Chapter 7

Chapter 7 - 'Deadly Chase'


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Mrs Peacock knew she was leaving, she'd dig her way out of the Mansion if she had to, she didn't care. She was curious as to why the Reverend had accompanied her to the room when she was pefectly capable of doing it herself - "if you insist on being here, I suggest you help me pack, please fold up those jackets and place them in the suitcase please..." she requested, as though the Reverand was a member of staff rather than a guest himself. Still, the Reverend helped her pack, he was helpful and the situation at hand was enough to give him reason to be on his best behaviour, even though Mrs Peacock was incredibly rude to him. He stepped forward and began folding up her jackets; she moved around the room and before he knew it, she yelled "WAIT!!"; the Reverend jumped out of his skin, the fact someone was murdered the guests was making him jittery as it was. "What ever is the matter?" he said, Mrs Peacock stepped forward with a stern look on her face. "This is vintage..." she said, holding up a clearly dated blue jacket - "fold with care..." she said. The Reverend was getting annoyed, he didn't get annoyed often, but Mrs Peacock was behaving quite badly - "Oh just leave it, I'll pack myself..." she said; she then shooed the Reverend out of her room. "I suggest you wait outside until I'm finished" she said, she then turned and continued packing her things.

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The Reverend wanted to say something harsh, but bite his tongue - he turned and walked towards the door as he opened it, he was prepared to walk back downstairs, however he was shocked to see at the end of the landing was some sort of cloaked figure, it was hooded - Reverend Green couldn't see it's face, but as it could see his, as soon as the hooded figure saw him, it began charging towards him. "Oh my goodness!" yelled the Reverend.

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"What is it?" asked Mrs Peacock - large thuds began pounding on the door; the handle was being moved; "What is it?!" barked Mrs Peacock. "It's the bloody killer, that's what it is..." said Reverend Green impatiently. "Quick, find me something to lock this door with" he said - Mrs Peacock gasped and quickly proceeded to move the dresser in front of the door. The thuds were getting louder and louder; the dresser provided the support they needed as the Reverend moved away, the cloaked figure couldn't get in the room. "Who is it?" asked Mrs Peacock as she held her hand where her heart was - "I don't know, it's hooded..." confirmed Reverend Green. The thuds continued for several more seconds, until suddenly...they stopped. Mrs Peacock gasped - "I need to get out of here..." she said, she turned round and continued to pack her belongings. Reverend Green kept his eyes firmly on the door...



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Josephine couldn't find the others, it was Robert's idea to split up and now she couldn't see any of them. She was now at the front of the house and couldn't see either of them - maybe they'd gone back inside? She walked back up the steps of the porch and slowly looked around her - the killer could be anywhere!

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She opened the door to Tudor Mansion slowly and shouted "you guys in here?". Silence filled the house, the kind of silence that Josephine hated - this was scary enough without people disappearing on her. The size of the mansion was making the situation worse, there must have been at least 30 rooms in the Mansion and Robert, Professor Plum and the killer could have been in any of them. She knew Mrs White had gone to the kitchen, so Josephine decided to make her way there; she slowly checked the dining room before she entered - as she moved quickly through to the Kitchen, she was greeted by a little kitchenette and some steps - is that where the kitchen was? Down those steps; Josephine glanced around her and slowly walked down the stairs - in reality, Mrs White could be down here, or the killer could be waiting for her - it was a chance she had to take. She walked down and as Josephine stepped into the kitchen she gasped!

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Lying on the floor was nothing short of a blood bath - The Butler and Mrs White were sprawled out...covered in blood. Josephine couldn't move...tears began flooding through and down her cheeks as she glared at the bodies of the Tudor Mansion staff. Suddenly, she screamed...


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The scream pearced through house; Mrs Peacock recognised the voice, it was Josephine's. "That's Josephine!" she gasped; she ran towards the door and moved the dresser out the way - Mrs Peacock loved her daughter and the thought of her trouble was worrying for her, even though she wasn't the perfect Mother, she loved her daughter deeply. Mrs Peacock wasn't thinking though, her mind was with her daughter- she rushed outside to find...nothing! The killer wasn't there, she wasn't sure what he'd look like, but she couldn't see anybody around, so it was safe for her. As she reached the top of the stairs, she glanced back at her room to wait for Reverend Green.

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"Hurry up!" she barked as the Reverend lightly ran after her - as Mrs Peacock looked downstairs she heard a thud and then..."Arghh!!!". The Reverend fell into the wall; Mrs Peacock's view shot up towards the Reverend - he was joined by...someone hooded...and cloaked on the landing.

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The Reverend had fallen to the floor and gasped "God have mercy!" he begged as the hooded figure raised it's hand and began striking the Reverend with what looked like an old wrench. Mrs Peacock let out a gentle scream; the yells from the Vicar suddenly stopped - he was dead! "Reverend Green!!" yelled Mrs Peacock hysterically.

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The hooded figure then turned towards Mrs Peacock; fear and panic raced through Mrs Peacock's body all at once; her automatic reaction was! She began running downstairs, true enough, she saw the hooded figure following her too.


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As she reached the Tudor Mansion hallway, she bumped into her daughter - "Mother?!" gasped Josephine. Mrs Peacock was happy her daughter was alive, but there was no time... "Darling, he's behind us..." gasped Mrs Peacock as she grabbed her daughter's arm and ushered her to run into the Living room. Josephine looked up the stairs and saw a cloaked figure, with a black face and scarlet red eyes marching down the stairs - her eyes widened and she started screaming - "Oh my god!" she yelled.

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She joined her Mother and ran through the living room and through the door at the other end of the room.


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They were in some sort of bar, they both flung the door shut and placed a chair in front of the door handle so it couldn't open. The thuds on the door were similar to the ones that Mrs Peacock heard upstairs in her room - "Thank goodness you're okay darling" sighed Mrs Peacock as she flung her arms around her daughter. "You heard my scream?" asked Josephine - Mrs Peacock nodded, the horrible thought of what she saw was flooding back to her - "I saw...Mrs White...and the Butler...they've been butchered..." she said; Josephine scrunched up her hair in her hands, it was too much for her. Mrs Peacock comforted her daughter again and rubbed her back gentlely - "We need to get out of here, okay?" said Mrs Peacock. Josephine agreed and nodded. As Mrs Peacock spoke, something caught her eye; there was an old telephone in the corner of the room - "Look, a telephone..." she said as she walked towards it.

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Josephine felt a sudden rush flow through her, she hoped they'd phone for help - she also realised that the thudding on the door had stopped, meaning the killer had gotten bored, or was looking for another way in to them. Mrs Peacock lifted up the phone and as Josephine waited for Mrs Peacock to start dialing, she saw her mother looking to the side of the table the phone was placed on. "Oh my god..." she said; Josephine was curious - "What is it?" she asked, she moved forwards hoping to see what her mother was shocked at. "The wires have been cut..." said Mrs Peacock.

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Josephine glanced and saw that someone had either used scissors or a knife, but the wires for the phone like had clearly been cut. "Jesus christ..." sighed Josephine - "someone really has planned to kill us..." she said, the realisation seemed to Mrs Peacock too, her face showed for the first time that she was taking this seriously and she wasn't safe from joining the other people in Tudor Mansion in being murdered...