Chapter 12

Chapter 12 - 'Fight or Flight'


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Robert watched as Josephine's body began lifeless and fell to the floor out of Mr Boddy's grip - "No!" shouted Robert; he got to his feet and stood in front of Mr Boddy; Robert's back was near the door and Mr Boddy's back was against the book shelves. As Mr Boddy glared at Robert, he said - "Don't you see...all of you...were just meant to die today...". The sinister look in Mr Boddy's eye made Robert feel uneasy - still he replied "All this to impress your Father? All this to become successful...blood is on your hands..." stated Robert. Mr Boddy laughed and said "I don't care...about people any more! I turned my back on the human race the minute my Mother died..." said Mr Boddy - Robert was sick of this!

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All Mr Boddy had talked about was how hard his life had been and how he wanted his Daddy to pay for what he did, quite frankly, Robert's upbringing wasn't amazing but he wasn't a murderer. "Oh why don't you just shut up..." said Robert; Mr Boddy's eye's widened and he glared at Robert - "You know something...congratulations you were brought up badly, we're all very sorry your Father was abusive; but this is not the answer - you didn't kill all these people because of your Father..." shouted Robert; Mr Boddy looked beyond furious, he could snap at any moment. "You killed them because you're a psychotic, murdering, selfish b*****d!" yelled Robert, he didn't care any more - Mr Boddy needed telling. Just then, Mr Boddy moved his coat to one side and pulled out...the dagger! He had kept it hidden there all this time - he charged towards Robert; luckily Robert was near the door.

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He ran out into the Tudor Mansion hall and began racing upstairs - "why not the front door?" thought Robert, but his mind reasoned that it may have taken too long to open the door and run outside again. "I'm going to kill you!" yelled Mr Boddy as he chased Robert up the stairs to the second floor. Robert had no idea where he was going, but he was just following his feet's direction. He found himself going up the extra flight of stairs and onto the third floor again - this time the lights were on and Robert could see that there was set of stairs and a hatch leading up to another flight of stairs. Robert ran up the steps and pushed the hatch open, he found himself feeling the cooler air of outside - he was on the roof. He glanced around for a few seconds, suddenly he felt a sharp pain go through his carv - "Arrgh!" he yelled; Mr Boddy had sliced open Robert's carv - as he climbed through the hatch he felt as Mr Boddy made other attemps to stab him in the legs, hopefully in Mr Boddy's eyes to paralyse him.

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Robert got to his feet and limped around, there was no way down, he went to the furthest corner but couldn't see a way to get down from the roof - he was trapped.


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Mr Boddy caught up Robert, but he had no choice to stay put - Mr Boddy stood in front of him and raised the knife in the air, as though waring Robert that he'd stab him if he even thought of moving. "This night...was supposed to go perfect..." said Mr Boddy - Robert decided to go down a different route with his murderous enemy - "You need help..." said Robert. Mr Boddy shook his head - "I know what I need, my plans are exactly what I need..." he said, he looked incredibly aggrivated, yet he seemed sad - he was genuinely upset his plans hadn't worked.

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"No, Mr Boddy you need to speak to someone - we can get you help" offered Robert, Mr Boddy's head shook frantically -"No! This game will be successful! I will be someone, nothing is going to stop me..." he said hysterically. Robert looked down at the floor - "Fine, but how are you going to explain all these killings?" asked Robert; Mr Boddy smiled "No one knows about them and that's the way it's going to stay, I'll dispose of all the bodies and that'll be the end of it - I feel I...know my victims now" said Mr Boddy smugly. Before Robert could speak, Mr Boddy said "I especially Mr Mustard..."; he had got Robert's attention - "hoping to be a soldier, but really you will never make it. The reason you were sent here is because your boss doesn't know what the hell to do with you..." stated Mr Boddy. Robert was stunned, was this true? "That's a lie..." he said defensively. Mr Boddy laughed - "Is it? Why else would you 'need a break', Sergents aren't that generous, you were gotten out the way Robert, because you'll never, ever make it..." said Mr Boddy.

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Doubt began to cloud Robert's mind, was he telling the truth? The Sergent always praised him for his work and his dedication to the job, why would they want rid of him? Mr Boddy laughed again - "Oh, did I upset you? Truth hurts, doesn't it?" said Mr Boddy. Robert looked to the floor, it wasn't true, he knew it wasn't! He turned the subject back to the one they had before - "How are you going to explain to the police about the bodies though?" asked Robert; he was still looking at the floor - "What do you mean? The police don't know anything" replied Mr Boddy. Robert finally looked at his enemy in the eye - "They do, right before you shot the computer, I'd already contacted 911...they are on their way..." he said. "What?!" gasped Mr Boddy, he began to look squirmish, as though ants had just invaded his underwear. "Yeah, so guess you're not going to get away with this after all..." said Robert...

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"You stupid, ignorant b*****d...I'm going to kill you!" yelled Mr Boddy. "Besides..." said Robert calmly; "You've broken the rule, if you kill me with that dagger, you've still not used the Revolver one last time, the plans and the weapons don't add up" stated Robert. Mr Boddy blinked several times, as though thinking through what Robert had just said - "Urgh!!!" yelled Mr Boddy - "It doesn't matter..." shouted Mr Boddy. "You're the last to die!" he continued - he moved forward after preparing himself to stab Robert, but suddenly out of nowhere - GUNSHOT!

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Josephine had shot Mr Boddy! Right  through the heart. She came round downstairs and her hand was an inch away from the revolver he dropped. Mr Boddy dropped the knife out of his hand and started walking backwards - Josephine knew what was going to happen, if he fell he'd fall off the Tudor Mansion building, but where would it lead to?

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As Mr Boddy fell backwards, he did indeed fall off the building. Shortly after - SMASH!

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As Robert and Josephine rushed towards the edge to see where he had landed, both were visually shocked as they saw that he'd fallen straight through the conservatory roof. Mr Boddy was certainly dead and thankfully, Robert and Josephine had survived.

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"He's dead then..." said Josephine; Robert sighed and said "Yes...he certainly is...". Josephine caught eyes with Robert and the pair stared at each other - "Hey..." she said, she knew what Robert was thinking."There was nothing we could have done to save him...he was...too troubled..." she said, comfortingly. Robert did feel bad for him, he hoped Mr Boddy could have gotten some help, but realistically, he had been too evil and had committed such horrible acts for him to be treated lightly. "I know..." said Robert, "It's just, I wish all this could have been avoided" he finished. Just then the sound of sirens echoed through the Tudor Mansion grounds, Josephine and Robert rushed towards the side of the building and saw that the police had arrived. "You contacted them?" wondered Josephine - Robert nodded and said "Right before he decided to shoot the computer...".

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Robert couldn't wait to get away from Tudor Mansion now - it had been one big nightmare and Robert planned on putting it into his past as soon as he possibly could. He still had doubt over the Sergent though, but he decided to save that for another day...