Chapter 13

Chapter 13 - 'Stolen Plans'


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The echoes of high heels were loud on the porch of Tudor Mansion.

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The sun had rise, the police had been searching and the Mansion doorway was wrapped with crime scene tape - understatement if you asked Josephine. She moved the Crime Scene banner and entered the hallway, the mansion itself had a lot of ghosts for Josephine now, she wondered whether her return was even worth the hasstle. She took a moment to look around, the once-beautiful Mansion was now like a horror house, the memories of screaming, the blood, the dead bodies and the yells of Mr Boddy were still fresh in her mind. Again, she wondered if it was worth it, but Josephine was driven by success and she could smell it a mile away after she left Tudor Mansion 2 nights ago.

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She made her way through to the Library, everything was as it was, nothing had been moved - the forensic officers evidentally believed it was best kept exactly how it was found in order to get to the bottom of the horrible murders that Mr Boddy had committed. Josephine proceeded with her plan, she could see what she was looking for at the end of the room near the computer - Robert placed them there when he contacted the computer and never picked them up again. This was illegal, she shouldn't be in the building, if she was caught she'd surely be seen as a suspect - but she didn't care, she knew those officers were on their lunch break and they'd gone to McDonalds which was half a mile down the road. She moved forward slowly and saw the folded pieces of paper on the side, not ripped, not damaged or anything. She placed them in her coat pocked and looked around the room once more - so much blood had been shed in one house, Josephine felt it would be best if the powers that be just ordered it to be bulldozed or something. Still, she had lingered in this house of horrors too long - she proceeded and left Tudor Mansion. You see, Josephine believed that Mr Boddy did have the ability to be successful, his idea was fantastic, he just went homocidal about it and ruined it for himself. With the weapons, the characters and the name of the idea in her pocket, Josephine only had to make a few slight alterations until it was perfect.

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She didn't know how the reaction was going to be, but she knew this much - it was going to be one heck of a board game!