Apocalypse Episode 1 - Beth

Tokyo - September 2010:

Courtney: ...and everyone will want to know about this story, so turn the damn camera on.
Camera Man: It's on, it's on. I just don't see what the attraction would be, it's not as if this will get aired.
Courtney: I'll broadcast it all over youtube if I have to...

We downloaded this video off the net; it wasn't easy to find though, many of these videos had been removed.

Camera Man: I think we should film the news Courtney, even if it doesn't go on air.
Courtney: Why?
Camera Man: You know...as like commentary or something.
Courtney: Okay, go for it.

This footage was never actually broadcast, it was secretly uploaded by the camera man that shot it. It was his way of trying to tell the truth about what was happening.

Courtney: Courtney Campbell live in Tokyo, where the next victims have fallen, having lost their battle against the terrible Biohazard virus.

Courtney: The young couple that have passed away, were just 27 and 29 years of age...
Camera Man: (gasps) Jesus!
What? Is it my hair? What is it?
Camera Man: They're both alive.
Courtney: I thought you said they were dead.
Camera Man: They are...I mean they were...

Camera Man: Courtney get away from there!

Courtney: (screams)
Camera Man: Courtney!!

Camera Man: This can't be happening! This can't be happening!

We downloaded a lot of what we found off the net; video sites, blogs, facebook pages etc. Most of what we were being told was bullshit, none of it was useful - this is what we were getting from the news.

Barack Obama: ..I have been assured by the Prime Minister of Japan, Naoto Kan, that everything is under control...

Barack Obama: ..there is no rising from the dead.

TV Presenter: The Prime Minister of Japan spoke out earlier today regarding video footage of a young boys parents presumably rising from the dead after losing their battle against the Biohazard virus; he branded the video a hoax and announced that "all is well".

I don't think anyone believed what was happening; no one knew who to believe. The UK had more or less escaped all infection, there was no sign of anyone getting ill with the Biohazard Virus. Even our Prime Minister assured us that the United Kingdom would not be affected by the virus. We thought we were safe; we thought that no matter what happened, nothing would affect us. We thought we'd escaped the terror...

But we were wrong!

Episode 1 - "Beth":

Mrs Appleton:
...and this boy has continually broken the rules, throwing items across the room when my back is turned and more.

Mrs Appleton: It's been like this constantly since the new term started...Mrs Southworth?

Mrs Appleton: Are you listening?

Beth: Oh sorry Mrs Appleton; young man you will have detention for the rest of the week.
Boy: Oh please Miss, that's not fair.
Beth: You're lucky you're not being sent home for the day, you've continued to break the rules in this school. I could' have sent you to the head teacher...
Boy: It's still not fair.
Beth: You can start tonight; now leave.

Mrs Appleton: Thank you Mrs. Southworth, I'll see you in the staff room later?
Beth: Yeah sure...

Romeo: You didn't hear? Some kid saw his mum and dad come back to life after they died.
Juliette: Like...vampires?
Romeo: Yeah, like vampires.
Juliette: Actually it's zombies...

Romeo: What are you creeping around for?
Matthew: Couldn't help overhearing you're chat about what's going on.
Juliette: Oh what the hell do you know about it?
Matthew: Quite a lot actually, I myself am a massive zombie movie fan.
Juliette: Oh please, zombies don't exist.

Yes they do; when you think someone is dead...and their eyes open...THATS a zombie.
Charlie: Stay away from us you freak!

Matthew: We need to be ready for them, otherwise we remain clueless.

Headmaster: Afternoon Beth, where are you off to?
Beth: Just to the staff room, I had to bring Daniel to work because he's not well.
Headmaster:Why didn't you just put him in the kids area?

I did, I think they've been taken to lunch, but I just need to check if everything's okay.
Headmaster: Ah alright then, I'll let you get on then.
Beth: Thank you.

Beth: Who...is...that...

Boys: Run! Run!

Beth: Boys will you please slow down! (sighs) Why do I bother...

Miss Shaw: This radio is playing up again.
Radio: (muffled sounds) the....emergency...lead...unaware...please...

Miss Goodban: Please turn it off Maria, it's been faulty for a bit now.

Ahh girls, where are the children?
Miss Shaw: They've gone to the library with the new supply teacher, she's gonna read to them so we thought we'd have a breather..
Beth: Thank you, I just wanted to check if he's alright.
Miss Shaw: Yeah he's good as gold, still feeling unwell though.
Beth: Okay, thank you Maria.

Bethany: I wish you'd just leave me alone.

Angela: I'm surprised you can see is with those jam jars on your face.
Tania: And what's wit that hair? Ever heard of the shower? (laughs)
Bethany: (sobs) Just get out of my face!

Girls: Ooooh!
(school bell rings)

Bethany: I hate stupid girls, I hate them.

Bethany: There's someone in this toilet.
Voice: (groans loudly)
Bethany: Jeez, if you're that desperate.

Bethany: (gasps) What...what..

Bethany: (screams)

Beth: (sighs) Can't bloody wait for this day to be over.

Beth: Erm wait just one minute, where are you going?
Matthew: Home.
Beth: I don't think so, get your class.
Matthew: No, you don't understand.
Beth: Understand what?
Matthew: It's happening...they're here...
Beth: Who are here?
Matthew: The zombies...the walking dead....
Beth: What the hell are you talking about?
Matthew: Listen...listen...

(screams are heard from first floor)

Matthew: See!
Beth: Right, you come with me now.

(gasps) Oh my god!
(Students screaming)
Hermia: Everyone Run!

Beth: Students...go back to your classroom! Students...
Matthew: There are more coming...

Beth: What is that?

Matthew: He's the undead...how awesome.
Beth: Run!!

Romeo: This is the perfect spot.

Juliette: Wait...I don't know if I'm ready yet...
Romeo: Well...let's take this one step at a time okay?
Juliette: Okay...right...
Romeo: So...erm...kiss me?
Juliette: Right...erm...

Juliette: (screams)
Romeo: What? My kissing isn't that bad!
Juliette: Behind you!

What the hell?

Juliette: (screams) Romeo!

Sara: (screams) What the hell is that?!

Beth: Headmaster...what are you doing?
Headmaster: Getting the hell out of here.
Beth: What?! It's your duty to protect the students of this school.
Headmaster: Look at the car park Beth, everyone's gone home. Those...things...
Matthew: They're zombies actually...
Headmaster: They're finally here...we knew they'd come.

No, the Biohazard Virus isn't real.
Headmaster: Wake up Beth, take yourself and that son of yours and get to shelter.
(gasps) Daniel!

Beth: Daniel! Daniel are you in here!

Shannon: Miss...Miss help me...i've been bitten.
Beth: (gasps) Oh...Shannon...

Shannon: What do I do?
Beth: (sighs) Shannon...
Shannon: What do I do?
Beth: Go home Shannon, run home and don't turn back. Your mother will probably be waiting for you.
Shannon: So...school is over for today?
Beth: (sighs) Yes Shannon, school's over for today...

Matthew: She'll die you know.

Beth: Urgh! Will you stop with all this! This isn't a movie you know, this is real. We're all real people...this...doesn't happen in the real world.
Then why is it happening to us?
Beth: I don't know...I don't know...

Daniel: Mummy!
Beth: Daniel!

Beth: Oh Daniel where have you been.

Maria: We hid in the storage room.
Beth: Thank you so much Maria.
Maria: That's okay; but we need to leave this school.
Beth: Are you sure these creatures are real? I've only seen one.
Maria: Erm Beth...have you looked outside?

Beth: (gasps) Oh my god!

Matthew: I told you this was happening...
Maria: What do we do from here?

Have you tried the phone?
Maria: Phone lines, radio stations; they're all dead.
So they are...how about the TV?

Maria: No, but we don't have one up here, it's in the Geography class becaue Mrs Kenyan wanted it for...
Beth: Okay...erm..is the car park free?
Maria: I'm not sure...
Beth: Let's get to the staff room then...

(gasps) Oh no...
Beth: What is it?

Maria: It's Tania...Year 9 pupil.
Beth: (sighs) None of us...none of the teachers protected the students...not even the Headmaster.
Maria: What's happening now?!

Matthew: Look out, this is the moment the presumed dead student returns to life.
Beth: Let's go!

Okay...the car park is empty.
Maria: How do we get down there?
Beth: The lift...
Maria: That lift leads to the canteen, there could be more of those things down there...
Beth: (sigh) The best thing we can do...is one of us go down in the lift...and check.

Maria: I'm not so sure Beth; look, why can't we all just stay here?
Beth: Because we've just seen one of those things come back to live and I don't want to be sitting here waiting for more to come.
Maria: Okay...but let me go down first.
Beth: You're sure?
Maria: Yeah, I know what I'm doing.

Daniel: Mummy, what's happening?
Beth: Nothing sweetheart, Maria's just...helping.

If I don't come back up...
Beth: Yeah...I get it.

(sighs) Wish me luck.

Matthew: Tania knows we're here.
Beth: It won't be long before they all do.
(elevator pings)

Beth: Please come back up Maria.

Elevator door opens and Maria appears.

Maria: It's clear down there...
Beth: (gasps) You're alright! Thank god.
Maria: It's a mess...but clear...

Beth: Daniel, we're going downstairs now okay? I need you to promise me one thing okay?
Daniel: Sure.
Beth: Whatever happens, you run okay? You run to Mummy's car, do you know which one it is?
Daniel: The red one.
Beth: Yes it is, don't turn back, just run to it.
Daniel: Where are you going mummy?
Beth: I'm going to be right by your side sweetheart, but if anything happens, you run okay?
Daniel: Okay.

Beth: Okay, let's go down...

Keep it slow....

Beth: Run! Run to the car!

Daniel: No Mummy! Please Don't leave me!

Maria: Get away from him!

Beth: Daniel! Maria!

Maria: Daniel run to your mummy...

Maria: (screams)

Beth: (gasps) Maria!!

I wasn't a perfect Mother; life never came with instructions on how to be that...

I wish I could've saved Maria; all of the students and teachers too. But sometimes when it really comes down to it you've got think about yourself for once. I relied on my mother a lot...

Matthew: She could have been someone's grandmother...or mother...

Beth: She was...

But I can no longer run to my mum for help...

Next Time...