Chapter 11

Chapter 11 - 'Killer Revealed"


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"You're Mr Boddy?" asked Josephine, she was confused, he was introduced to her as Doctor Black? Mr Boddy smiled - "Has it not sunk in yet?" he asked Miss Scarlett in a patronising manor. "Yes, I'm Mr Boddy..." he confirmed as he continued to keep the gun pointing at both of them - "But...the staff would have recognised you..." said Robert, he was also confused as to how Mr Boddy hid his identity. "The staff...never saw Mr Boddy; they just worked for him" said the murderer as he cocked his head to the side slightly - "I couldn't just arrive as myself, I had to figure out a persona...someone I whilst this event planned out" said Mr Boddy. "But why not just be yourself? Why not pretend that Mr Boddy was murdered?" asked Miss Scarlett - "Because in order for me to learn about my characters, I had to create Doctor Black...I couldn't be in the game myself...I wasn't allowed" barked Mr Boddy.

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"All this...just so your board game would be successful?" said Robert, who couldn't help thinking there was more to this than he already knew. Mr Boddy laughed - "Do you know what it's like being the son of someone who constantly tries to make you be like him? Do you know what it's like to have your father barking in your ear, screaming at you that you'll never amount to anything?!" said Mr Boddy, getting more hysterical by the question. It hit Robert, so this was all a hit out on Mr Boddy's part? "My Father said that creativity was nothing, that it would get me nowhere in life...that I' m wasting my time...that he was disappointed that I hadn't gone into coal work like him..." explained Mr Boddy, in a aggitated manor. "No, I wanted more and he didn't like it - so...I told him one day, I said 'Dad, I'm going to make something of myself'..." said Mr Boddy - Josephine stepped in, she was still finding it hard to understand why Mr Boddy would have gone to so much work to kill people just to gain knowledge on characters for his board game. "So you did this because of your Daddy, huh?" she asked in a forceful tone - Mr Boddy pointed the gun towards her and said "I wish...I wish that my Father was like your Mother..." said Mr Boddy, not even thinking about Josephine's feelings towards her Mother's death - "your Mother abandoned you, I wish my Father had done the same to me because then...then...I may have...been spared of the...physical...and mental abuse I had to put up with through my teenage years..." said Mr Boddy, he was positively hysterical at this point; Robert decided to take matters in his own hand at this point. "Maybe you deserved it?" asked Robert, hoping to create some sort of reaction from Mr Boddy - he got it.

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Mr Boddy faced Robert, he looked beyond outraged, he eyes went bloodshot and his face was looking even more scarlet by the second. He walked over to Robert slowly with the revolver in the air as though he was about to use that final weapon in his sick imaginary board game - "What did you say?" he said as he walked right up to Robert - "I said...maybe you deserved it, I mean, you're not exactly a model son, are you?" said Robert, refusing to look or feel threatened. Although the fact that Mr Boddy now placed the gun on Robert's neck made the uneasy feeling consume him.



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osephine didn't know what to do, Mr Boddy must have been an inch away from firing that gun through Robert's skull and there was nothing she could do about it. She quickly glanced around looking for something she could do to make him stop - but there was nothing, her mind was a total blank and she couldn't exactly concentrate because she was listened to the heated words said between Robert and Mr Boddy.

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"I was a good son, everything I ever did was to try and impress my Father..." shouted Mr Boddy - "after my Mother died when I was 6, he was the only thing I had left, yet he treated me like a dirty doll..." he continued as his mouth was practically in Robert's face. Josephine saw it! The small lampshade in the corner, she could use that, she could quickly swip it towards Mr Boddy and hope it hits him on the head - or if she's  quick enough, she could run and smash it directly over his head, she was sure if Robert saw what she was doing he'd jump in, whether it was a wise decision or not, it was the only one they had right now. "He was the bad Father, so don't you dare tell me..." said Mr Boddy, his voice raised each time he spoke - "that I was a bad son because I know I f*****g wasn't!!" he yelled in Robert's face. As silence consumed the room, Robert began talking back to him, this time apologising for his words earlier.

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Josephine now decided to seize the moment; she ran towards the lampshade and grabbed it, she couldn't see how Mr Boddy was reacting because she didn't look straight away; as she spun round with the lampshade in her hand he was staring at her; as she charged towards him Robert used his elbow and hit Mr Boddy from the back on his shoulder, forcing him to fall to his knees and yell in pain. The revolver he had dropped out of his hand and fell somewhere out of sight - Josephine proceeded running towards Mr Boddy and smashed him over the head with the lamp - he yelled in more pain and as Robert ran towards the door, Josephine tried to follow him, but she felt a hand wrap round her ankle, causing her to fall face first onto the floor.

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Mr Boddy crawled over her and placed his hand over her neck - "You weren't supposed to live this long Miss Scarlett!" he snarled as he began strangling her - just then she saw Mr Boddy's face connected with Robert's foot - Robert had kicked him and Mr Boddy released Josephine from his grip. Mr Boddy held the side of his face in pain, he and Robert then got into a scuffle and the pair seemed to punch and kick each other several times. Josephine watched as Robert fell onto the floor - Mr Boddy didn't continue attacking him, he looked towards Josephine and walked over to her - he was clearly annoyed that she had caused the scuffle, it must have been going well from Mr Boddy's point of view. As Mr Boddy came close, Josephine searched frantically for something defensive, she was strong but she couldn't take on Mr Boddy, not in the frame of mind he was in right now. As he came towards her, Josephine quickly grabbed what she could see on the coffee table - a pen! She stabbed Mr Boddy in the cheek with the pen, causing him to yell in yet more pain!

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He held his cheek, but then grabbed hold of Josephine's neck - the strangling was going to start again? No, instead Mr Boddy used force and slammed Josephine's face against the wall.