Cluedo - Murder At The Mansion

You know the game. You know the characters. You know the weapons. But do you know the story?

"Someone is playing a sadistic game as a group of people hoping to enjoy a relaxing vacation in a mansion on the outskirts of a suburban town discover that someone is on a murderous bloodbath and everyone staying there is a suspect, just as everyone is a victim. This 10 part story re-tells the tale of the board game which has brought so much enjoyment and pleasure to people's homes since it was created. Now see the characters you know and love brought to life and discover how the board game came to be."


All of the characters in this story are based off the actual "Clue" board game, with some extra characters being taken from the special edition version.

  • Miss Josephine Scarlett -Miss Scarlett is an aspiring actress, and the daughter of Mrs Peacock. She and her mother agreed to the free vacation to "patch things up", after their feud began in 2002.
  • Colonel Mustard - Colonel Mustard's character in this story is much younger than his board game version; he is an aspiring soldier and well groomed. His vacation at the mansion is so he can study the text books on becoming a soldier in the forces.
  • Mrs White - The cook and nanny at the Mansion, she is a elderly lady who has lived at the Tudor Mansion for most of her years. She isn't scared of anything...
  • Reverend Green - Reverend Green is a plump Vicar who has been allowed time off for all his hard charity work. He believes that the events of Tudor Mansion are a punishment for something he did in the past...
  • Mrs Eleanor Peacock - The Mother of Miss Scarlett, she has a string of dead, wealthy husbands to her name and is used to the pampered life. Mrs Peacock attends Tudor Mansion to patch up the broken relationship with her daughter.
  • Professor Peter Plum - An ex-curator at a Museum; he attends Tudor Mansion to escape the court case against his ex-employee's.
  • Dr Black - A wealthy man, who attends the Mansion on his only "one week a year vacation".
  • Rusty - Bitter and twisted, Rusty is the gardener at Tudor Mansion and dislikes almost everything about his job; he is seen as "the, old bitter gardener of Tudor Mansion".
  • The Butler - The Butler has worked at Tudor Mansion for many years, and has always been complimented for his generous, kind response to the guests.
  • Mr Boddy - Mr Boddy is the owner of Tudor Mansion...