Chapter 9

Chapter 9 - 'The Maze Murder'


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Robert wasn't sure where he was going to run, he made for the stairs and didn't think about the others; he wasn't one for leaving anyone behind, but his heart was racing that much that his legs were doing the thinking and the acting. He was on the landing and Robert decided  that to get away from the killer, he'd have to go to the third floor; his legs carried on running and up to the third floor he went. He turned slightly to see if anyone was behind him - Josephine was...but no Mrs Peacock. They were in another set of corridors - Robert knew where they were, this was the floor with the cheaper rooms, the rooms that the people with less money would stay in if they were at Tudor Mansion. It was hard to see because the house was in darkness, Robert was sure that the killer could creep up on them and they wouldn't see him, his cloak was dark and the house was that pitch black that he'd just seem like a shadow. Robert ran inside one of the rooms and waited for Josephine to follow him inside before slamming the door shut - "My mother...she ran outside!" said Josephine with the sound of fear and panic in her voice.

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"Did the killer go after her?" asked Robert; as Josephine gasped for breath, she said "I didn't see...". Robert hoped that Mrs Peacock was alright, but he hadn't seen her defend herself against the killer yet, and if Mrs White had been murdered by Mr Boddy, then Mrs Peacock's chances were slim to say the least. "So who's doing this?" asked Josephine - Robert completely forgot he hadn't got round to telling her about Mr Boddy's board game, he handed her the papers and began explaining what he knew.

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Mrs Peacock could hear the sound of footsteps behind her, the killer was chasing her! The night sky was black and Mrs Peacock had no idea where she was running. She saw a small building at the left of the Tudor Mansion grounds - she ran to the door and tried getting in, but it was locked. She turned to see the killer was still heading towards her. Was it stupid? Possibly, but the only place she could run was through the green shrubs to the side of the small building. As she ran she realised that this wasn't just a set of tree's, this was a maze of some sort...a maze?!

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Mrs Peacock had no time to try and think about a way to get out of some maze; she began searching frantically, turning corner's upon corner's - she stopped for a moment, hoping to hear footprints of movement from the maze. Silence fell for several minutes...had he given up?

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Suddenly, the silence was broke and Mrs Peacock heard twigs snapping and branches breaking, as though someone was chopping their way through them. She looked around and tried to listen to where the sound was coming from - it was from behind her, it was surely the killer trying to chop his way through the bushes to get to her. Mrs Peacock's feet moved again, she had no idea where Josephine was, but she hoped her daughter would come into sight soon, she needed help here; it didn't help that she had such a long skirt on, it was proving impossible to try and run in her long blue dress.


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Mrs Peacock was getting frantic, she genuinely couldn't find her way out of the maze, she was lost, every corner she turned lead to another corner and she was sure she was going round in circles - she could go back the way she came in, but the fear of that...reaper waiting for her made her decide to stick to the route she was going. She continued to turn corner upon corner - she was hitting several dead ends and she could still hear the chopping of branches and twigs falling in the distance. "Who has a maze in their garden anyway? Sure they look good", thought Mrs Peacock, "but it's not like they provide anything else..." Mrs Peacock saw a gap, it was a small gap, but she was nearly out, she could see the pathway she'd ran down when she came into the maze. She frantically ran towards the opening and suddenly...she found herself on the outside of the maze again, the exact way she came in. "Thank god..." whispered Mrs Peacock, just as she was about to run towards the mansion, she noticed...silence.

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Why had the branches stopped snapping? Mrs Peacock turned slightly to listen carefully... nothing, no noise, no footsteps or anything. As she glanced behind her...

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"Oh my god!" he was there! The cloaked figure, grabbed hold of Mrs Peacock's waiste and threw her onto the floor and back into the maze. Mrs Peacock tried to get away from him by crawling backwards - she was going back into the maze - NO! She was so close, she should have just used her feet and made it back to the house without any hesitation. Now she was going back into the maze again - it was very stupid.

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Mrs Peacock felt if she turned around she'd be able to get back to her feet - the panic, the killer was walking towards her, very calmly - as Mrs Peacock tried to get to her feet she felt the killer wrap his arm around her waiste, he lifted her into the air and Mrs Peacock did what she could only do - she screamed - "No! Let me go!" she begged; "I can pay you loads of money, I can give you anything you want..." she pleaded as the reaper threw her back on to the floor. Mrs Peacock landed on her elbow and let out a slight whimper, she was convinced she'd damaged by landing on it like she did. "Please...I beg you..." she said as she looked back at the killer; the cloaked figure was about to kill her, this was it...she couldn't do anything and nothing was going to save her. "Please...please..." she said as tears began strolling down her perfect face - the Killer raised his hand in the air, Mrs Peacock looked at what he was holding - it was a candlestick, he must have picked it up from the house when he was chasing them.

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THUD! THUD! THUD! THUD! THUD! THUD! THUD! THUD! THUD! THUD! THUD! THUD! Were the sounds from the maze as the murderer beat Mrs Peacock to death. The loud thuds echoed through the quiet Mansion grounds as Mrs Peacock's skull was possibly cracked in two - suddenly...they stopped. The garden was silent now and no movement was heard from the maze or from the rest of the garden, even the owls that were so loud earlier had become silent, as though they were paying their last respects to the murdered Mrs Peacock.