Chapter 4

Chapter 4 - 'Prevented Escape'


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Mrs Peacock was getting irritated, she wanted confirmation that Doctor Black was indeed dead and the staff at Tudor Mansion were annoying her. Mrs White was just stood in the living room with the guests, whilst The Butler had vanished for some reason or other; she got to her feet and walked towards the stern looking cook - "Excuse me dear, I don't suppose we have any news on what the hell is going on around here?" she asked, in her opinion, quite politely. Mrs White looked at Mrs Peacock, she replied with - "Doctor Black has been found dead...someone has killed him...". Mrs Peacock rolled her eyes and changed the position of her foot, so that she was balancing on her left leg - "Yes, we know that, but what does it mean? Because I certainly haven't murdered him..." she said, with a slight smile on her face. Mrs White was begining to get annoyed with Mrs Peacock. She forced a smile and replied "Until the police rule you out Mrs Peacock, you're a suspect...". Mrs Peacock's face dropped to the floor, she hadn't actually sat and thought about it - she was a suspect too, along with everyone else in the mansion. "Suspect..." she said, utterly disgusted; "I don't like that word madam..." she continued - "Mrs White kept her cool, she didn't care what Eleanor Peacock liked or didn't like, she knew her story and knew more about her than Eleanor would like her too - "We're all suspects, every one of us in this building..." said Mrs White, looking round at Reverend Green and Professor Plum, who were sat in the chairs in front of the fire. Mrs Peacock placed her hand on her hip and kept her lips firmly close - "suspects?" said an old, shaky voice from the hallway.

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Mrs White recognised it; she turned and saw Rusty in the hallway with a pair of garden pliers in his hand - "Oh...Rusty, I've completely forgot..." said Mrs White as she stepped into the hallway. Rusty was busy outside, so he had skipped Mrs White's mind - "Doctor Black...he's dead..." said Mrs White; Rusty's facial expression changed, his eyebrows were raised and he glanced into the Living room at the guests. "It's one of them lot..." he said poitning into the Living room; "they're to blame..."; Mrs Peacock rolled her eyes and muttered "charming" as she turned her back and returned to her seat. "Telling you, it's one of them..." he whispered to Mrs White, Rusty could have been right, but he was just as much of a suspect as the rest of the guests. "Rusty, how are you getting on with the padlock outside?" asked Mrs White; she hoped he wouldn't read into the murder and the padlock, the whole "planned murder" theory was itching at Mrs White's mind too much for her to care about whether it was right or not. Rusty continued giving evil glances at the guests of Tudor Mansion as he replied - "No luck yet, I've got these pliers because it's the only thing that will break the soddin' lock..."; he turned back to Mrs White - "Well, make it a priority please Rusty?" she asked; he nodded and walked back out the door into the Mansion grounds again.


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Robert was trying to wash the stain out of the sweater, but the realisation that it was too damp to wear wasn't sinking in. He had no change of clothes except the tank top which was underneath, so he'd have to keep that on for now. Miss Scarlett spoke as he placed the jumper on his bed - "Come for a vacation and end up the suspect of a murder..."; she was right, what would Sergent Meadows think of this? He would sure say something like "Mustard! This situation is pretty sticky, sticky indeed...". "I know, I just..." replied Robert - "...I just don't know who would want to kill the Doctor?" he continued. Miss Scarlett shook her head, as though disagreeing with what he had just said - "Truth is, psycho's don't need an excuse to kill's always in them, it's just moments rise when it comes out of them..." she seemed pretty knowledgable about this; Robert looked at her and raised his eyebrows - "That's true..." he said. Josephine couldn't take her eyes of Robert, she'd be lieing to herself if she said she didn't find him incredibly attractive; he was just her type, his buldging muscles in his tank top were enough to make Josephine weak at the knees. If this were a different occasion, she'd probably have ripped his clothes off by now and have been handcuffing him to the bedpost - but on this occasion...for all Josephine knew...Robert could be a killer. Although she felt herself trusting that he wasn't, he seemed far too nice to be capable of murder, in fact Josephine was a little shocked he was a soldier, because he seemed very wet behind the ears in her opinion.

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"I just want the police to get here...they'll solve this..." said Robert, as he looked down at the floor. Josephine felt herself feeling a little sorry for Robert, she had no idea why, because she was in the same boat as him - "hey, don't worry..." she said as she stepped forward and grabbed hold of his hand - "It'll be alright, okay?" she said reassuringly. Robert smiled and squeezed her hand gently, he didn't expect her to grab hold of his hand, girls usually run away from him, so for her to show such kindness towards him, Robert was getting smitten and he didn't even know her that well.


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"Murder? Murder? At Tudor Mansion after all these years?" were the thoughts racing in Rusty's head as he walked towards the front gate of the mansion grounds. The nightlife was quiet, except for a couple of owls who seemed to be communicating with each other - there were also the sounds of crickets too, but Rusty was more than used to these noises. He arrived at the front gate and glanced at the padlock, he had no idea why it was there, but someone had clearly been reckless with locking it. "Probably the bloody Butler..." muttered Rusty; he grabbed hold of the padlock and began situating the pliers in the spot where they'd cut the easiest - as he was about to cut into the lock, he heard a loud rustling from the bush behind him. Rusty jumped, he dropped the pliers onto the floor and spun around, quicker than he knew he could move.

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"Hello?" he asked, hoping that the animal, or whatever that had been moving in the tree would expose itself. Silence! Nothing happened, the bush had stopped moving, and the night silence had fallen again - Rusty was getting agitated now, he wasn't afraid, or at least he'd tell himself he wasn't afraid. He scoped around to see if he could see the pliers on the floor, they weren't in sight; he bent over and looked closely at the floor, they had vanished. Maybe they'd fallen in the bush? Rusty turned around and began looking around to see if the pliers would reveal themselves to him - this was typical, he really couldn't be bothered with all this, if SOME people would remember to leave keys where they should, this wouldn't happen. Rusty thought he saw something further under the bush, he got on all fours and began feeling the ground under the bush. Nothing! His temper was flaring now, he had no time for this! Plus the panic in him was starting to settle in, he was in the dark and not only that, he was alone...when someone had been murdered in the Mansion. "Oh come on you stupid pliers..." he said, looking round as to where they may have gone.

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As Rusty got to his feet, he turned back to the gate and was startled by a dark figure stood in the way. Rusty gasped! "S**t!" he said; as his heart started beating normally again, Rusty took the time to look at the figure; it was someone cloaked, he couldn't see a face because the hood covered it. "Hello there..." said Rusty, hoping for some reaction; the cloaked figure didn't move - Rusty was starting to feel unsettled about all this;  who was in that cloak? "Look...if you're a guest then you should be're not allowed to wonder the grounds at night..." protested Rusty, he felt if he showed the dark figure some discipline it would know who's boss...whoever it was...whatever it was. The dark figure moved finally; it's arm raised up and through it's cloak, it held up...the pliers! Rusty looked carefully - "They're mine...give them to me..." he demanded, he had no intention of retrieving them himself, but he didn't want to show fear towards this...hooded shadow. The cloaked figure didn't move, he stood firmly still, holding the pliers up as though challenging Rusty to collect them himself - "Now listen here, you no good, little runt; if you don't drop those pliers on the floor right now, I will go and get the Tudor gun, how would you feel about that?!" barked Rusty; silence fell, he awaited some kind of reaction from the cloaked figure. He got it! The hooded shadow raised the pliers in the air and then threw them over the Tudor Mansion gate - Rusty was furious! "You little b******d..." he bellowed at the dark figure.

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As he was about to speak again, the dark figure suddenly began moving, it was walking towards a fast pace. Originally, Rusty wasn't going to back down, he stood firmly still, but then his instincts got the better of him - his head told him "Rusty, this figure isn't scared of all...". Rusty began backing off slowly, he needed to get back to the Mansion, something wasn't right.

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Rusty turned and began running back to the front door. He wasn't sure if the cloaked figure was following him, but he knew that he had no time to turn around, he wasn't a spring chicken any more, he needed to get back to the Mansion quickly. As he landed on the porch, Rusty glanced back around and saw...nothing! The figure had gone, was it in his imagination? Rusty had no idea, but he was sure that whatever it was, that figure was chasing kill him. He also believed that it was also connected to Doctor Black's death - he needed to tell the others.

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As Rusty was about to turn back around, he felt a knot tighten around his neck; breathing became a struggle and when Rusty placed his hands where the pain was coming from, he felt a tight rope wrapped around his neck - it got tighter and tighter; Rusty fell to his knees in hopes that the tight pressure around his neck would loosen, but it wasn't.

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He glanced up and saw the hooded figure now towering over him; the face of the figure was black and its eyes were scarlet red - "it was a killer..." thought Rusty. As Rusty began to lose sight and felt himself falling into what seemed to be a painful, deep sleep - he thought "this wouldn't have happened if someone had returned the keys for the padlock"

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Rusty was now motionless and the hooded figure let go of the rope; the body of the Tudor Mansion gardener fell to the floor, cracking it's skull on the stone steps of the mansion porch. The killer had striked again...