Life of Bella Goth - Series 1 - Episode 1

Children: Tell us a story Grandma!!
Cassandra: Oh, dears, it's best you get some rest.

Ben: Grandma. Please?
Cassandra: Oh no, not now. I'm tired. Go to sleep.
Children: Please?

Cassandra: Alright, but not a long one.
Mandy: What about Red riding hood?
Cassandra: Again? Oh no, you want something exciting.
Ben: Well...go on then.
Cassandra: Well, let's see. I wonder what i can tell you.
Mandy: What ever happened to your Mommy? I've never seen her.
Ben: Me neither.
Cassandra: Well...its...Ok, I'll tell you. Well, you all know about your great grandpa don't you?
Lucy: Yeah, great grandpa Mortimer?
Cassandra: Well he fell in love with a woman called Bella. And they lived happily ever after. Night
Mandy: Grandma?!

Mandy: Grandma?!
Cassandra: Oh alright. Ok, where to start.
Ben: Well, my Mom always told's best to start a book, at the first chapter.
Cassandra: Quite right she is...well...I think that this tale would have to start with family.
Ben: Family?

Cassandra: Yes... Let me take you back before you were born...

There was Simis Bachelor, the father of the family, and the money provider.

Then, there was Jocasta Bachelor. The mother of the family.

And of course the kids. Michael, the tease and torment...

And then...there was Bella, a sweet young girl who loved her family

Jocasta: What do you think kids?
Michael: It's a bit...big.
Simis: C'mon son, that's the beauty of it. The bigger the better.
Bella: Mommy, can i go upstairs to see my new room?
Jocasta: Why sure you can dear.

Simis: This is it Jocasta, this is the house we've been looking for.
Jocasta: I sure hope so.
Simis: What's to hope? Look at it. You can't get better than this.


3 Months Later...

(Phone rings)
Jocasta: Hello? Yes Mr Strawberry...but i have kids...its quite serious when you can't leave dare you!
Well, i fire myself thank you very much.
Michael: What happened Mom?

Jocasta: I got fired for not turning up today.
Bella: I thought you explained?
Jocasta: So did I.

Jocasta: Welcome home dear.
Simis: Hello darling. Not a lot earned today. How about you?

Jocasta: Look, i have something to tell you. Something which your not going to like.
Simis: Oh no. What is it?
Jocasta: It's...ok, my job has gone; I don't have one no more.
Simis: Jo, what are you playing at, we can't afford not to have more money.
Jocasta: They sacked me for not turning up today.
Simis: We're doomed.
Jocasta: Don't say that. Somehow, someway, we'll fix this. I promise.

Bella: Morning mom
Jocasta: Morning Bella. Say, how are you today?
Bella: Fine, just off to the park with Daddy.
Jocasta: Ok then. Have fun.
Bella: Mommy?
Jocasta: Yes dear.
Bella: Why don't we have any money?
Jocasta: What makes you say that?
Bella: I heard you and Daddy talking last night.
Jocasta: Darling, I and your dad have had our problems, but we always fight through them in the end.
Bella: Mommy?
Jocasta: Yes dear...
Bella: Why don't you ask for help?
Jocasta: Bella dear, we can't. We wouldn't want to Burdon them without problems.
Bella: That sounds silly.
Jocasta: It isn't.

Bella: Yes it is, we have friends here, and if you won't find help i will.
Jocasta: Bella?!

Mortimer: Hiya. Where are your Mommy and Daddy?
Bella: My Daddy's over there, and Mommy's at home.
Mortimer: So, how are you?
Bella: Fine, just sad.
Mortimer: Why?
Bella: My Mommy and Daddy have no money. They can't afford our house now.
Mortimer: Oh dear, that's terrible.
Bella: I know.

Mortimer: Well, I'm sure my Daddy will give your Mommy some money. They're friends now.
Bella: Really? Oh my goodness. Thanks

Mortimer: It's fine. What are friends for?
Bella: Your best friend ever!

Simis: Hey, we're home.
Jocasta: Hey! How was it?
Bella: It was really good.
Michael: The Park is rubbish.
Bella: Is not!
Jocasta: Kids, go upstairs please.
Bella: Ok.
Michael: Why?
Jocasta: Just do it.

Jocasta: Bella heard us last night. She knows we're struggling.
Simis: Jocasta, all you have to do, is get another job.
Jocasta: I can't, I can't find any.
Simis: Well, any will do.
Jocasta: Look, I don't like any of the one's in there.
Simis: Well that's not the point is it? We're going to starve here. No food, nor heating. If you don't get a job, we're all going to die.
Jocasta: Don't be so foolish.
Simis: Me? Me being foolish. Jocasta your being horrible. Think of the kids.
Jocasta: I always do!

(door bell rings)

Simis: Hello!
Gunther: Why hello Simis. May i come in?
Simis: Sure Gunther.
Jocasta: Hello Gunther. Hello Mortimer. How are you?
Gunther: I want to talk to you both.

Bella: Mortimer?!
Mortimer: Bella!
Bella: I got a new castle. Come and see.
Gunther: Lovely child. Anyway, let me get to the main reason I'm here...

Bella: Psst...Did you sort it?
Mortimer: Yeah, he's giving them money now.
Bella: Yes!

Gunther: I've spoken to your ex-manager Jocasta, and he told me that you'd been sacked. Now, i know that Simis isn't earning a lot. So, I've got a offer for you.
Jocasta: What?
Gunther: Jocasta, I'm offering you $110,000 for the house.
Jocasta: (gasps)

Bella: (Gasps)

Simis: Wow!
Gunther: ...$110,000 for two months. And, you can both work in a factory up town, that is, when Bella and Michael are a little older.
Jocasta: Goodness me, i don't know what to say.
Gunther: Then i shall leave.

Gunther: Mortimer. Come on now. Time to go home.

Mortimer: Bye Bella.
Bella: Bye Mortimer.

Simis: Thanks so much Gunther, it really means a lot.
Jocasta: Yes it really does.
Gunther: I would have preferred it if you would of just told me at the beginning.
Simis: Well, we didn't' want to pressure anyone else.
Gunther: Bye then.
Jocasta: Bye!

Jocasta: $110,000 I can't believe it!
Simis: Me neither.
Bella: What did I say. Just trust people Mommy.
Jocasta: You were right all along. You're such a clever girl!

To be continued...