Chapter 1


Chapter 01 - 'The Guests'


It was a warm night and Mrs Peacock couldn't believe her luck lately; not only was she a guest at the famous Tudor Mansion, but she was also dining with in the Mansion's restaurant with her daughter.

"Tonight is going to be truly wonderful" said Mrs Peacock as she applied her expensive perfume. Mrs Peacock was a cold fish and took enormous pride in her appearance and how she presented herself to others. She would be seen in all sorts of expensive clothing and fancy jewellery - in fact, many have said they've never seen a day when Mrs Peacock didn't look her best. Her hair was black and permed - some may say that Mrs Peacock cared more about herself than anything else, but she'd like to think otherwise, as she did love her daughter very much. "It really is, I think the food here will be excellent..." said Josephine Scarlett, who was Mrs Peacock's daughter. Although they were blood related, Mrs Peacock and Miss Scarlett were quite the opposites in the sense that they both are driven by completely different things. Mrs Peacock was more driven by wealth and power; Miss Scarlett was more interested in fame and men - that being said, both really loved the finer things in life.

"It seems like quite a nice night outside tonight, the summer has certainly got here just in time for this holiday" said Miss Scarlett as she looked outside the window of her room. Josephine Scarlett was well known amongst her friends and the people of New York, she was strinkingly beautiful and many men have fought for her attention. She is mainly seen wearing red, which is quite a representation of her name - her skin is snow white and her lips are as red as scarlet.

"Yes...well I think that this vacation was just what we needed to sort out this bad patch we've endured recently..." replied Mrs Peacock, as she turned towards her daughter and walked towards her. Miss Scarlett moved closer to her Mother, still feeling a little awkward around her - she had no idea what to talk about to the woman that stood before her, so how would dinner actually be good? "Yes, I think so too..." said Miss Scarlett nervously - "I just hope we can put the past behind us Mother, that's all..." continued Miss Scarlett. Mrs Peacock smiled at her daughter and gently touched her cheek; "Darling, don't worry...everything is going to be okay, Mother will make sure of that" said Mrs Peacock reassuringly. Mrs Peacock turned towards away from her daughter and her handbag, she then faced Josephine again - "Are we ready?". Miss Scarlett smiled - "Almost..."; she turned around and scanned for her handbag, the small red purse of hers was always moving when she needed it the most. "Where's my bag?" asked Miss Scarlett; she heard the floorboards creek as her Mother joined her in searching. As Miss Scarlett looked near the old dressing table near the window, something caught her eye - in fact, since she appeared in the window Miss Scarlett felt eyes on her and after her numerous encounters with watchful men, she knew when someone had their eye on her.

 She looked outside the window, though her view was restricted by the darkness she saw a figure in the far corner of the Mansion yard - "could be a tree?" said Josephine's mind to her...mind. "There it is..." interrupted Mrs Peackock with the purse that Miss Scarlett had temporarily forgotten she'd lost - "Oh...thanks Mother..." thanks Miss Scarlett. As she took the purse from her Mother's hand, she turned back around to have a glance outside the window to see that figure one last time.

No one was there...the figure had mysteriously disappeared. "Well are you coming darling?" said an impatient Mrs Peacock - although curious, Miss Scarlett had to put the figure to the back of her mind, as she had meal to attend and she was certain that it was probably just the wind...


"Colonel" Mustard sounded like a good title. Sure, it wasn't his official name, but Robert Mustard was pretty sure that the name "Colonel" sounded a lot more important than simply "Robert". Sergent Meadows believed Robert had potential, and that was all that mattered to him - he was going to be someone...someday and right now, he was enjoying the vacation whilst he could before putting some extra grafting into getting that Colonel Mustard title. Robert scanned the dining room of the Mansion - it was sure something, the room itself was well and the luxury decor just made it all the more magical. He was sure that the guests would be in the dining room soon, he had seen two well dressed women, a plump Vicar and of course the butler so far. Robert had heard a lot about Tudor Mansion, but he had never wanted to fully experience it; that being said, he never thought he'd get the chance considering all the hard work and training he put into becoming a soldier - still, Sergent Meadows insisted on him taking a break before being "thrown into the deep end". Robert's thoughts were interrupted by the presence of the two well dressed ladies he saw earlier - one of them looked older than the other, but there was no denying their beauty. The older lady walked with a slight strut and seemed a lot more confident than the younger one, she glanced over at Robert, and glanced away as she was seated alongside the younger girl. 

 The woman in scarlett and black glanced towards Robert, but seemed to linger towards him for several seconds - Robert felt awkward, he didn't know why...maybe it was because she was looking right at him? Maybe it was because this was the first time in months an attractive woman had ever met his eyes for longer than 2 seconds? He wasn't entirely sure, but he didn't take his eyes away from her. Eventually the woman joined the older lady and sat down, she continued to glance towards Robert as the other lady seemed to be talking to her. As Robert took his thoughts away from women for a second, he felt a sudden urge for his food come over him - he had been waiting for almost ten minutes now and he had been saving his hunger for this meal...this late meal.

Robert got to his feet and walked towards the doorway which he figured would be the kitchen, as the smell of food and the noise of cookery were quite distinctive. He walked through the door and saw...not the kitchen..but a small kitchenette, which seemed to be pretty small for such a large house. Robert glanced around, the sound of cookery and the smell of food wasn't coming from this room, it was coming from the stairs in the middle of the room. Of course! The kitchen was down here.

Robert hated stairs, especially those that were almost basement-like - he had a bad experience in his basement when he was younger. He placed his foot on one step, the creeking noise seemed louder than ever as he didn't intend on just barging into the kitchen, so he thought he'd take it slow down the stairs. The stone floor seemed miles away from where Robert was stood, but he could only count several steps. "Stop being a coward!" his brain told him - he took a large gulp and proceeded to walk down the stairs. The large Kitchen smelt amazing, the stench of different foods made Robert's stomach groan all the more - "We're having a delay on dinner..."

"It will be ready in a short while..." bellowed Mrs White. She was a little flustered, sure she'd made countless dinners and meals for guests of the Mansion, but she'd never had to do it without a sharp knife before. She still had no idea where that knife had gone, but she knew that she'd have to get another if she wanted meals to be prepared properly. The well groomed gentleman left the kitchen and returned to the Dining room - thank  god! Mrs White wasn't just feeling flustered about the missing knife, she was also facing the prospect that she couldn't do things as quick as she used to, and even though she was a strong old bird, she knew that age would...and probably was catching up with her. She had worked for Mr Boddy at the Tudor Mansion all of her life, she never believed that she'd have to retire, but the cooking for the guests was becoming a pain and Mrs White was getting...flustered with it.

She continued to stir the pot of stew on the stove and began adding different ingredients to get that extra nice flavour to it. As she began making her stew to perfection, Mrs White felt a cold chill suddenly flow over her from the right - it was the wind. The door upstairs must have been opened, Mrs White was sure it was the well-groomed man. Mrs White left her stew for the moment and headed upstairs to see what had happened.

As Mrs White arrived at the small kitchen area, she noticed the backdoor was swinging open as though someone had just run through the Mansion at the speed of light. "That's odd..." murmered Mrs White; she walked over to the door and looked outside, before quietly saying "Hello?" - Mrs White had no idea why she said it so quietly, maybe she was nervous about what the response may be? She wasn't scared of much, she just had a fright with a cat outside once.

She slammed the door shut and locked it tightly, she took one last glance into the Tudor Mansion yard before returning to the kitchen to continue her stew.


The Dining room looked pretty full now, there was the two glamorous women sat in one corner, the young soldier type had returned to his seat and Reverend Green, who was quite popular for his hard, charity work was seated in the center of the room. How could Dr Black forget his friend...or...his adopted friend who was sitting right beside him - Professor Plum. The good Professor was babbling on about his ex-employee's and how unfair his work was - Dr Black wasn't really listening. He had important business to attend to...a good relaxing hour in the bath after this meal.

"I just think I was treated unfairly..." said Professor Plum - Dr Black had regretted asking him if he was okay and if he was enjoying his stay...he was just being polite. Dr Black looked at Professor Plum and said "I agree with you, my I must dash, I won't be long...". He got to his feet and paced out the room, hoping the Professor wasn't offended - it's just Dr Black really wanted to relax...he had a job to do, he had prepared for this Mansion visit all this time and he wasn't going to lose track of what he was doing because of Professor Peter Plum. As Dr Black arrived at his room, he opened the door and slipped inside his room like a shadow in the night - he loved his room, it was relaxing and gave him time to think. He headed towards the bathroom on the landing of his room and began washing his face in the luxury, crystal sink.

This visit had to be prefect, he had his heart set on it for some time and he was sick to death of his work. As the sound of the running water began to fade out as he turned the tap off, Dr Black felt a sudden uncomfortable feel, like a thousand eyes were looking at him at once. He glanced around the small bathroom and saw...nothing, nothing alarming anyway.

As he left the bathroom to return to his comfortable room, he started looking around - why did he feel so uncomfortable? The silence filled the room and contributed to the uncomfortable atmosphere that had overcome the Doctor just now. If that wasn't enough, a small creek was heard from the oversized closet which contained most of the Doctor's expensive belongings. The Doctor's whole body froze, he didn't know whether to run towards the closet, or whether to leave the room and call for help, or whether to just stand completely still... What was that noise? The room looked blurred as the Doctor focused on the closet - he walked slowly towards it and prepared himself to open it up, could just be his mind playing tricks? In fact...yes...that's what it was...his mind playing tricks.

Without hesitating, the Doctor flung the closet doors open and was greeted by..."Oh my god..."