Asylum - Episode 14

Warning: This episode contains strong expletives and scenes of a sexual nature.


All Sims vary greatly in terms of the personality traits they possess and the talents that they are capable of.

Roslyn: Good morning, Steve.
Steve: Mornin'.
Roslyn: Ah, groceries! These were a long time coming!
Steve: (Excited) Food?

Steve: Oh, what the hell? Where are the chocolates and the rest of the snacks?
Roslyn: Milk, flour, eggs, jam... It looks like we've just been given the essentials today.
Steve: (Groans) What? That's just boring! Where are the biscuits?
Roslyn: You and your sweets. (Rolls eyes) Wait a minute... No meats, no vegetables? (Folding arms grouchily) Well this is no good!
Steve: It looks like neither of us has got what we want.
Roslyn: I try to be creative in the kitchen, but this is stretching it a bit too far!

Most Sims have a forte that they can take great pride in.

Steve: (Pondering) I know... Why don't we bake a cake?
Roslyn: A cake? Do you know a recipe?
Steve: Of course! I once worked in a bakery for years; I know several recipes off by heart.

Whether this strength is one that is clearly evident, or a talent that is hidden from the awareness of other Sims...

Roslyn: (Intrigued) You worked in a bakery?
Steve: Yeah, for four years. I became so efficient at it after a while that I could make up to twenty different desserts in the space of one work shift. Everything was hand-made, so we weren't selling the cakes off cheaply. Thankfully we were the best-known bakery in town and business was booming!
Roslyn: Wow, I'm impressed. Why didn't you tell me about this sooner?
Steve: Nobody cared enough to ask about my work.
Roslyn: How come you no longer work at the bakery then?
Steve: (Sheepishly) The owner and I had our differences... Hey, I know a fantastic recipe for a rich layer cake. We have all the ingredients here, so why don't we try baking this afternoon?
Roslyn: Sure. (Smiles)

All Sims strive to bolster the talents that they most enjoy in life... even when it has to be achieved dishonestly.

Steve: Good afternoon, Mr Everett. (Holding out hand) It's nice to finally meet you.
Mr Everett: Ah, Mr Howard, how are you?
Steve: Great, thank you.
Mr Everett: Excellent. Do take a seat and then we can begin.

Mr Everett: So tell me, why do you want to work for my restaurant chain?
Steve: Well, I'm very enthusiastic about food. I have a wide range of culinary skills that I'm keen to develop further, and I would absolutely thrive in an environment like yours. My previous experience has already given me a head start-
Mr Everett: You have worked in a bakery and in a Little Chef. They are hardly places where you can obtain a solid knowledge of outstanding cuisine.
Steve: (Nervously) Erm... perhaps not. But I have the basic skills required-
Mr Everett: Yes, I would hope you'd know how to crack an egg if you were working in one of my restaurants. But basic skills aren't enough. What is your area of expertise?
Steve: (Hesitating) Erm... er... my area is in, uh...
Mr Everett: Yes?
Steve: Curry. My flair lies with curries.
Mr Everett: Interesting, we're looking to expand into Asian foods actually.

Mr Everett: And so why else should I consider your application over one of the other five open on my computer screen?
Steve: Erm... I am enthusiastic, hard-working and always on time. I - er - am a team player... and I'm always looking out for my fellow colleagues. The staff would find it a pleasure to work with me, I'm sure.
Mr Everett: Your little speech sounds as though it was ripped straight from one of those "How to Perform at Interviews" self-help book. Tell me something original about yourself please.
Steve: I, er -
Mr Everett: (Raises eyebrow)
Steve: Well, I -

Mr Everett: Let's move on, shall we? Your criminal record declaration tells me that you were arrested for arson two years ago. That sounds very serious. Could you explain this to me please?

Steve: Right, the fire at the bakery. It was just an accident involving the gas supply pipes that happened whilst I was baking some cakes to replace the ones I had... er... sold.
Mr Everett: I heard about that fire. It ruined Eric Peters when he couldn't claim on his insurance, didn't it?
Steve: Yes...
Mr Everett: So then why arson? Why would you be charged with arson for an accidental fire?
Steve: Well, er, Mr Peters made the accusation and refused to drop the charges after he found out his insurance didn't cover him. He tried to press charges with the police.
Mr Everett: What happened in court then?
Steve: Well, er, obviously he had no evidence of arson, because it was an accident, so I was found innocent.

Mr Everett: Hmm. This story does sound a bit odd.
Steve: (Abruptly) I would never start a fire on purpose. Really, the whole case was just a misunderstanding.
Mr Everett: Okay, I think I've learnt enough in this interview. Thanks for your application, Mr Howard, and my secretary will contact you with my decision in the next few days.
Steve: Thank you, sir.

The quality of communication skills varies greatly between different Sims.

Steve: Dum de dum... Oh! Hey, Yvonne, I didn't know you were in here.
Steve: Yvonne? Is something up?

Yvonne: He's looking at her! The fat man is looking at Yvonne. Those staring eyes are piercing through the back of her head! Well, she should pierce his head through the back of his eyes! Maim him and he will not harm Yvonne! Slash those eyes so he cannot stare again! Slash and hit and bleeding bruising eyes!

Some Sims lack the capacity for empathy.

Steve: Are you still tired? Y'know, if you need that medication for your bladder, I can go ask for you.
Steve: Hello?! I am talking to you, love!
Steve: Are you going batty again? Oi, don't ignore me! (Walks over to the table) Are you even listening?

Some merely lack an ability to discern the moods of others.

Steve: Oh... Yvonne, are you depressed?
Steve: If you're all depressed and everything, I totally get it.
Steve: I feel that way whenever I go four hours without having a meal in here. Hey, do you want some pancakes? I just made a batch, and I suppose you could have these if you wanted them.
Steve: No? Okay, I'd better eat them before they get cold then.
Steve: Hello? Yvonne? Wake up, sleepy-head!
Steve: Pfft, fine. Be that way.

There are some Sims who possess a unique resilience to the struggles that they may encounter in their lives.

Adam: (Sniffs) Urgh... This pain is killing me!

These are the Sims that are most likely to survive in life-endangering scenarios.

Adam: (To self) I don't think my head can take another blow... That wolf roughed me up real good!

But an over-confident Sim may delude themselves into thinking that they are invincible, which may motivate them into doing more dangerous activities.

Adam: If I could take down a wolf with my bare hands, I bet I could take out a freaking bear! (Groans) My head........ And I still feel like I've lost a row of teeth! Maybe I'll leave that bear-fight for another day then...

Whereas some Sims perform activities to socialise, others do things just to save face.

Sarah: I don't really like cooking. I mean, I can cook, but I cook too much. It just gets boring! The kids at home don't appreciate my cooking most of the time...
Steve: So why are you here then?
Sarah: Nothing else to do, I suppose.

Roslyn: Who knew you were such a good cook, Steve?
Sarah: Don't get ahead of yourself. We haven't seen the results yet. (Laughs)
Steve: Oi! I wouldn't be a terrible cook if I knew good recipes off by heart, would I?
Roslyn: I suppose we don't really talk about our lives much. It's like I have a mental block when I try to think back to what goes on in my life outside.
Sarah: Maybe that's for the best, huh?

Steve: So are you happy that I got the job?
Zoe: Happy? I'm over the moon! You being out of work for 4 months doesn't help us pay the rent. You having work does!
Steve: Maybe we could buy our own place together once I save enough money for a deposit.
Zoe: Er... yeah, maybe... (Smiles) Let's take it a step at a time. (Laughs)

Steve: I don't even know how I got the job! I had to blag my way through the entire interview... I claimed I was hard-working and punctual, and a pleasure to work with. (Laughs)
Zoe: (Laughs) Punctual? You're never on time for anything!
Steve: He sure didn't buy anything I said anyway. It was torture! He could tell I just ripped my answers out of that book you bought me.
Zoe: When did you say you had to go for the induction again?
Steve: This Saturday. It starts at 6 in the evening and lasts until midnight. Why?
Zoe: Oh, just checking. I might pop out and visit my parents then.

Steve: I'm so glad I got this second chance with you, honey. The ordeal with the bakery fire really messed me up, and it means a lot that you stuck through it with me.
Zoe: (Hesitantly) Yeah... well what else would I do?
Steve: Honey... I love you.
Zoe: (Blushes) Steve, I-
(Zoe's mobile phone starts ringing)
Zoe: Sorry, I need to get this.
Steve: Talk about spoiling a moment!

Zoe: Hello?
(Steve turns up the volume of the TV)
Zoe: (Hissing) Damn it, Steve! Turn it down.
Steve: No, take it to the bedroom.

Zoe: (Muttering) I'm still on for the time I arranged...... No, it will be empty then.....

Steve: Who's calling?
Zoe: (To Steve) Er, just the dry cleaners arranging to drop off our stuff. (To phone) I'm talking to my boyfriend. He's in the room with me.
Steve: Isn't it a bit late for them to be calling?
Zoe: Just read the texts I sent you!
Steve: Is everything okay?
Zoe: Yes, Saturday should be fine..... 7 O'clock is great, yes... Okay, thanks a lot... Bye!
Steve: And?
Zoe: They're coming on Saturday at 7 to deliver the dry- cleaning.
Steve: But we won't be in...
Zoe: (Walking to the bathroom) It's okay, I can visit my parents another time. I'll stay in.
Steve: Whatever.

Zoe: I'll get dinner started after I take a shower. Can you get off your arse and turn the oven on for me please?
Steve: (Getting off the sofa) Uhh...

*Beep-beep. Beep-beep*
Steve: Hey, your phone-

(Steve presses the keys to unlock the phone)
Steve: A message from "Dan"? Who the hell is Dan?
(Steve tries to re-lock the keypad, but accidentally presses "Read")
Steve: Ah, crap. Wait, what the-?

Message reads: "cu on sat at 7. lukin 4wud 2 it. Dan x"
Steve: (Dumbfounded) Huh?
(Steve deletes the message)

While most Sims lie at the lower end of the Machiavellianism scale, there are a few who are quaintly skilled in the arts of deception and manipulation.

Roslyn: I'm still curious, Patrick. I don't want to keep going on about it, but... Can I ask about what happened on the night you were abducted?
Patrick: (Sighing) Well, I don't like to relive it, but I suppose I can talk about it again. Just this once, mind!
Roslyn: Okay. So why didn't you leave with the rest of us that time?
Patrick: I was a recovering alcoholic, Ros, and there was a free bar open to me. Don't you remember the champagne you forced down my throat?
Roslyn: Hey, you could have easily said "no"!
Patrick: I did! About five times!

(A noise is heard coming from the ceiling)

Roslyn: Did - did you hear that?
Patrick: Yeah-
Roslyn: Where did it come from? Was it from the roof?
Patrick: It was probably just Steve making noise in the kitchen. Anyway, back to that night. I tried to leave after you had gone, but the door was locked. I figured some mistake was made, so I just sat back and drank the rest of the gin.
Roslyn: There wasn't any gin that night...
Patrick: Oh, my mistake, it was probably vodka then.
Roslyn: Then what happened?

Patrick: Well, I must've passed out! I don't remember what happened after that. The months after were a bit of a blur too-
Roslyn: Months? Sorry, what?
Patrick: I said the days after that were a blur.
Roslyn: No, you definitely said months.
Patrick: (Laughs) Why would I say months? It happened barely more than a week ago! You probably misheard me-

Roslyn: That was definitely from the roof this time! Maybe we should go see-?
Patrick: I'll go check it out. It was probably nothing.

Whilst we can summarise the personalities of most Sims with traits and qualities, there is a minority that we may struggle to explain in such terms.

Patrick: Yvonne?! What the hell are you doing on the roof?
Yvonne: I'm in danger, love.
Patrick: Come down from there, Yvonne! You might hurt yourself.
Yvonne: (Quietly) It's inevitable that we are all going to be hurt.
Patrick: Huh?
Yvonne: It is unavoidable.

(Yvonne peers solemnly into the distance)

Patrick: Yvonne, darling, why don't you come down from there and we can talk this through together?
Yvonne: You might hurt me... I might hurt myself.... (Quietly) You're a monster....... We are both monsters...
Patrick: Nobody is going to hurt you, Yvonne. The only person who is putting you in danger is yourself. Now let me help you down.
Yvonne: (Sombrely) I should jump. If I fell, it would save all your lives... It would save me from doing what I will inevitably do to you.
Patrick: (Shouting) What? I can't hear what you're saying. Speak up!

(Roslyn steps outside from the lounge)
Roslyn: What's going on-?
Patrick: (Pointing to the roof) That.
Roslyn: (Squinting) Yvonne? Is that you? How the hell did you get up there?
Yvonne: I should jump and save all our lives...
Patrick: She keeps mumbling on about something, but I can't hear what she's saying.
Roslyn: It must be difficult to get up on the roof. I really don't see how she could do it alone. Did somebody give her a hoist up?
Patrick: Who? Everyone was in the house when she scrambled up there.
Roslyn: Well unless her alter-ego is catwoman, somebody must have helped her up.

It is often futile to attempt to understand such bizarre personas.

Yvonne: Hurt them all, Yvonne! They are all a threat to you! (Shouting into the distance) No! I am protecting them all from you!
Roslyn: Is she saying something to us? (Craning her neck) Speak up, Yvonne!
Patrick: Leave it; I think she's talking to herself.

Yet similarly, Sims with seemingly-normal temperaments may behave in curious ways.

Sian: What the hell are you doing in here?
Steve: Baking. Would you like to try one of the cakes when they're done?
Sian: Baking? Bloody baking? You moron, Yvonne is outside, threatening to jump off the roof, and you're bloody baking?
Steve: Is she all right?

It is often obvious that some personality traits have a strong influence on a Sim's emotions.

Sian: Is she bloody all right?! She's up on the roof, threatening to jump off or something, and that doesn't alarm you in some way? Christ, you are a complete buffoon!

Steve: Why are you so angry at me? I mean, what exactly could I do anyway?
Sian: You could help us catch her in case she fell, idiot. I'm sure your fat arse would easily break her fall.
Steve: There's no need for that...
Sian: Sheesh, you are completely useless. (Walking away) What a moron.

And amongst the traits that have the strongest influence on a Sim's behaviour are neuroticism and paranoia.

Steve: (To self) It's ten past seven. Nobody's going to come...... (Sighs) I'm just winding myself up for no reason at all...

Man: (Clears throat)
Steve: Who the hell-?
(The man knocks on the door)

Steve: (Hiding around the corner) C'mon Steve... this guy could be just anyone!

Voice: (Heard faintly) Who is it?
Man: Open up, it's Dan.

Zoe: Dan! You don't know how glad I am to see you!
Man: Are you sure your boyfriend is gonna be away all night?
Zoe: He's out all evening, but he gets off at midnight.

Steve: (Muttering harshly) Don't you dare set foot in my apartment!

Man: Plenty of time! Are you waiting for someone to rumble us, or are you finally going to let me in?
Zoe: Wait, are your shoes clean? I don't want him getting suspicious.
Man: Yeah, they're clean, and I didn't put on any aftershave this time.
Zoe: (Smiling) Come on in!

(Steve watches the man walk into the apartment, holding Zoe's hand)

(The door slams shut behind them)

Steve: No... no... he's just a friend. She loves me. The son of a bitch is just a friend...

Whilst some Sims are more skilled in communication than others, their efforts may be redundant if their targets are not themselves receptive.

Patrick: I promise we can sort out whatever is troubling you, Yvonne, but you have to come down first!
Yvonne: Everything is so serene up here. I don't want to leave... (Hissing) Yvonne shall main the monster!
Patrick: I can help you with anything. Just sit on the edge of the roof and we'll lift you down.
Yvonne: S-she can still get me up here. I can't run away from her. She's everywhere I turn.
Patrick: Damn it, woman, will you just listen to me?

Yet sometimes communication can be more successful when a tactful approach is taken.

Sarah: (Calling in a soft tone) Yvonne?
Yvonne: (Turns sharply)
Sarah: Hi, Yvonne. It's me, Sarah.
Yvonne: Yes, dear, I can hear you!
Sarah: What can you see from up there? Can you see any people? Any buildings or signs of life? Or is it all just forest?
Patrick: That's really not relevant-
Yvonne: It... It doesn't end! I can see it, but it doesn't end!
Sarah: What doesn't end, Yvonne?
Yvonne: It has no start and no finish! It - it is infinity! It just goes on and on into its perpetual nothingness!
Sarah: (Smiling weakly) What?

Patrick: Yvonne, I need you to come down from the roof now.
Yvonne: Okay, dear. I will come down.
Patrick: Great! Just take your time and watch where you put your feet.
Yvonne: How do I get down?
Patrick: Just do as I said earlier-

(Yvonne misplaces her foot and loses her balance)

Yvonne: (Screaming) AAAAARRHH!

The idiosyncrasies of a Sim can radically impact on others within their environment.

Moreover, the peculiarities of an environment can uncannily shape a Sim's disposition.

Yvonne: (Groans)

Yvonne: (Wearily) Where am I?

Yvonne: Ouch! (Rubs posterior) What is this place? (Panicking) How did I get here?

Yvonne: Why is this door locked? (Screaming) Help...! I'm trapped!

Yvonne: Her... her voice is gone... She has gone away! But I must get out of here!

(Yvonne struggles to open the door)
Yvonne: Why won't this door open?! (Screams hysterically) Help! They're going to lock me away again!

Regardless of what defines their personality, a Sim must stay in touch with reality in order to function in the world.

Adam: (Groans) This headache is killing me! I'm feeling pretty nauseated too... I really need to see a doctor!

Sometimes a reality update is purely undesirable.

(Adam looks at his reflection in the water and sees the blood on his face)
Adam: (Gasps) I'm pretty lucky that wolf didn't tear half my face off! I'd better wash this off before it comes back for taste of my blood.

Adam: Why is this happening to me? I need to get out of this hell-hole. (Sighs)

At other times, a reality check is critical for a Sim to stay focussed in the world of the real.

Sian: Is she dying?
Patrick: Girls, I'll take care of her. Just give her some space, please.
Roslyn: Are you sure?
Patrick: Yes, just go inside for a few minutes. The fuss isn't going to help her.

But this may be impossible when somebody is trying to manipulate a Sim's perception of reality...

Yvonne: Steven! I must speak to Steven! Where is he?
Patrick: He's inside. Yvonne, calm down, you've suffered a fall from 9 feet!
Yvonne: I must share something with him!
Patrick: That isn't important now. You hit your head-
Yvonne: I have to tell Steven, I think I'm hallucinating! I was in a... a white world!
Patrick: Wh-(Alarmed) What did you just say?
Yvonne: I must tell Steven about the white world!

This is likely to come when a Sim distorts the truth for personal gain...

Patrick: (Sharply) You won't tell him anything!
Yvonne: Why?
Patrick: Steve is a bad person, Yvonne. You mustn't tell him anything.
Yvonne: (Struggling for breath) But Steve is a darling young lad-
Patrick: You have him reckoned all wrong, Yvonne. He's not the caring person you've deluded yourself into thinking. He's a killer. A murderer!
Yvonne: No... you're lying!
Patrick: And he will hurt you if you tell anybody about the white world...
Yvonne: He wouldn't-
Patrick: You know it isn't safe in here, Yvonne. And he is the reason why.

But it is often difficult to tell what is a lie and what might be just an exaggerated truth.

Patrick: Let me help you up. But remember what I have just told you...

Zoe: Mmmphh! Oh, Dan!

Zoe: I've been looking forward to this all week!
Dan: What, doesn't Steve put out for you?
Zoe: He does when he can be bothered, but it's nothing in comparison to this.
Dan: Why are you still with him then?
Zoe: I don't know... I wanted to end it, but ever since he got this new job-
Dan: Shh... Enough about him.

Steve: (Muttering hysterically) He comes in and fucks my girlfriend on my own bed? Son of a bitch... And that bloody whore? They can both burn in hell!
(Steve turns on the gas to all of the stove hobs, without igniting them)

Dan: Should I put out the candles?
Zoe: No, leave them; I want to see your face. I only put them out when I'm having sex with Steve.

Steve: I'll teach them a bit of fucking respect!
(Steve hovers his hand over the stove to feel the gas gushing out of the hobs)

Zoe: Mmmph, oommpph, oh Daniel!

(Gas flushes through the air vents from the kitchen)

(Hissing noise)

In odd circumstances, a Sim may act in a way that is uncharacteristic of their personality.

Adam: This is hopeless. (Sighs) This is all completely hopeless!

Those who are usually resilient may suffer a lapse of weakness.

Adam: (Sniffles) I just want to get out of here...

Whilst the Sims who are usually most defensive may unintentionally let their guard down.

Steve: Maybe that blow to the head will knock the sense back into her! (Laughs)
Sarah: (Laughs) Steve! You can't say that about Yvonne! She could have died after that fall.
Steve: I know, I know.

Roslyn: This cake is absolutely delicious! I must learn your recipe for next time.
Steve: Next time you can make a cake to repay me, instead of me repaying you. (Laughs)
Sarah: (Laughing weakly) What do you mean?
Steve: For the chocolate cake I nicked the first time we had groceries- (Trails off)

Sarah: Sorry, what?
Steve: Oh, never mind.
Sarah: No, tell me. What about the first time we had groceries delivered?
Steve: (Sheepishly) There was a cake delivered with the shopping too... Listen, that's not the point any more. It was a long time ago-
Sarah: No, hold on. So you were the one who went to retrieve the groceries? When there were three baskets?
Steve: Er... yeah, I think.
Sarah: But there were only two baskets delivered... The other one was placed underneath my bed. (Gasp) Was that you?

Steve: (Sheepishly) Pardon?
Sarah: I'm asking you: did you put the basket underneath my bed?
Steve: Well, no-

Sarah: Then who did? (Furiously) Are you honestly trying to tell me that you knew about there being three baskets, didn't hide one under my bed, but kept quiet when we questioned why there were only two baskets delivered?
Steve: I really don't think it matters-
Sarah: You don't think it matters? Do you realise how I felt that day? I was an outcast! I was an outcast amongst seven strangers! Just cut the lies and answer me honestly, Steve. Did you frame me for something you did?

Steve: I-
Sarah: Spit it out, then!
Steve: Would it help you if I just said yes?
Sarah: Oh, don't even try to humour me. I can tell it was you. How can you even have to audacity to deny it?
Steve: (Grunts)
Sarah: You are just a selfish and despicable man, Steven! You'll do anything to fulfil your own selfish needs! (Rises and leaves the den)

(Sounds of the roaring fire throughout the apartment)

(A woman's screams are heard in the distance)

Woman: (Screaming) HELP! HELP ME!

Yet we may place strong convictions in the personalities of certain Sims...

Patrick: See, Yvonne, I have an issue with you telling other people about the other side. I can't allow anybody else to know. (Inserts a needle into Yvonne's neck)

Patrick: Well, it won't matter now. (Depresses the plunger to inject a brown-coloured liquid) This will make sure that they don't believe anything you've got to say...

These are the Sims that always seem to be in character.

Patrick: (Pulls out syringe) Sleep tight.