Chapter 6

Chapter 6 - 'Double Murder'


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"I refuse to stay here!" announced Mrs Peacock as she retreated to the hallway of Tudor Mansion. What Robert had just said seemed to have hit a nerve with her - "Eleanor..." said Reverend Green reasonably; Mrs Peacock pretended she couldn't hear him, she continued to walk towards the stairs. "Mother!" shouted Josephine Scarlett; she managed to get her attention, Mrs Peacock stopped and turned towards her daughter. "I refuse to stay here...when there's someone around us...that's..." said Eleanor with a quiver to her bottom lip - Miss Scarlett shook her head and leaned forward - "Mother, you're not understanding it..." she said confidentally; she was addressing her mother for her own good, she didn't care about their relationship right now, she just wanted everyone to be safe.

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"We need to stick together..." continued Josephine - Mrs Peacock tried to interrupt her daughter with - "Yes, but..." - "No but Mother! You really don't understand, if you walk'll end up dead, you'll be butchered and you'll join the body count along with Doctor Black and Rusty" finished Josephine. Robert nodded, he knew it was brutal, but it was the brutal truth and Josephine was dealing with the realisation quite well. Eleanor Peacock smiled, it was as though she heard her daughter wrong, she seemed almost cocky and had no reaction to the fact she could be joining people on a death list. She placed her hand on Josephine's cheek and stroked it gentley - "Josephine, my darling, you really don't know me at all". With that, Eleanor turned ad continued to walk upstairs - Josephine rolled her eyes when she realised her mother was halfway up the stairs, what she said had fallen on deaf ears and Josephine felt helpless. To be honest, she didn't really care - she didn't know her mother any better than she did when she arrived, the lady in the blue was practically a stranger to her.

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"Someone should go upstairs with her..." said Reverend Green; the others glanced at him, Josephine half heartedly responding by rolling her eyes - "I just think none of us should be alone..." said the Reverend. Mrs White nodded and pointed towards the stairs - "maybe you should go Reverend?", Mrs White was going to ask Josephine, but the look on the young girls face showed that she probably wouldn't appreciate it. Reverend Green nodded and proceeded to walk up the stairs.

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"I think we should go outside..." said Professor Plum; this was the first sane thing he'd said since finding Doctor Black's body. "Why?" asked Robert, who was failing to see why they should leave the Mansion. "The pliers may still be out there, we need to find them..." said Peter, as he sniffled slightly - he had a point! Rusty may have just dropped them somewhere, after all they'd not even looked for them. "Okay..." said Robert; Josephine stepped forward - "We could do with a flashlight though..." she said - another point was made, a valid point at that.

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"There's one in the kitchen..." said Mrs White - "I'll check what The Butler's up to as well..." she said as she turned to head to the kitchen. "Okay, go and get the flashlight, we'll get a head start outside then..." said Robert; he opened the door and allowed the others to leave the mansion first. Mrs White walked quickly to the kitchen; she hoped The Butler would be sitting on the stools trying to get hold of the police - he had been gone for some time though, Mrs White was finding his actions quite suspicious to be honest and he did have some explaining to do. She walked down the steps and into the kitchen; she was preparing herself for the old, friendly Butler to be down there, he did make Mrs White feel better about certain things.

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She stepped into the kitchen and...something caught her eye - it wasn't the Butler, it was the stained red on the floor. As though someone had spilled some Bolognaise sauce or something - she looked around carefully...if she wasn't mistaken...this was blood. There was blood on the kitchen floor, as she took the time to cope around the kitchen properly, Mrs White saw complete horror before her eyes - this wasn't like anything she'd seen before; in fact even though she'd seen Rusty dead, this was different, Rusty was strangled.

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The Butler was dead and as Mrs White moved closer to anaylse the kind, old man's body, he was on the floor and his body was propped up against the freezer. Was making him stay there? Mrs White leaned towards him and saw that someone...someone had stabbed The Butler through the throat and the knife was buried that far back that it was wedged inside the freezer. "Oh my god!" gasped Mrs White; she felt tears strolling down her face, she wasn't soft by any means, but seeing that one of the kindest men in the world had been killed in such a violent way made her fill up. Mrs White placed her hand forward, she wanted to touch The Butler, but she couldn't...his clothes were stained in blood and for the first time in his life, he looked incredibly scruffy.

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Mrs White couldn't hold back the pain any more, she held her head in her heads - "Oh my gosh...I'm so sorry..." she said as she sobbed into her hands. She was sorry...sorry that this had to happen to such a nice gentelman like The Butler - he had no family, but Mrs White was practically a sister to him, they'd been around each other for what seemed like an eternity. Mrs White got to her feet, she had to tell the others about this, to think she even suspected him at one point? She dried her eyes, she didn't want them to see that she'd been crying. She turned and suddenly...she gasped! She jumped out of her skin, she wasn't expecting...what was there.

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A dark figure was stood by the stairs, it was hooded; but she could see a face underneath the hood, it was black and the eyes were scarlet red. Mrs White had a feeling who this was...was it the killer? She gulped - "I take're responsible for this?" she asked looking back at the corpse of her dear friend. The hooded figure nooded, it was unresponsive - Mrs White must have expected it to talk, but she wasn't surprised when it didn't. "Your little plan is over..." she said, she really wasn't scared, she was angry. "You won't kill another person in this mansion..." she announced to the cloaked person with confidence - as she was about to continue the cloaked figure lifted up its hand and pointed at Mrs White. Mrs White knew exactly what it was trying to do - "Oh...I'm next?" she asked placing her hand on her chest. The hooded figure dropped it's hand and nodded again - Mrs White would like to see him try - "Come on then you son of a b***h...come and get me..." she said as she signalled the cloaked figure towards her. Without warning, the dark shadow charged at Mrs White; quickly she looked around for something to protect herself with. The dark figure was near her already, it grabbed hold of her and placed it's hands around her kneck - it was trying to strangle her.

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Mrs White was finding it hard to breath, but the panic...the panic inside of her, she needed to get away, she used what instinct she had and used her feet. She gave a forceful kick and felt the fingers release from her throat - the cloaked figure fell back and began holding it's stomach as though it had gone into labour. Mrs White was in panic mode; she climbed over the counted in the kitchen and ran for the stairs, as she looked back to see where the cloaked figure was, she saw it rip the knife from the butler's neck.

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It then looked towards her, Mrs White saw the Butler's body fall to the ground - before she had time to feel remorseful the figure ran towards her.

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She continued to run upstairs...she thought she had a head start, but suddenly Mrs White felt a warm sensation hit her ankles and incredible pain shot up her legs. Mrs White fell back and fell all the way back down the stairs; the hooded person had moved to one side as she fell, as though it had planned all of this. Mrs White felt paralyzed, she wasn't one for using an age card, but she was getting on a bit and it to fall from that height was too much for her. Mrs White looked at her feet and saw the blood gushing from the back of her ankles - the pain was too much.

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Mrs White saw the hooded figure walking back down towards her; she had to get away, she challenged him...and he was winning. She crawled slowly across the marble kitchen floor, leaving a trail of blood behind her like a snail - she was getting slowly towards the knife drawer when she felt a hand grip around the back of her neck; she felt herself being turned around like a rag doll - Mrs White was filled with hatred...and fear...for the first time...she was scared. This was it, she was going to die and it was all because she went for a flashlight alone. "You b*****d!" she said as the hooded figure lifted up the dagger, Mrs White closed her eyes...

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The knife plunged straight through her heart; it quickly left and stabbed again, and again, and again... Mrs White felt her soul slowly draining, she wasn't there any more, she was just waiting for the pain to end, she was waiting to die, as she felt the knife puncture her heart again, all that was left of Mrs White was an empty body - she had died in the same room as her longtime friend.