Pleasantview - Series 4 - Episode 38 - Evacuation

News reporter: Residents of Pleasantview are being evacuated, after a live world war two bomb was discovered at a local building site.

News Reprter: The bomb, at a site soon to become luxury apartments, was discovered by local resident, Cassandra Goth while she was walking her dog.

Cassandra: I was just out walking my dog when I saw something shiny in the snow. I edged a bit closer to try and find out what it was. When I realsied it was a bomb I backed away and phoned the police right away.
News Reporter: What's the atmosphere like there Cassandra?
Cassadra: Well obviously everyone's very quiet and tense. We all fear for our homes and livelihoods. My house has been in my family for generations. I've just found out I'm pregnant and I can't imagine raising my baby anwhere else!
News Reporter: Congratulations on the baby Cassandra. Thank you for your time. We're all hoping and praying for the best for all of you.

Tony: Did she just say she was pregnant?

News Reporter: Bombs discovered in the past have been known to have be extremely tempermental, and could go off at any minute. As a disarming team moves into place all we can do is hope that nothing will go wrong. In other news, two year old Sophie Langerak is still missing. It is still beleived that she was kidnapped by trusted family freind Jennifer Burb while she was baby sitting.

News Reprter: If you see this woman or this child please call the police immediately. Lets get Sophie home to her parents!
Ranger: Oh my god.
Shop Keeper: I know, it's totally tragic isn't it? Poor little Sophie. That woman was trusted and she went and took her from her own house!
Ranger: I can't believe it.

Katy: Tommy! Dad, tell him!
Liam: Oh grow up Katy!
Katy: This is designer!
Liam: It's only a bit of snow and this isn't a fashion parade!
Katy: Why have we just been evacuated onto a hill anyway!?
Liam: Probably so we can watch our 'omes be blown to smitherines down there
Katy: That's optimistic dad. Where the hell's mum?
Liam: They've evacuated the hospital patients over to Veronaville.. I suppose she's gone over there with her new boyfreind.
Katy: You what?
Tommy: Mum and Leo?
Katy: Good on her! I had my eyes on him for myself!
Liam: Thanks for the sympathy kids!
Katy: Oh dad, you know you've had it coming for years! I did try warning you!

Liam: You've finally decided to come 'ome then! You promised to be 'ere to make tea!
Maria: I see you haven't wasted away into nothing yet.
Liam: That's because I made it! I made sausages with mash... it was all served up and waiting for you! I was trying to do something nice for you, and you didn't even come 'ome!
Maria: It's too late to make an effort now Liam! Sseventeen years too late in fact!
Liam: Why are you being this way with me!?
Maria: I'm leaving you Liam.

Liam: You're leaving me!? I don't want you anymore anyway, you dirty slag! You 'id the fact that my daughter wasn't actually my daughter all this time! I can't forgive you for that! I thought I could try but things 'ave only got worse! You disgust me. I wouldn't be surprised if Tommy wasn't mine either!
Maria: I wish! I'd never have to see you again if he wasn't!
Liam: You'd love that wouldn't you!? Kick me where it really 'urts and take me kids away as well as me wife!
Maria: Liam I ain't taking the kids from you! I might not love you anymore but they do! I'm going to be staying at at Leo's tonight. I need to look after Luke while Leo's in hopsital. Then we can sort out where the kids are going to live and what's going to happen next.
Liam: Oh my god, he's boning you isn't he? Leo!?
Maria: Yes!

Ranger: You're not leaving already are you? I've brought breakfast!
Jennifer: That's very kind, but we should really get going. We have a long trip ahead of us.
Ranger: Oh come on, you can't set off on an empty stomach. Stay and have some breakfast, and then my offer of a lift still stands.
Jennifer: It's too far for you to take us.
Ranger: Where you from?
Jennifer: Belladona Cove.
Ranger: You've come a long way! Do they not have any forests up that way?
Jennifer: Welll.. I was down here visiting family. This was just something to do on the way home.
Ranger: Oh right. I'm going to take you home anyway. I really don't mind and I wont take no for an answer.
Jennifer: But what about your work?
Ranger: It just happens to be my day off today.
Jennifer: Oh right.

Tony: You heard her say it too! She said she was pregnant!
Tina: Well choose to ignore it! You've left her for me now!
Tony: But if she's pregnant...
Tina: But nothing! Why would she tell you she wasn't? She obviously doesn't want you to have anything to do with the baby.
Tony: Well, she can't go and announce it on national TV and expect me to not find out, can she!? I'm going to speak to her.
Tina: We have a job to do here!
Tony: It can wait.

Tony: Cassandra, can I have a word?
Cassandra: (Sighs) I knew this would be coming. Ok, so I am pregnant, but you're not having anything to do with the baby! Just back off and leave us alone!
Ronald: You heard her.
Tony: But I love you!
Ronald: You're sleeping with Tina!
Tony: I love you more Cassandra!
Cassandra: There shouldn't be any competition Tony!
Tony: I fell in love with you while I was already with Tina. I couldn't help it!
Cassandra: Then why didn't you leave her?
Tony: I...

Cassandra: It's rather simple Tony! You've strung two different women along for almost a year! You can't expect me to just accept that and get over it?
Ronald: You've had plenty of time to leave Tina, and you didn't!
Cassandra: That shows me just how little I really mean to you.
Tony: But you being pregnant makes all the difference.
Cassandra: It shouldn't have to Tony! We're not teenagers, where you've got me up the duff and want to do the right thing! You've made your choice Tony. You chose Tina! As soon as you thought I wasn't pregant that was the last I saw of you!
Tony: Because Tina has been keeping me away from you! I've wanted to come and see you!
Cassandra: It's all lies with you. Just go away and leave me alone.
Tony: I'll leave Tina for you, I swear..
Ronald: It's too late. Just go away! Go and do your job!

Ranger: You don't want to have to sit in bus shelters in this weather anyway! Not with the little one.
Jennifer: That's true. Thanks for doing this.
Ranger: It's no problem. I've been wanting to go down to Belladona Cove for some time anyway.
Jennifer: Oh?
Ranger: Yeah, got a mate I want to visit down there.
Jennifer: Oh. Not so out of your way afterall then?
Ranger: Nope. Jump in.

Peter: I can't believe the boys decided to go walk-abouts without telling me! Right before a bloody bomb scare!
Darleen: Well they weren't to know this was going to happen and I'm sure the fire brigade will find them. Why didn't you ask where they were going!?
Peter: I didn't even know they'd gone out! They never told me. It's not like I can just walk downstairs and check on them is it!?
Darleen: Well maybe if you wern't so pre-occupied you might of noticed!
Peter: Don't blame Rachel for this!
Rachel: It is partly my fault. What if they heard us? We were kind of noisy...

(Creaing sounds from upstairs)
Dirk: I can't stand anymore of this.
Sam: No, me neither.
Dirk: Lets get out of here for a bit. It makes me sick.

Rachel: Wow, that was amazing!
Peter: (Laughs) Thanks.
Rachel: I told you there were things you could still do well.
Peter: I suppose.
Rachel: There's no 'suppose' about it. You really need to start being more optimistic Peter. You've felt sorry for yourself for the past year and it's time for that to change!
Peter: It's not that easy.
Rachel: Why not!? You said we couldn't have sex, but you didn't have any trouble a few minutes ago! Being paralysed doesn't have to stop you doing anything, you know! Especially when you have someone to help you. I'm here, you've got two kids...
Peter: But Dirk isn't mine...
Rachel: That's where you're wrong again Peter. He might not be you're son, but he wants someone to fill his dad's role. That's you! You've got enough people around you who want to help, they want to be there for you.
Peter: That's the problem Rachel, I don't want people to help me! I want to be able to do things for myself!

Darleen: Hello?
Fireman: Miss, is this your house?
Darleen: Yes, what's going on? I've just been shopping. Is everything ok?
Fireman: No miss. We need to evacuate the town immediately. Is there anyone else inside?
Darleen: Yes, my step brother Peter and my children. Peter's paralysed...
Fireman: I'll get a chair. Get the kids out...

Darleen: Peter, we're being evacuated! Oh...
Rachel: Hi Darleen.
Darleen: .. Hi.
Peter: Sorry you had to walk in on us like this..
Darleen: The two of you just better get dressed! We're being evacuated for some reason! Where are the boys?
Peter: They're not downstairs?
Darleen: You do know where they are don't you?
Peter: They were downstairs!
Darleen: Great! That really helps!

Jennifer: Oh. You just took a wrong turn.
Ranger: I did?
Jennifer: Yeah, it's quicker to head through the city.
Ranger: Oh yeah, I know it is normally. The traffic will be chaos at this time though, with everyone Christmas shopping. Besides, I thought you and the little one might prefer the more scenic route. We'll head past Pleasantview, through Veronaville and then down to the cove.
Jennifer: We're just going to go past Pleasantview?
Ranger: Well, we could drive through if you like?
Jennifer: No, around is fine.
Ranger: Rightio.

Sam: Do you think it's safe to head home yet?
Dirk: I don't think I want to risk it.
Sam: Probably a good idea.
Dirk: You know something, although I know Rachel is helping dad, I can't help but feel a bit..
Sam: Gutted? I was hoping he might get with mum too.
Dirk: Not just me then. Maybe it's a bit too much of a fantasy.
Sam: It just would of been nice. More of a proper family.
Dirk: For you, yeah. I suppose I'd see it as my mum sleeping with my uncle. The thing is though, I wouldn't mind. Although he's not my real dad and never will be, I would like to see them two get together.
Sam: Perhaps we could get rid of Rachel? (laughs)
Dirk: (Laughs) Yeah.

Lilith: You and Dustin were pretty chatty in the kitchen last night.
Angela: And?
Lilith: I know you have a thing for him. When you going to get together?
Angela: (sighs) There's just one thing that puts me off really.
Lilith: What's that?
Angela: He's still very much a kid...
Lilith: He's our age.
Angela: I know that, but he still hasn't really grown up, has he?
Lilith: Neither had you until you got pregnant. You were forced to grow up. The truth is though, we are pretty much still kids.
Angela: Then perhaps the time isn't right for a relationship.
Lilith: What have you got to lose?
Angela: Wern't you trying to stop Dustin getting with me only yesterday!?
Lilith: Yeah, but that was only because I felt you had enough to deal with, with Jack knocking our door down everyday. But if things are going to cool down with him, then I can't see anything else to stop you.
Angela: (Laughs) Well thanks for your permisison.
Lilith: You know I'm only looking out for my sister, just like I always have.
Angela: Yeah... I know that really.

Lilith: Mum, what's going on? How much longer are we going to be up here?
Mary-Sue: There not telling me anything.
Lilith: But you're the mayor!
Mary-Sue: I know, but apparently this job is for the authorities, not me. I've tried to suggest ordering a coach and at least taking us somewhere we can go inside, but it seems that that isn't their top priority right now.
Angela: What's happening with the bomb?
Mary-Sue: Again, I don't know.
Lilith: Is it definately live? Just how bad would it be if it went off?
Mary-Sue: It's unpredictable. Andrew's trying to find out from the bomb squad, but I don't think they want to tell us anything incase it leads to panic!

Kaylynn: I can't believe this is happening. Not now!
Daniel: It's going to be ok. That bombs been sat buried for over 60 years... it can't just go off.
Kaylynn: The fact that it's been dug up is exactly why it can go off!
Daniel: The bomb squad know what they're doing. Everything will be ok.
Kaylynn: Not everything! Sophie will be still missing!
Daniel: They'll catch her Kay. We will get our baby back. I promise. It will all be ok. Even if our home is destroyed we'll still be a family. We'll all be together. It doesn't matter where.
Kaylynn: But it's been days! Jennifer could have taken Sophie anywhere by now. She'll be miles away!

Jennifer: This is Pleasantview!
Ranger: I'm taking you home Jennifer. To your real home.
Jennifer: Let me out right now!
(Door locks click)
Ranger: I don't think Sophies parents would be very thankful if I got you this close and just let you go! Not now they're so close to getting Sophie back.
Jennifer: Her name is Lucy!
Ranger: You're not right in the head Jennifer! She's someone else's kid, not yours!
Jennifer: Let me out!

Jennifer: Please just let us out!
Ranger: Go ahead.
Jennifer: You planned this!?
Ranger: Nothing to do with me. Convienient though.

Ranger: Quick stop her!
Military officer: Sir, this is a road block. There's a bomb...
Ranger: Just stop that woman! It's Jennifer Burb!
Female Officer: Miss, you can't go that way!

Female Officer: You cant come past here!
Jennifer: Go away! Leave us alone! She's mine! She's my daughter. It's my Lucy.
Female Officer: Ok ok! But you can't go down here!

Female Officer: I can't allow you to go any further.
Jennifer: You can't take her away from me! She's mine! You're not havng her!
Male Officer: Your times up Jennifer. You need to give her up now!
Female Officer: Just hand us Sophie Jennifer.
Jennifer: It's LUCY!
Female Officer: Ok, just give me Lucy. We just want to check she's ok.
Ranger: You don't want to get youself in even more trouble Jennifer. Just hand her over.
Jennifer: Come any closer and I'll hurt her! I will!
Female Officer: You wouldn't...
Jennifer: I WILL! I'll do it! STAY BACK or i'll do it!

Fireman: I've been looking all over for you two!
Dirk: What?
Fireman: You both need to come with me right now. The town's being evacuated.
Sam: Why, what's going on?
Fireman: There's a bomb. You both need to come. Your parents are waiting and are worried sick!

Female Officer: Ok Jennifer, you can keep Lucy. Please, just come back. It isn't safe!
Jennifer:You're just lieing!
Male Officer: She isn't. There's a bomb!
Jennifer: You're not taking Lucy.
Female Officer: We're not, we just want you to come back miss.
Jennifer: LIARS!

Will: Sir, it's no good. We aren't trained for this sort of bombs. We need to call in an expert.
Officer: There isn't time for that Will! It could go off at any minute! There's a whole load of people up there relying on us! Get back in there!
Will:Yes Sir!

Rachel:What's going on, what can you see?
Darleen: There trying to do something with the bomb!
Peter: What, what are they doing!?
Darleen: Oh my god!
Mary-Sue: What is it!?
Darleen: It's not the bomb! Kaylynn! Daniel! It's Sophie!

Kaylynn: Let me see!

Officer: Easy Will. Just take it slow and steady...


Officer: WILL!!