Life of Bella Goth - Series 1 - Episode 3

Worker: Sir, the clone didn't work.
Pollination: What?! Did you clone all his cells?
Worker: Every one. Still didn't work.
Pollination: We need something that will...
Worker: Well, we've tried all the males in Veronaville.
Pollination: ...And Strangetown.

Worker: Yes.
Pollination: Well, let's go and find a new area to search.

Worker: Well, I'll tell Ta-ra-two-4 to get the ship ready.
Pollination: Please do...and this time...we're looking for females.

Mortimer: Bella? Are you...
Bella: No. I'm so ill Mortimer. I keep feeling sick.
Mortimer: It's that cheesecake your mother fetched.
Bella: No Mortimer...this is different.

Mortimer: Yeah I know. It was a horrible.
Bella: Mortimer, stop going on about the cake. It isn't that.
Mortimer: Well what is it?
Bella: I think I'm pregnant.
Mortimer: (gasps) really?
Bella: Yeah, this has only ever happened to me once, and it was when i was pregnant with Cassandra.
Mortimer: Pregnant...

Gunther: Pregnant? Again? Golly. You're certainly not rushing to add more to the Goth empire son.
Mortimer: Well, we know that it's a long shot, but Bella's morning sickness, and her belly... say it all really.
Gunther: Bless her.
Mortimer: So, we're looking for a new place to live.
Gunther: Mortimer?
Mortimer: Yeah?
Gunther: Are you sure settling down is what you want?
Mortimer: Yeah, it's all I want. A family to care for. Like you.

Jocasta: Pregnant? Again?
Bella: Yeah. I found out this morning.
Jocasta: Well, Dearie me.
Bella: What?
Jocasta: Bella, one child's enough, but two's hard work. And I'm speaking from experiance.
Bella: Mom, I know what I'm doing. I want this baby more than ever.
Jocasta: (coughs) Oh, sorry... (Coughs)

Bella: Mom, are you catching a cold.
Jocasta: It's not a cold dear, it's my time.
Bella: Time for what?
Jocasta: Never mind. Just look after those little one's will you?
Bella: I promise.

Mortimer: Well darling, I've searched for a new home, and I must say I'm having no luck so far.
Cassandra: Well, we can't move from here.
Bella: It has to be in Pleasantview. Without families.
Mortimer: I know, but it's difficult. No more homes are being built.
Bella: What about that one across the street?

Mortimer: Darling that will be expensive.
Bella: Well, with our money, plus our families, we'll be able to afford it.
Cassandra: Yeah! I don't have to move school that way.
Bella: Well, let's hope that my family will be able to do this.
Mortimer: Well, we should see each family immediately.
Bella: Okay. Yours first though.


Later that Day...

Gunther: What is it darlings?
Mortimer: Okay, you know I was telling you about moving home before?
Gunther: Yeah.
Mortimer: We've found a new place, but we need money to go there.
Gunther: How much?
Mortimer: Well, we may be talking $542,000
Gunther: What?!

Mortimer: Dad! That's nothing to you.
Gunther: Son, that's a lot of money.
Mortimer: Oh fine, just don't expect any more visits.
Bella: Mortimer?

Bella: Mortimer wait!
Mortimer: There's no point. He's not going to give it to us.
Bella: Mortimer, let me speak to him.
Mortimer: No! He won't listen to you.
Bella: Why not? It's always you that makes the choices, just let me have a go.
Mortimer: Bella, just come home.
Bella: So that's the faith you have in me? None?
Mortimer: Go on then. But he won't change his mind.

Simis: I'm...I'm dying Jo.
Jocasta: No, you're going to pull through this.
Simis: I know I'm not going just yet...but soon I will.
Jocasta: You can't think like that, it's just me and you here now. We've got to keep going.
Simis: I want to do the best for Bella and Michael before I leave.
Jocasta: Well, sure.

Bella: Gunther?
Gunther: Bella? Nice to see you.
Bella: Look, I wanted to talk to you.
Gunther: I'm sorry you witnessed that.
Bella: I'm no stranger to family arguments. But the thing is Gunther, we've got a serious issue with money.
I'm expecting a new baby, and I have nowhere to live proper.
Gunther: But I can't just give the money away Bella.

Bella: We'd pay you back as soon as we had it.
Gunther: Bella, you can't promise that.
Bella: Look, I have nothing. Okay, nothing at all. I don't know what I'm meant to do. Would you like to see me on the streets?
Gunther: No Bella, of course not.
Bella: Then please, I need this.

Gunther: You always did have the sweetest smile.
Bella: Thanks.
Gunther: Okay, but tell Mortimer if he doesn't look after you, then he'll have me to deal with.
Bella: Thanks Gunther. I mean it.
Gunther: I suppose since Cornelia died...I've not touched it anyway.


Next Morning...

Jocasta: Bella? Mortimer? What do you want?
Bella: Mom, we need your help.


Meanwhile, abroad...

Michael: Yeah? Well tell him to get them files sent to me as soon as.

Michael: Can I come in?
Woman: Yeah!

Michael: Dina? You look...amazing as usual.
Dina: Well, you's natural for me.
Michael: It seems so...
Dina: Come here big boy!


Back in Pleasantview...

Jocasta: Well, yes. I can lend you money.
Bella: Really?! Thanks Mom.
Jocasta: It's my pleasure.
Mortimer: We'll be off then.

Jocasta: Just a moment. Bella?
Bella: Yeah?
Jocasta: Bella, your father is in trouble. He's really sick. Near death. Can you just go and see him and give him some love.
Bella: Okay. I'll be a moment Mortimer.

Bella: Dad?
Simis: Oh, hello Bella.
Bella: Dad, are you alright?
Simis: Yes darling. Are you?
Bella: I'm fine.
Simis: Bella. I'm telling you what I've told your Mom. I'm dying Bella.

Bella: You can't think like that!
Simis: Bella, I just want to say that it's been so good to watch you grow up. Your beautiful, and I'm so proud of you.
Bella: Dad? (cries) You can't leave me.
Simis: Darling, wipe those eyes. I'm praising you. Not shouting at you.
Bella: I'm gonna miss you.

Simis: I'll miss you too. But... I'm always going to be watching you. Every step of the way.


Moments later...

Jocasta: Simis?
Simis: Jo. Glad you could come.
Jocasta: Whats wrong?
Simis: It's time...
Jocasta: What?! No...
Simis: I'm afraid so. Jo, please...remember...I'll never forget us on the beach in Sunshine town.

Jocasta: We were like two teenagers.
Simis: We was. Ah, the memories. But Jo...just

Jocasta: No! Simis! No! Please? Come back to me! Please God no! Simis! Simis? (cries) We can work this out. We'll get through this. Please...please don't leave me. Come back! Please...Oh god, please no!

Jocasta: Help. Yes, my husband has died...yeah. It's 140 Sim Lane. Please hurry.

Mortimer: Thats it. We've got it sorted now. We move in next month.
Bella: Yes!

Cassandra: One big happy family.
Bella: Thats what we are. One big happy family.

Jocasta: (pours self a whisky) Well, now its my turn. Simis, I hope you can hear this. I'm coming to you sweetheart.
Bella, my lovely daughter. The proudest woman I was when I had you. And Michael! God knows where he is now. I always
thought I'd go before Simis. He was always more younger at heart, more athletic.

Jocasta: Me, I was a fat old dog with the kids.
(giggles) I've been one sucker. What did I do wrong?

Jocasta: I need some sleep now. Go to get some sleep. Go on Jo, get some sleep.

Cassandra: She died 10 minuites after that...
Mandy: Oh gosh! Why did they know they was going to die?
Cassandra: When time calls you, there's no escaping it.
Ben: So...what happened next? To Bella?

Cassandra: She got the news that her parents had died. It broke her heart.
Lucy: I feel so sad.
Cassandra: But, times in Pleasantview moved on. One month later, Gunther died. He gave Mortimer all his money.

Ben: Did he get some toys?
Cassandra: Only for the new baby...

Mortimer: Here you go Alex.
Alex: Thank...
Mortimer: Say it...say T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U

Bella: Cassandra? What are you doing?
Cassandra: On the piano.
Bella: Well, can you come here please?
Cassandra: Why?
Bella: Come to me please.

Cassandra: Christmas tree!?!?
Bella: Yes, it's the beginning of December so we should get ready.

Worker: Look, we have our human identical to our matches.
Pollination: Sex?
Worker: Female.
Pollination: Name?
Worker: Bella...Goth!
Pollination: Watch that woman. First sign of stargaze...we're straight to her.

To Be Continued...