Apocalypse Episode 4 - Station Of The Dead

Previously On Apocalypse...

Beth: You...it was you...you left the door opened.
Matthew: If you hadn't gone after Daniel in the first place...
You could've killed us.

Beth: I...fell..
Lewis: Out the window; yes.

Beth: Why am I not dead?
Lewis: Because you survived the fall; I'm Lewis by the way.

Radio: #The Cheif of Bluewater Village's police department has declared the Station a safe haven and requests that civilians make their way there. Do not attempt to make contact with friends or family; staying indoors will make the ghouls gather towards you...

Lewis: If we find help we'll come back for you...
Rupert: I appreciate it...but you won't find help.
Lewis: (sighs) Wish us luck then.

Beth: Take care...
Lewis: Yeah, keep safe Rupert..
Rupert: Good luck...

Rupert: You're gonna need it.

Episode 4 - Station Of The Dead:

The police station was always considered a safe place in town. Whether there'd be a problem or a serious case people would always retreat to the station for the help...People always knew what to expect at the station; safety.

Right now...we have no idea what we're about to approach....

Lewis: The front is blocked off.
Beth: Intentional?
Lewis: It looks more like a massive car accident.
Beth: Isn't there a back area around here?
Katie: Look!


Lewis: There's gotta be a way in the station.
Is there a back way?
Lewis: Yeah but it's through the park.

We don't really have a choice here.

Katie: We have no weapons though...

Then we go as fast as we can; Daniel...
Beth: You need to stick by my side okay?
Daniel: Sure Mummy.

Daniel: Mum...I'm scared...

Matthew: Sssh!

Beth: Quickly...

Beth: Hurry Daniel.

Lewis: It's not strong enough to get through.
I hope you're right...

Lewis: How are we going to do this?
Well we're going in?
There could be hundreds of these things in there, I'm thinking two should go in and two should stay here.
How about we go in and Beth, Katie and Daniel can stay out here.
How will we know if you're...you know...

Katie: Dead or not?
Beth: Yeah...

We won't come back; it could be safe in there, but it's not worth us all risking it.
Well...hurry up.
Lewis: Wish us luck.

Katie: So how did you get stuck with that weird kid?
It's a long story...

Lewis: Listen...
I don't hear anything...
Exactly, it's too quiet.
But there's no groans...

Hmm...let's move down here...

Katie: We're gonna have to go in there soon.
What's keeping them? It's either alive or dead...
Katie: You know what's crazy about all of this?

It's the fact that maybe, just maybe, all the cops are dead. Has anyone thought about what we do after that?
Let's hope they're alive then.
It could be just us now...we could be the only ones left.
(sighs) I know - but we've got to look on the positive side; yeah?
I suppose.
That's it, we're going inside.
I'll give you a leg up and you can climb in.

Lewis: Oh my god!


Matthew: Something tells me the police aren't available right now.

Through this door!

Matthew: Look! Weapons!
Yes! This is why coming here was better for us, Rupert only had the one gun and not many bullets left.

Lewis: Do you know how to use one of these?
Please, you point and shoot...oh...


Lewis: Lesson one; Point...

Lewis: ...shoot!

Beth: They've broken down that gate.

Katie: Oh god, looks like we're not going back out that way then.
Mummy what do I do?
Stay by my side Daniel; I mean it.

Lewis: So if we were in a movie what would happen?
We'd probably walk into a room full of the creatures, get eaten, and the others would probably be the heroes.
I never liked those movies...
They're great; to actually be living one is quite epic too.
You are aware that...everyone...possibly...
Matthew: ...is dead? Of course I have, but the world was falling apart way before this...

Beth: Let’s stay in here…
Katie: Search for weapons or…anything really…

How we managed to get ourselves down here is a mystery to me.

Matthew: Hey, shouldn't we go back to the others? They could still be outside?
Yeah, maybe you're right. We're probably best sticking together for now; let's go and get them.

David: Hold it right there!

Lewis: Hey don't shoot!

Yes, there are three more of us too.

David: Sorry about the gun thing, I just thought you might have been...
What's going on around here?
(laughs) "What's going on around here"; question of the month that is...
I mean...what's happened...
Isn't it obvious? Those reports from around the world were true. The infection has finally landed on our doorstep...
So this is the same infection?
(sarcastically) No...it's just coincidence!

Lewis: Well I take it we're safe now?

Safe; safe from what?
The news broadcast told us to come here? Said it was the safest place?
Kid that broadcast was put out after the first report. This station proved to be the city's death trap; you saw all the cars out there?
Those are the cars of the civilians...all lining up because of that broadcast. Wanna know how many made it in here?
How many?
Three; god knows where they are now.
I don't understand, this place isn't exactly full of zombies...
Not in these parts; no. Head over to the right side of the building, you'll be pleasantly surprised. They've broke into the building already...

Daniel: Mummy, there's a police man out there.

Beth: Looks like we got here too late.

Katie: I hope this door keeps him out...
Beth: It will break down the glass eventually…

Lewis: Please, I know it seems like all is lost now but there's got to be a way out of here...
The only way out is to fly out...
With what?
David: The helicopter; it's on the roof. I've sent 8 people up there; most were police officers - the helicopter is still there...

I thought only 3 made it here...
We're going to make it; is there any fuel in the tank?
There’s fuel up there...
Yes! We can go and get the others...

David: You really want to?
It's our only shot...
Didn't you hear me? No one's made it up there...
You're looking at someone who will.

Beth: I can’t believe there isn’t even a gun in this damn station.
Katie: Look at this Beth…

Katie: Reports; cases; dating back to the first sightings of this in Japan.
Beth: What does it say?
Katie: “Autumn and we’re still getting warnings from residents in Japan; nothing confirmed.”
Beth: Look at the bottom…
Katie: “Looks like the ‘Japs’ where right…best to keep this hush, hush.”
Beth: They knew about the outbreak?
Katie: (sighs) Looks like it.
Beth: Maybe they didn’t want to panic us.
Katie: Yeah…but it could’ve saved us if they did.

Lewis: They’re gone…
Matthew: Did they come inside?
Lewis: I think so, the window is open…
Matthew: Oh damn, why couldn’t they stay put.
Lewis: I think one of those things broke down the gate out there; I hope they’re okay.
Matthew: This station is huge…where do we start?
Lewis: We split up and meet back here in about half an hour okay? I’ll head up stairs, you go back to the main hall okay?

Matthew: Split…split up?
Lewis: Yes?
Matthew: Erm…I can handle it.
Lewis: Okay, take that gun with you and remember…aim and shoot.

Beth: Nothing, not even a pencil.
Katie: We were warned…so many times and we didn’t do anything.
Beth: I know…
Katie: All these notes show that the evidence was there but we refused to believe it.
Beth: They should have told us…
Katie: Would we have believed them if they did? It’s not exactly believable material is it?
Beth: I don’t know…I just don’t know.

Matthew: “Let’s split up”! No one says that in real life..

(whispers) I thought David said they had already broke in…

Beth: We’re getting out of here…
Katie: Okay…how?
Beth: We’re going to run for it.
Katie: Huh?
Beth: These things are slow; we can run straight past them.
Katie: What about Daniel?
Beth: He stays by my side okay?
Katie: Right…okay then.

Lewis: Hey David, wait!

Beth: Run! Run!

Beth: Hey don’t shoot us!

David: Get down!

Beth: Finally an officer that’s still alive.
David: Barely…
Beth: We heard a broadcast…
David: Yeah, your friend Lewis told me…
Katie: Lewis?

Katie: Is Lewis okay?
David: He’s fine…I think.

Katie: What do you mean?
David: He was okay last time I saw him.
Beth: Did he say where he was heading?
David: On to the roof; there’s a helicopter up there.
Beth: So this place isn’t safe huh?
David: No…I’m sure he’ll fill you in; you better head up there quickly.
Beth: What about you?
David: I can’t leave here; you guys make a run for it.

Beth: We can’t leave you…
David: Listen…you need to…
Beth: I won’t leave you here…
Katie: Is there anyone left alive?
David: No officers…no civilians. Look you’re wasting time, there are others heading up there.
Beth: (sighs) Where is it?
David: Straight up…

David: Wait; make sure you head into the room with the blue door there are weapons there.
Beth: Okay…thank you.

David didn’t you hear me calling in the main hall?

David: Oh…sorry…
Lewis: Have you seen the others?

David: Oh…no.
Lewis: (sighs) If you see them tell me to meet me by the window we came in through; they should understand.
David: Okay…

Matthew: (sighs) Oh man…

Matthew: This shouldn’t have happened to you…I’m so sorry…

Katie: Matthew, I thought I heard your voice.
Beth: Thank god you’re okay.

Matthew: Look…look at her…
Beth: (gasps) She was my neighbour’s daughter.
Matthew: She’s just…

Katie: Like us?
Matthew: Yeah; just like my parents. I just...I just block everything out...because I don't want to get hurt. I don't want to face the fact that this is real...because if it's similar to a movie...
Beth: It's easier to pretend it's not real...
Matthew: Yeah...

Katie: I truly am sorry Matthew...she must have been important to you...
Matthew: She was...very...important...

Katie: Matthew, we need to head upstairs. We're getting out of here...
Matthew: Let’s go. Rest In Peace Lizzie...

Lewis: (gasps) Holy shit!

Beth: Let me check this room out...

Beth: What the hell?


Oh I might have known...

David: Don't try and fight me little girl...

David: Because you'll lose...

Beth: (gasps) Leave them alone!

Daniel: (gasps) Mummy!

David: Ah they’ll get him anyway.

Lewis: Oh my...water...

Lewis: Wow Daniel, it’s me Lewis!

Daniel: Mum needs help! The police guy hit her over the head.
Lewis: What police guy?
Daniel: I don’t know…he has a beard…
Lewis: (whispers) David!
Daniel: They’re in trouble…
Lewis: Daniel take me to them.

Katie: (gasps) What’s going on?
Beth: I don’t know…

Matthew: I was expecting to wake up and have dreamt the whole thing…

David: Forgive me for hitting you over the head…

Beth: Where…where’s Daniel?!
David: The little brat ran off; he’ll be dead now probably.
Beth: I swear down if you’ve hurt him…
David: Oh shut up, you can’t do nothing right now.

Matthew: So what’s all this about?
David: My mother…she’s dead…
Beth: Is she a…
David: Yes, she is. She always believed in life after death…
Matthew: Like…God?
David: Yeah…and it’s making me wonder if this was the life she spoke about. She’s still my mother…
Beth: Wow…I think I know where you’re going with this.

David: She’s still my mother! She needs to eat just as much as the rest of us.
Matthew: (gasps) Oh god…me too…
David: Loads of people came here after the news broadcast was sent out; all the officers were dead…
Beth: By you?
David: No…the creatures broke in; we were doing construction at the other end of the station and they could just walk in.
Beth: Look I’m sorry about your mother…but this isn’t the answer.
David: I’ve been…feeding parts of the civilians to her…
Matthew: Oh god!
David: Don’t you dare judge me…my mother is…she’s dead…

Katie: Oh for goodness sake!
Beth: Katie, no…
Katie: My mum AND dad died; Matthew’s parents died and I’m sure thousands of people have lost family members in this mess…
David: Don’t speak to me like that…
Katie: Why don’t you stop being such a pansy ass mama’s boy and let us out of these chains!

David: You’ve got too much to say for yourself…how about I start with you…Mother hated those “loud mouth girls”.

Katie: Lewis thank god.

Lewis: Sorry I'm late guys...
Beth: You have no idea how good it is to see you.

Beth: Daniel you’re okay!

Matthew: You’re so awesome when you go off on one Katie.
Katie: Well I have my moments…

Lewis: We’ve got a problem…
Beth: What problem?
Lewis: The creatures have found their way in…
Katie: (gasps) What?

Lewis: They’re making their way towards us as we speak.