Life of Bella Goth - Series 1 - Episode 2

Ben: Grandma. What happened next?

Cassandra: Well, after Bella managed to get her parents more money things were looking up for them.

Every day, Jocasta would go to work at the local factory, in order to get more money. Just in case they ever ran out. However, Jocasta aged very quickly, and by the time she was 50, she was beginning to age, a lot.
Simis would also go to his usual work. And Michael and Bella, who where now teenagers, had started high school. Of Course, some traits of being a teenager aren't very you're going to find out.

Michael: Guess what Bella?
Bella: What?
Michael: I know your secret.
Bella: Oh yeah?
Michael: Yeah. I know who your boyfriend is.
Bella: Ok, are you on drugs?
Michael: No, your just saying that to cover up.

Bella: Go on...surprise me.
Michael: Christopher Johnson.
Bella: What?!
Michael: Told ya. I found it in your diary.
Bella: My Diary? How dare you. That's my private possession.
Michael: Well, I'm selling it.
Bella: You wouldn't.
Michael: Would...
Bella: Give it back!
Michael: No...

Bella: Boys!

Cornelia: So Mortimer, how's your day been?
Mortimer: Fine thanks. Just normal.
Cornelia: So, have you done your homework?
Gunther: Darling, please. He's only just starting out.
Cornelia: Gunther, he's in 10th Grade. He's leaving next year.
Gunther: Please, Morty's got it all wrapped up. Haven't you son?
Mortimer: Sure Dad.
Cornelia: Well, off you go to bed then.
Mortimer: Ok. Night.

Mortimer: Yes, now I can finally watch the neighbours. Mrs Cumplebottom's doing her daily checks in the park. Aww Mary's kissing Bob. And sneaking out.

Bella: Sshh!
Christopher: Hurry up Bella. We've only got an hour.
Bella: Sorry.
Christopher: Watch your hands. I've just got my hair done today.
Bella: Sorry.
Christopher: Where to?
Bella: Erm, I don't know.
Christopher: (sighs) Your possibly one of the thickest person I've ever met. Lets go to the park.

Bella: It's so romantic. Look at the stars.
Christopher: Beautiful.
Bella: Are you enjoying this?
Christopher: Yes, why? Aren't you?
Bella: Well, yeah. But you seem distant with me today.
Christopher:'s cause I've got somewhere else to be.
Bella: What?! You said we'd spend the evening together.
Christopher: Well, yeah. But not watching the sky. I can do that at home.

Bella: Christopher?!

Mortimer: Hi Bella.
Bella: Mortimer?
Mortimer: Yeah it's me.
Bella: What are you doing here?
Mortimer: Came to see the stars. Aren't they wonderful?
Bella: Yes they are.
Mortimer: Something wrong? You seem a little upset.

Bella: I wish Christopher would respect me more. He just keeps thinking of himself all the time.
Mortimer: In what way?
Bella: He's just...different. Than what he was when we first met.
Mortimer: Have you told him?
Bella: Pardon?
Mortimer: Try telling him. The way to get through it is to tell him what you feel.

Bella: Your right! Oh, thanks Mortimer. You're the greatest friend anyone could ever ask for.

Bella: Hi Mrs Johnson. Is Christopher in?
Susan Johnson: Why no dear, he's at the house party. Erm...Katrina's party. You know her?
Bella: Yeah. I'll go there now. Thanks.
Susan: You're welcome.

Gunther: Where have you been?
Mortimer: Just talking to Bella at the park.
Gunther: Son, let me tell you about girls. The thing is, when you get to your age, you start experimenting more. You know? Dating
etc. But remember this. When you love someone, it's always best to tell them.
Mortimer: So, if you really love someone, then you should just tell them?
Gunther: Thats right. Now champ, go and get some rest.

Barbara: Hi Bella, what you doing here?
Bella: I've come to look for Christopher. Have you seen him?
Barbara: Why yeah! He's upstairs.
Bella: Ok, thanks.

Bella: Brad. Have you seen Chris?
Brad: Erm...he' the 6th room.
Bella: Room? Who with?
Brad: Bella, come on. Let me take you home.
Bella: Brad. Take me to him.

Bella: Here?
Brad: Yeah.

Christopher: Shit! Bella.

Bella: Oh, this was where you had to be?
Katrina: Who are you? Get out of my house!
Bella: Christopher?
Christopher: What is your problem Bella? You wanted happiness; I gave you 20 minutes of happiness, now your being moody.
Just go home.
Bella: You know what; I came here to talk about us tonight. To help our relationship.
Katrina: Hey, Bella. Take the hint, and go away.
Christopher: Yeah. We're busy.
Brad: Bella?

Jocasta: Bella? Tea's in the microwave!
Bella: I'm not hungry.

Bella: (cries) Oh why did I have to make such a fool of myself?

Jocasta: Morning Honey.
Bella: Morning.
Jocasta: Honey, is something bothering you?
Bella: No. What makes you say that?
Jocasta: You're not yourself lately. If there's something bothering you then tell me.
Bella: No Mom, its fine. I'm just running late at school, so...I'll go.
Jocasta: Ok dear.

Mrs Lotsmaker: Not many people today?
Sam: They're ill miss
Brad: Hang over more like
Sam: (giggles)
Mrs Lotsmaker: Brad Newman?
Brad: Yes miss.
Mrs Lotsmaker: Mortimer Goth?
Mortimer: Yes Miss.
Mrs Lotsmaker: Bella Bachelor? Bella Bachelor? Is Bella in today?
Brad: I haven't seen her Miss.
Sam: Neither have I.
Mrs Lotsmaker: Oh well, not going to do well on her grades then. Anyway...Sam Broodey?
Sam: Yes Miss!

Mortimer: Brad? Where's Bella?
Brad: I don't know. She saw Chris in bed with Katrina last night. And she ran home. Not seen her since.
Mortimer: Ok. Thanks.

Mortimer: Why hide here?
Bella: Mortimer?! You scared me.
Mortimer: Bella. I know what's happened.
Bella: I bet everyone's having a good laugh at me now.
Mortimer: No, they're not even talking about it.
Bella: Oh please just leave me alone Mortimer.
Mortimer: No.
Bella: Go away.
Mortimer: Look, you've got to listen to me. You're not staying here all the time. If you let Chris and Katrina see that they've got to you, then you're going to look really stupid.

Bella: (cries) I just can't face school Mortimer.
Mortimer: Well, sometimes we've got to just grin and bear it.
Bella: Will you stay with me?
Mortimer: Sure I will.

Cassandra: For the most of that term, they always spent their days together. Doing things like eating meals at the same desk.

Mandy: Where they in love?
Cassandra: I think that it decided to grow on them. Side-by-Side they grew closer and closer.
Ben: So...did he tell her he loved her?

Cassandra: Yes...I'm getting to that now. But it was her that made the first move.

Bella: Mortimer. I need to talk to you.
Mortimer: What is it?
Bella: I...I...
Mortimer: Bella? What's wrong?
Bella: I think I love you.
Mortimer: What?!
Bella: Ok I said it. I love you. You're so wonderful, beautiful. You're everything a girl would want in a man, Mortimer. You're so nice, and I love you. There, I said it.
Mortimer: What? No!
Bella: Mortimer, why can't you just accept it?

Mortimer: Accept what?
Bella: Mortimer...I love you.
Mortimer: What?!
Bella: I know you feel the same?
Mortimer: No, Bella...we're friends, that's it.
Bella: Mortimer?!
Mortimer: I'm sorry. But...I can't stay here.
Bella: Mortimer!

Mortimer: I'm sorry.

Bella: No! Please come back. Don't leave me.


Next Morning...

Bella: Why do we bother Mom?
Jocasta: What, sweety?
Bella: Boys. Why do we bother?
Jocasta: Well, the world wouldn't exsist without boys and girls. Its a fact of life.
Bella: I really like someone, and I've told him. But he keeps blocking me out. We're very close.
Jocasta: Mortimer by any chance?
Bella: Yeah. How did you guess?
Jocasta: Just a guess. He's a shy boy Bella. But he'll soon warm to you. You'll see.
Bella: Well, he better, cause this girl is going off the market. For good.
Jocasta: It must of been love...

Mortimer: Bella?
Bella: Mortimer. Hi
Mortimer: You were right. I couldn't fight it for much longer.
Bella: It's...
Mortimer: Where we belong...

Bella: That counts.
Mortimer: And I want to be with you. Every step of the way. Forever and ever.
Bella: Oh Mortimer!

Mortimer: Come and give me a hug!


10 years later...

Bella: Mortimer! Not in daylight. People will see!
Mortimer: Sorry darling, I can't keep my hands off you.

Cassandra: Mommy? Daddy? Watch me run around!
Bella: Ok dear, off you go.
Mortimer: This is what we always wanted. A family. And us together.

Bella: Forever and ever...
Mortimer: Every step of the way.

To Be Continued...