.

Mary-Sue: You sent eveyone home without asking me first?
Max: Mayor, they were wasting council money - we cant do anything in this weather. I've sent them all home until after christmas.
Mary-Sue: Well I suppose these luxury apartments arne't the top priority right now. As long as my homeless shelter is open before Christmas then I'm happy.
Max: Why don't we get the men from this site over to the prison to help with the conversion? We'll double the man power and get the shelter finished on time.
Mary-Sue: I like your thinking! Get yourself over there first thing tomorrow and I'll come round to update the team there.
Max: Ok mayor. See you tomorrow.