Apocalypse Episode 2 - Lewis

Previously On "Apocalypse":

Courtney: Courtney Campbell live in Tokyo, where the next victims have fallen, having lost their battle against the terrible Biohazard virus.

Camera Man: Courtney get away from there!

Camera Man: This can't be happening! This can't be happening!

Bethany: (gasps) What...what..

Bethany: (screams)

Matthew: It's happening...they're here...
Beth: Who are here?
Matthew: The zombies...the walking dead....

Episode 2 - "Lewis":

Melissa: (screams) Help! It's gonna eat me! Help me!

Lewis: CUT!

Melissa: What now?
Lewis: It's not you, it's Morgan.
Morgan: What did I do?
Lewis: You were running.
Morgan: Zombies run now you know?
Lewis: Yeah right; you're a corpse, if you run your ankles will fall apart and your legs will cave in. You need to shamble.

Can we wrap this up now guys?

Yeah, can we call it a night now please?
Melissa: Yeah, I'm so tired.
Lewis: (sighs) Okay, filming is over until tomorrow.

Katie: I guess I'll see you tomorrow Ryan.
Ryan: I can't wait; I'll text when I get in.
Katie: Yeah, seen as I'm on an internet ban.
Ryan: Goodnight.
Katie: Goodnight.

Lewis: Come on Katie I haven't got all day.

Lewis: That's the fourth time you've kissed him tonight...
Katie: You need a girlfriend Lewis!

Mum...what's happened?
Marge: It's your Father; I'm afraid he's...(sighs)....

Katie: What? Is he still sick?
Marge: You Father died an hour ago....
Katie: (gasps)
Lewis: Oh god...
Marge: I'm sorry to be telling you this...but it looks like he could fight off the virus.
Katie: Oh no...our Dad....
Marge: I'm going to do everything I can to protect the family though kids...

Katie: You didn't protect Dad though did you?
Lewis: Katie!
Katie: How can you possibly protect us.
Lewis: She doesn't mean it Mum...
Katie: I'm going upstairs.

Marge: She's right...
Lewis: No she's not - we'll get through this, okay?
Marge: You're a good kid Lewis, don't ever change.

Lewis: (sighs)
(knock at door)

Katie: Why the hell do you lock this damn door Lewis?

Lewis: For some privacy?
Katie: I don't even want to know actually...
Lewis: What do you want?
Katie: Your iPod.
Lewis: What for?
Katie: To make a sandwich out of it; what the hell do you think?
Lewis: Fine take it!
Lewis: You can't pretend that nothing's happened you know.
Katie: (sighs) I'm pre-occupying myself..I just can't think about...it...
Lewis: You've always got me you know?
Katie: Thanks Lewis.

35 Minutes Later...

Lewis: (whispers) Rest In Peace Dad!

Lewis: I knew mum wouldn't go to work...

Lewis: (shouts) Mum, you up there?

Lewis: Mum are you in there?

Lewis: Holy shit! Dad...no...Dad...

Lewis: Mum said...you...were dead...Dad please stop...

Lewis: Dad...please stop! Whatever it is...just stop.

Lewis: (gasps) Mum! No way...

Lewis: Help me!
Rupert: Where are they?
Lewis: They...they?
Rupert: Your parents are dead...where are they?
Lewis: They're not dead...
Rupert: They are...where are they?
Lewis: Bedroom...

Take this gun and shoot them.
Lewis: Excuse me?
Rupert: You heard me, take the gun and shoot them.
Lewis: They're my parents.
Rupert: Do they look like your parents.
Lewis: I'm not shooting them.
Rupert: If you don't they will kill you.
Lewis: What the hell is going on here?!
Rupert: Shoot them, they're getting closer to you.

Katie: Mum, Dad, Lewis?

Katie: Lewis...what's going on?


Rupert: Katie I told you to stay and watch Helen.
Katie: (screams) What have you done?!

Lewis: I'm sorry...

Katie: Mum...Dad...I'm so sorry...
Rupert: We should go, those gunshots will attract more of them.
Rupert: I'll explain; let's go though.
Lewis: Katie come on...

Lewis: ...Katie!
Katie: Don't touch me murderer!
Lewis: Katie...they're my parents too...
Katie: How could you!

Lewis: Where are we going?
Rupert: To my home, it's just around the corner.
Lewis: We're walking?
Rupert: Yes; don't pay attention to what you see.

Rupert: We go around the back, we don't want to draw attention to ourselves.

Rupert: Welcome to our "home sweet home".

Rupert: How are you feeling my love?
Helen: Oh Rupert...I was just dreaming about you...
Rupert: You need to rest Helen...
Helen: I see we have a new man with us.

Rupert: This is Lewis.
Lewis: Can someone tell me what's going on here?
Rupert: How much do you know?
Lewis: Only that I woke up to find my parents...and my sister...with you...
Katie: He saved me; these things attacked our school...I ran until I found help.

Rupert: You've heard all the reports about the Virus that has been sweeping through different countries?
Lewis: I've heard bits and pieces...
Rupert: Well it was all true; the part they kept quiet was the fact that the people...come back to life.
Lewis: Come...back...to life?
Rupert: Somehow...yes...
Lewis: This only happens in the movies.
Rupert: I'm a police officer - do you think this is easy for me to say? I didn't believe it...I didn't believe that phone call from the woman at the cafe...

Rupert: #...no one understood; we were holding back the flood...

Bella: Oh you're here, thank god.
Rupert: What's going on?
Bella: The wounded man is right this way.

Rupert: How many of you are in here?
Bella: It's a cafe officer.

Hey there, what's happened to you?
Stephen: (laughs) I got chomped up pretty bad.
Rupert: Who..."chomped" you?
Bella: It was a man...

Bella: ...he came in here; he seemed drunk. Then he went for Trudy...

Bella: Stephen jumped in to defend her and he took a bite out of him. Stephen pushed him out the door. He stuck around for a while and then walked away.
He was probably a drunk...
Stephen: Nah, I've seen drunk people...I know the signs. This guy...he had a sour smell...like...decay...

Stephen: He was in a trance-like state; he walked with a limp...and his eyes...where evil...

I laughed him off at first; didn't believe such a thing. Time went by, I couldn't get a signal to any of the other officers, the phone lines were dead;and some of those...things gathered outside the cafe. When I saw one...I was too scared to go out.
Lewis: What happened to the people in the cafe?

Rupert: Stephen died; as I was about to move the body it woke up and...
Lewis: ...and?
Rupert: Took a large chunk out of Bella's neck!
Rupert: The people in the cafe panicked, they ran outside and straight into the arms of about 20 shambling demons.
Lewis: What did you do?
Rupert: I ran straight for my car - I couldn't save any of them, it was too late. Before I knew it, the creatures were trying to get in my car. I was driving home and the radio reported what the customers in the cafe said; the dead were returning to life.
Lewis: Is she...ill?
Rupert: Yes, she's been ill with that virus for two days now.
Lewis: (sighs) Oh my god.

Lewis: Is there nowhere we can go?
Rupert: You mean like the police station? No; none of us have heard from them since they sent me to the cafe.
Lewis: Is there anything on the TV?
Rupert: Take a look.

Lewis: Damn!
Rupert: Radio's are repeating the same old stuff over and over again. Nothing has been updated.
Lewis: There's got to be someone...something out there that can stop this!

Katie: There's not; do you think them out there really care about us at this stage? They're all just after saving themselves. This dear police officer here dropped all of his duties to see his family; the rest will have done the same.

So you expected my to go and save the world when my wife was here alone?
Katie: Maybe you would've been better doing that; I won't forgive my brother for shooting my Mum and Dad...so how are you going to shoot your own wife when she turns?
Lewis: Katie, shut your mouth!
Katie: You think you've accepted that the dead are rising; wait until its your wife, see how you accept it then.

Lewis: I'm sorry man, she's being a total bitch.
Rupert: I'll deal with that when it comes....
Katie: She'll kill you, dealing with it only takes time...

Katie: Wait...I think I see someone!
Lewis: Who?
Katie: Take a look.

Katie: I'm sure she's a teacher at my school...