Confidential Episode 2 – To Die for One’s Country

4th November


GAS! Gas! Quick, boys! - An ecstasy of fumbling,

Fitting the clumsy helmets just in time;

But someone still was yelling out and stumbling

And floundering like a man in fire or lime.--

Dim, through the misty panes and thick green light

As under a green sea, I saw him drowning.

In all my dreams, before my helpless sight,

He plunges at me, guttering, choking, drowning.



Another day, another journey to work. Having spent a week working on the Levsko murder, he was beginning to lose patience with the case. He had dug up so little evidence and background checks were suspiciously empty. It was one of those impossible cases that might require some contacts in higher places – the problem was finding those places.

Neil was running late again, so waiting in the morning briefing Chris decided to ask his colleague Lucy what she thinks he should do with Levsko. She had always been a helpful member of the force, and was deserving of a promotion once Neil leaves. If he ever leaves, that is.

“Sounds to me like an interesting case, but not a Met one. I’d refer it to Special Branch or the intelligence service, personally.” He hadn’t thought of that one – but what would Neil say?

“Surely it would look like I was just fed up with the case and wanted to pass it over?” asked Chris. Lucy smiled, and sat down as Neil bumbled into the room, mopping his brow.

With the briefing over at last, Chris managed to catch Neil sorting out some emails before he ran off to his office. It might be the only opportunity today to ask him his opinion.

“Chris, I was meaning to talk to you about the Levsko case. How’s it going, seemed slow last week?” Neil had got in there first, now he was backed into a corner to answer the question.

“Actually I was meaning to talk to you about that case, Sarg. I think it’s a job for MI5 or Special Branch. The background checks have turned up very little, and he’s a former KGB agent.” Chris bit his lip, awaiting a response. Winch showed little response for a few seconds, but drew breath sharply for a reply.

“As long as you’re certain you can’t continue with it. It does seem like a strange case, and the murder we believe he committed is very hard to trace back to him. I will forward some details to some other senior officers and see what they can do.” Neil left the room hurriedly.

“Lucky you Chris. If that had been anyone else in the force...” He knew what Lucy was saying – many had suggested he was being lined up for a promotion that had always looked like Lucy’s before he joined.

“Well let’s just hope he didn’t see it as me being unable to do it.” Chris could never be complacent, especially in front of his colleagues.


Striding into the plain and simple lobby of her offices, Poppy was stopped suddenly as the receptionist called out her name. Noreen was a stingy type, so Poppy cringed as soon as she called out.

“Ms Brown, you have a new appointment for this afternoon.” Noreen droned in her melancholic voice. All you need first thing in the morning, thought Poppy through her false smile.

“Thanks, Noreen.” The long lunch out of the window, she entered the elevator and headed up to her office. Still, at least it was time for the second coffee of the day.



Despite the Sergeant looking into handing it over to MI5, Chris decided to keep on looking for some evidence of Levsko’s crimes. He had gotten some contact details from the Information team, and kept pushing the email source for any details on Levsko. But for now, he decided to check out the apartment where Andrei was believed to be staying.

Arriving at a derelict, dingy bar on the outskirts of town, it looked like the details were wrong. But out of the corner of his eye Chris saw a rickety old staircase leading up to a flat. Hoping that for once something about this guy was true, he locked the car doors and climbed the stairs.

Noticing the door was slightly open, he slid his way into the apartment, and the stench of old food and grime hit him like a rock. Holding down his breakfast, he silently looked around the place, hoping not to arouse suspicion from the bar below.

Immediately the computer caught his attention, and having established that Levsko did live here and wasn’t around, Chris took a look quickly at the folders and files.

After searching around for a bit, he found his way deep into the hard drive. In there was a file, containing a shocking plan. He couldn’t believe what he was reading, and hurriedly copied the file over to his memory stick, and ran out of the building.


“Sir, I’ve made a breakthrough.” Shouted Chris, as he threw himself into the police station. Neil was looking in a cheerful mood, for once.

“What is it?” Winch was clearly interested – he didn’t want to make any more phone calls to Special Branch today, and hoped that this was what they needed.

“It’s bigger than I thought – definitely MI5 stuff. We need to go to a computer.” Lucy came in the room, looking bemused. “Right... Hurry up then!” shouted Sergeant.

“I found Levsko’s address, and his door was ajar and nobody was in. So I went inside...” “You what?” interrupted Neil, only to go quiet again. “This file was deep inside his hard drive – take a look.”

“Oh my god Chris.”


“Ms Brown, your visitor is here for you.”

“Thanks Noreen, I’ll come and meet him.” Poppy was not looking forward to this meeting.

“So, we finally meet Mrs Brown.” Chris was in a great mood, but wanted to get the facts out fast too.

“Miss Brown, actually. Now cut the charm offensive Mr David. What do you want?” Poppy wasn’t in a good mood, and wanted him gone ASAP.

“Shall we go to your office?” Chris was already walking towards the elevator.

“Of course, Mr David.”

“Now, what did you want again?” Chris smiled at her.

“MI5 is an important organisation – I thought you’d be pleased to have some information on a terrorist.” He had her in the palm of her hand.

“What information and why was my PA not told about it?” Poppy was interested now – this wasn’t what she had expected.

“Your PA, Ms Brown, is a receptionist. And the information was only found this afternoon.”

“Spit it out, Christopher.”

“Today one of our police officers found a file on a suspect’s computer, detailing a planned attack on British soil and Belgian soil.”

“What’s their name?”

“Andrei Levsko.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me, right?” Poppy was clearly shocked.

“No, why would I be?”

“Because Andrei Levsko... well I know him, alright?”

“You do?”

“Yes! And he’s not a murderer or a terrorist!”

“Well... Erm... Clearly he is. Look at this file.” Chris was dumbfounded.

“No! Get out!”

“You heard me! Leave!”

“Erm... I’ll email the receptionist the file then. Erm...”

“Go already!”

“You need to keep an eye on that one, Noreen.”


Sitting in the canteen, Lucy was still shocked after reading the file. “Can you believe that he’s not just a murderer but a terrorist as well?”

“No, but we shouldn’t be talking about it – you know that.”

“Sorry Sarg. I can’t help it...” Neil sighed. This was one of those days for Lucy.

“I just hope MI5 arrest him and lock him up for a long time. He cannot be allowed to go ahead with this!”

“I know... Killing the Prime minister?”

“And setting off a bomb by MI5 too...”