Chapter 10

Chapter 10 - 'Accusations'

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Miss Scarlett couldn't believe her ears, so all what had happened was part of some man's obsession with having a successful board game? The whole point in this was so he could learn about the characters and make them be a hit? Why would someone do that? What normal person would do that? All these thoughts crossed her mind; yet there was something Robert said that made her change - "We need to go back downstairs..." he said, folding the papers up and putting them in his pocket. "There's something I've realised, there's an old computer in the library..." he said, Josephine's heart began beating - a way out? "I think if we can get the power on and get on that PC, we can contact the police" he said - this was a good plan, Josephine nodded. "Wait..." she said, the realisation made the idea melt around her like ice - "where's the power switch?" she asked. "No idea, but it'll be in either the Living room, dining room or the bar room you was in before..." stated Robert, he must have known about this kind of stuff, because Josephine wouldn't have known where to start with power switches. "If we take it slow, we can make it..." said Robert - he signalled towards the door and the pair of them slowly walked out of it; they tried not to make much noise, just in case the killer was waiting for them - although Jospehine was sure they probably wouldn't see him because of the darkness of the Mansion.

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They went downstairs and slowly stepped into the Tudor Mansion hall - Robert looked at Josephine and whispered "You check the Dining room, I'll check the Living room..." he said; he slowly made his way to the living room - Josephine felt uneasy about being alone, but she couldn't exactly say anything, the sooner they got away the better.

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She entered the Dining room and scanned the tops of the living room to see if there was a box or something - there was nothing, she couldn't see anything that may even look like it could be connected to the power; that being said, she wasn't sure what exactly she was looking for. She took one last final glance around her and hurridly made her way to the living room where Robert was - she saw him in the living room, it didn't matter how dark it was, Josephine could see someone that handsome in pitch black - it shone through at her like a ray of light.

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"Nothing!" she whispered; Robert looked at her and began looking around - "Nothing here, either..." he said. He nodded towards the door to the bar room and the pair of them slowly made their way towards it.

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They walked into the door and instantly, Robert began rushing towards a small box that was by the fire place - Josephine saw this earlier but didn't think for one second it was connected to the power.

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As Robert flicked a switch, Tudor Mansion was bright again as the lights came on - "Thank god for that..." said Robert, the whispering had stopped, clearly the lights made the fear grow less.



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Suddenly, the glass door to the left of Miss Scarlett flung open...Josephine screamed - "WAIT!" said a familar voice - "It's just me..." said the voice of Peter Plum. "Where the hell have you been all this time?" asked Robert; it was strange that no one had heard of Peter all this time - "I've been looking for you guys, I think I found a way out by the way..." he said innocently. Robert wasn't buying it, he didn't believe him - "Oh really, well...half of us are dead..." he said; Peter's face changed - "What?" he asked, the shocked look on his face was convincing. Josephine turned her face away, she didn't believe him either - "So why is that we've all been together and most of us have died, yet you've been alone..." began Miss Scarlett - "Easy pray..." added Robert - "...and yet you're still alive?" finished Miss Scarlett. Peter shrugged; "I have no idea?" he said nervously - he looked at them both - "Oh come on, do you really think I'm responsible here?" he asked frantically. "I found Doctor Black's body..." said Professor Plum - "Exactly!" said Josephine; "you walked off and suddenly, he's dead..." she stated - she had a point. Robert was preparing to get defensive, he knew if Peter was the killer, then he would pounce at any moment. "What relation are you to Mr Boddy?" asked Robert, he was sure that's what it was - maybe Peter was his nephew or something? "Who?" asked Peter, the look of confusion was written across his face. "Mr Boddy, the person who owns Tudor Mansion?" said Josephine sarcastically - Peter looked at both of them - "Look...I don't know what to say, but I'm not a killer..." said Peter, his voice began cracking, as though he was under enormous amounts of pressure.

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"Save it!" said Robert; he walked to the door and opened it - "We have a way out of here now, you're not getting away with this..." he said - he opened the door and began walking through the living room. Josephine stayed with Peter, she didn't trust him one bit - "It's over Peter..." she said - "I swear..." said Peter; Josephine shook her head and put her hand in his face - "Save it!" she barked. "Come through here..." shouted Robert; Josephine grabbed Peter's jacket and scruffed him through the living room and into the hallway; she then walked through the small door which lead her into an old dark library.

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"So this is where you found the information" she said as she looked around. She released Peter and he stood firmly still in front of her - "And here's the computer" said Robert and he switched it on. Jospehine caught Peter glancing at the open door, so she flung it shut - "Don't even think about it..." she said. The computer loaded and Robert began clicking and tapping at the keyboard - "'re both making a huge mistake..." said Peter; he was terribly shakey - "Are we?" asked Josephine - "Yes..." said Peter, trembling and quivering - "I haven't...I swear..." he began crying, tears rolled down his eyes; "I swear...I couldn't kill anyone...I'm...I'm not a killer..." he said. "Don't let him fool you..." said Robert; for a moment, Josephine felt slightly sorry for Peter, but Robert brought the situation back down to reality. "Save it!" barked Josephine. THUD! THUD! THUD! Followed by a large clattering noise could be heard from outside the Library - "What was that?!" asked Peter; Josephine looked at the ceiling - "It sounded like it was coming from upstairs, it could be my Mother...". Josephine flung the door open and ran into the hallway...there...lying on the floor...


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"Doctor Black?!" gasped Josephine - she rushed to his aid, the Doctor was moving - he was alive! "W...w...I was...attacked..." he said, the words were struggling to leave his mouth.

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Robert joined Josephine in the hallway - "Take it easy mate, you're going to be alright..." said Robert as he helped the Doctor to his feet. "What's going on? I saw the Reverend...he's...dead..." said Doctor Black, the confusion was sweeping through him and came out in his words as he spoke. "We'll explain later, just hang on in there..." said Robert - Doctor Black entered the Library and sat in one of the chairs. "P...Peter..." he said; Peter smiled - "thank god you're alright my friend..." said Professor Plum

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Josephine leaned forwards and into Peter's face - "Don't talk to him, you have no right!" she barked. Robert continued his clicking and typing on the computer. "What's going on?" said Doctor Black as he got to his feet - "Why the hostility towards Peter?" he asked - his speech had cleared up slightly. "To cut a story short, this freak has been on a murderous rampage...he's the one who attacked you" said Miss Scarlett, glaring at Peter. "Why Peter...that's very horrible...indeed" said Doctor Black, his voice had changed.

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Josephine looked at Doctor Black who now was holding a gold revolver - "Oh my god!" she gasped as he held up the revolver towards Professor Plum. "What are you doing?!" she gasped - GUNSHOT! Peter Plum fell to the floor and blood began pouring out of his head where the bullet had pierced his skull.

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Robert jumped to his feet and saw as the gun pointed towards him - GUNSHOT! Robert was still alive...but as he turned around, the computer screen was destroyed. "'re Mr Boddy...aren't you?" asked Robert, it was sinking in now, this was all planned by "Doctor Black" - Mr Boddy smiled - "Yes, but ssh! No one is supposed to know that..." said Mr Boddy as he held the gun towards both Josephine and Robert.