Apocalypse Episode 3 - One Heck of a Dog Fight

Previously On Apocalypse...

Courtney: Courtney Campbell live in Tokyo, where the next victims have fallen, having lost their battle against the terrible Biohazard virus.

Camera Man: Courtney get away from there!

Camera Man: This can't be happening! This can't be happening!

Katie: What? Is he still sick?
Marge: You Father died an hour ago....
Katie: (gasps)
Lewis: Oh god...

Lewis: Mum said...you...were dead...Dad please stop...

Lewis: Dad...please stop! Whatever it is...just stop.

Lewis: (gasps) Mum! No way...

Take this gun and shoot them.
Lewis: Excuse me?


Lewis: Damn!
Rupert: Radio's are repeating the same old stuff over and over again. Nothing has been updated.
Lewis: There's got to be someone...something out there that can stop this!

Katie: You think you've accepted that the dead are rising; wait until its your wife, see how you accept it then.

Katie: I'm sure she's a teacher at my school...

Episode 3 - " One Heck of a Dog Fight":

Matthew: I don't think they made it.

Matthew: Look at the blood on the walls.

Beth: (sighs) I'm sorry Matthew...
Matthew: Don't be - they never really notice me anyway.
Beth: Come on, I'm sure that's not true.

So...what happens now?
Beth: Well, we can leave you alone in here if you like?
Matthew: Excuse me?
Beth: To say goodbye.
Matthew: No trust me, it's fine.
Beth: Matthew...
Matthew: Just drop it, okay?

Lewis: How are we supposed to get across there?
Rupert: I don't know, the only thing we can do is distract those things so they can come around the back.

Wait a minute, we don't even know them....
Do you think that entered my head when I came to rescue you?
Katie: (sighs) Good point.

Quick Daniel, eat it up.

Matthew: We're drawing a crowd you know...
Beth: I know...
Matthew: We need to leave.
Beth: And where do you suggest we go?
Matthew: If we want to eat, we could go to KFC or Pizza Hut.

Beth: You're still not getting this are you? It's not a movie, it's not fake, this is really happening. People are dead...your parents are dead.
Matthew: I know, it's still cool.
Beth: How can you be so calm?
Matthew: In case you didn't know, I have been dreaming of a apocalypse like this for a long time...

You're sick.
Voice: Come Here You Losers!

Rupert: Come here! You want some flesh, come and get it...

Matthew: Survivors!
Beth: What the hell is he doing?
Matthew: Look, there's a dude down the side of the house.

Matthew: He wants us to follow him...
Beth: No way, we don't know who he is.
Matthew: I'd pick that option over staying here, come on.

Beth: Daniel come on...

Beth: Daniel...Oh My god...

Matthew: Where did he go?
Beth: (shouts) Daniel!

Matthew: We can't hang about, let's go.
Beth: Over my dead body...
Matthew: Oh jeez.

Beth: Daniel...
Daniel: Mummy!

Beth: Daniel what are you doing in here?
Daniel: Look at this cool toy box.
Beth: Daniel...listen to me...you can't just run off like that.
Daniel: I only came upstairs mummy...
Beth: It doesn't matter, you can't leave my side, you need to stay with me.

(sighs) Okay.
Beth: Let's go; remember you need to follow Mummy's side.

Beth: Quick...

Daniel: Do we go out Mummy?

Beth: (gasps) No, into the bedroom quickly.

Lewis: Were are the other two? The woman...
Matthew: She's getting her son...
Lewis: You idiot! Stay here.

What do we do Mummy?
Beth: Damn! Why are these windows bolted shut...

Lewis: (gasps)
Beth: Help us!

Lewis: Hey there, just sit tight...

Beth: They're gonna break in soon, the door isn't that strong.
Lewis: Hang on there...

Lewis: Wait! There's a ladder around here.

Lewis: Come on quickly.

Go on Daniel, mind your step.
Lewis: What's your name lad?
Daniel: Daniel!
Lewis: My name is Lewis.

Beth: Oh god...


Lewis: Oh my god, hang on in there...

Lewis: Beth...listen...Beth stay with us...

Lewis: Beth...

Daniel: Mummy don't go to sleep!

Beth: Daniel...Daniel...

Lewis: He's asleep...
Beth: Where am I?
Lewis: The house across the street...
Rupert: My home actually, we saw you pull up earlier and here you are.

Beth: I...fell..
Lewis: Out the window; yes.
Beth: Why am I not dead?
Lewis: Because you survived the fall; I'm Lewis by the way.
Beth: (sighs) Beth...

Beth: You...it was you...you left the door opened.
Matthew: If you hadn't gone after Daniel in the first place...
You could've killed us.

Calm down Beth...
Beth: Where's Daniel? I want to see my son!
Rupert: Upstairs, first door on your left.

Daniel...I'm so sorry...

Katie: He was really worried about you...

Beth: I'm all he's got...
Katie: Where is his dad? He's not...one of...you know...
Beth: No..well...I don't know.
Katie: My brother was worried too actually.
Beth: Your brother?
Katie: Lewis...
Beth: Oh; what's your name then?
Katie: I'm Katie; your Beth right?
Beth: Yeah...

Katie: I was a student at St Anne's High School.
Beth: I'm sorry, I don't recognise you.
Katie: It's okay...
Beth: How long have you been here for?
Katie: This is my first night here.
Beth: Where are your parents?
Katie: They...they're...gone.
Beth: I'm so sorry.
Katie: It's the type of thing you should cry about...but I can't.

Beth: Why not?
Katie: (sighs) I don't know; I loved them both but, I can't cry over them. It's like...one minute they were here...the next...gone. Does that sound strange?
Beth: We're in a surreal situation here; when I woke up...part of me was hoping that it was all a nightmare; that I had fallen asleep on my sofa at home and I'd just had a nightmare. But it's not; we all handle things differently. You seem prefectly normal to me Katie.
Katie: You're the first person that's said that to me.
Beth: We teachers aren't that bad.
Rupert: Hey, we found something.

Radio: #...the safespot for the area you're currently in.
Katie: What's this?
Lewis: They're saying that the safespot for us is the police station.
Beth: The local one?
Lewis: Yes...

Radio: #The Cheif of Bluewater Village's police department has declared the Station a safe haven and requests that civilians make their way there. Do not attempt to make contact with friends or family; staying indoors will make the ghouls gather towards you...

Katie: Let's go...
Rupert: No way!
Lewis: Huh?
Rupert: I'm not leaving, I'm a police officer; there were no messages to return to the station.
Beth: Maybe they never realised how bad this was?
Rupert: I'm telling you, the station will be a death trap.

Katie: I say we go...

Katie: Lewis?
Lewis: It's worth a shot man...
Rupert: Fine, I'll stay here.
Lewis: No, you should come with us.
Rupert: I'll stay here with my wife, I'm not going to the station.
Beth: So it's the rest of us then?

Matthew: I'm in...
Beth: Does anyone know where it is from here?
Lewis: I do...
Katie: How do we get past those outside?
Beth: Our car is parked on the left hand side, if we sneak down the back of the left side of the house we can make a run for it.
Lewis: Sounds like a plan.
Beth: I could do with a change of clothes...
Lewis: I've fetched you some of Helen's clothes so you can get changed into them.
Beth: I'll do it on the way to the station, we're wasting time here.

Lewis: If we find help we'll come back for you...
Rupert: I appreciate it...but you won't find help.
Lewis: (sighs) Wish us luck then.

Beth: Take care...
Lewis: Yeah, keep safe Rupert..
Rupert: Good luck...

Rupert: You're gonna need it.