Life of Bella Goth - Series 1 - Episode 4

Ben: So what happened after Christmas Grandma?
Cassandra: Well, times were changing. I'd grown up into a mature adult, and Alexander was now a child.
Mandy: So soon?

Cassandra: I'm talking a few years later. Things had changed in Pleasantview. Mortimer and Bella began talking about getting old, and going together. Mortimer had reached the elder stage...he was just waiting for Bella now.
Mandy: Going together?
Cassandra: Dying dear.

Mortimer: Bella? Honey?
Bella: Yes dear?
Mortimer: Promise we'll stay like this forever.
Bella: I promise. Nothing's going to tear us away.

Cassandra: (on phone) Kate? Oh my god, have you seen the new guy? His name's Don. He's so dreamy...I agree...should we take something over to him to welcome him?

Bella: Who are you talking to?
Cassandra: Okay...bye. (Puts phone down)
Cassandra: Kate. We're taking things over to the new neighbour. Don Lathorio.
Bella: Oh great. I'll bake a pie if you like?
Cassandra: Okay.

Mortimer: (looks through telescope) Hmm, nice roof. Not nice door though.
Bella: Mortimer, I brought you a hot chocolate.
Mortimer: Thanks honey. You're a star.
Bella: Speaking of stars, what are you looking at?
Mortimer: Aliens.

Bella: Aliens?
Mortimer: Don't you believe in them?
Bella: I've never seen one.
Mortimer: Well, you need to stargaze more often.
Bella: I don't think so. I think its rubbish really.
Mortimer: Well, I hope that you get abducted, just to prove that I'm right.
Bella: Well, I'm off to bed.
Mortimer: Goodnight dear.
Bella: Goodnight.


1 Week Later...

Bella: So, how did it go?
Cassandra: Great. He asked me out last night.
Bella: Cassandra, I'm so pleased for you.
Cassandra: Thanks Mom. I better get my hair done.
Bella: Listen, your hair is beautiful and natural. Just like mine.
Cassandra: I'm going to get ready.

Mortimer: (On Phone) Well it's our anniversary soon...I really want a painting of her...well; we need it by February...Okay...bye.
Bella: Mortimer, tea's ready.
Mortimer: Okay dear.

Pollination: 7 weeks, and still no stargaze?
Worker: Nope. She's doesn't believe, according to what we heard.
Pollination: Why isn't she doing what I want.
Worker: If only we had a source down on Earth, it may help.
Pollination: Like who?
Worker: Relative?
Pollination: Hmmm. Let me consult my family tree... One Moment.

Pollination: Well, Tech#9 lives in Strangetown. So, he's a no go.
Ladia: Ahem, Pollination...I've got this for you...
Pollination: Thank you Ladia.

Pollination: So, I do have a relative on Earth... Dina and Nina Caliente.

Don: You're so pretty Cassandra.
Cassandra: (Smiles) I get it from my Mom.
Don: I don't think you Mom is as pretty as you.
Cassandra: You've never seen her.
Don: I can take a wild guess.

Bella: Oh my gosh, is that Dina?
Mortimer: Who?
Bella: She was married to Michael, before he died.
Mortimer: Why don't you go and say hello.
Bella: I will.

Bella: Dina?
Dina: Oh hey. You're?
Bella: Bella. Bella Goth. I'm Michael's sister.
Dina: Oh right. Nice to meet you.
Bella: What brings you to Pleasantview?

Dina: Just, a new place to live. For me and my Sister.
Bella: Oh right. Well, if you want to pop round for some ice tea someday..then please, feel free.
Dina: I will. Bye Bella.
Bella: Bye.

Ben: So, why was that lady with Bella?
Cassandra: Well, Pollination had told Dina, being his only relative, to keep an eye on the Goth's. But as the days went by, Dina lost the idea of spying on Bella and fell in love with Mortimer. Or his money, should I say.
Lucy: So, what happened to you and Grandpa?
Cassandra: Grandpa? No dear, your grandpa wasn't Don. Well, Don and I got engaged. But he got to know my mother. And he was getting feelings for her.
Ben: He's a mean man.
Cassandra: Well, things were looking up for Bella and Mortimer though. They had their anniversary. They even re-created it. with a ceremony in the garden. But one night....things started to change.

Cassandra: I think I'm ready to settle down now.
Bella: Are you sure?
Cassandra: Yes, certain. I want the wedding to be perfect.
Bella: Well, I want to get to know him before anything Cassandra.
Cassandra: Well, he's home now. Go and see him.

Bella: I will. Tell your Dad that I'll be gone for half an hour.
Cassandra: Okay.

Don: Bella?! What are you doing here?
Bella: I came to talk about Cassandra.
Don: Come in...

Mortimer: Where is your Mom?
Cassandra: She's gone to Don's. I sent her. She wanted to talk about the marriage.
Mortimer: Okay. I'm going to go and get Alexander to sleep.
Cassandra: Okay Dad.

Bella: Look, I know you two are in love. But, forgive me for being pushy parent; I need to ask some questions.
Don: Fire away.
Bella: Now, are you sure that your ready to settle down with my daughter?
Don: Certainly.
Bella: Are you going to respect her wishes?
Don: Certainly.
Bella: Don are you even listening?
Don: Sorry, your eyes caught me.
Bella: I beg your pardon.

Bella: Get away from me. How dare you Don.
Don: I'm sorry Bella. That was so stupid.
Bella: You're dead right it was.
Don: You just remind me so much of Cassandra. Her lovely eyes, mouth.
Bella: I need to know if that's going to happen again.
Don: It won't. Honest.

Mortimer: Your Mom's not back yet.
Cassandra: She's talking to him.
Mortimer: Hmm...

Bella: So, you'll make her happy?
Don: Honestly, yes. I love her, and she loves me.
Bella: Good.
Don: I'm getting the drinks. Do you want one?
Bella: Yeah. Sure.
Don: Why not take a look through the telescope? Keep you occupied.
Bella: I may do actually. Mortimer says i should learn about "aliens" more.

Worker: WE'VE GOT HER!
Pollination: Get her aboard now.

Bella: What the...Oh my god. NO! Help... HELP...

Don: Bella drinks. Bella? Bella? Shoot. I nearly had her.

Mortimer: Anything?
Cassandra: No. Nothing.
Mortimer: Where is she?


1 Hour Later...

Cassandra: Dad. The police are here.
PC Parker: Mr Goth, we have some important information regarding your wife...
Mortimer: No...What's happened?
PC Parker: She was taken away about....
Mortimer: No, no...No please no!

Pollination: Does she match our cells?
Worker: Perfect. We need to place her in the machine...
Pollination: No. Wait! We need to wait until we can erase her memory.'ll corrupt her brain cells.

Bella: Where...where am I?

Pollination: Hello Mrs Goth.
Bella: Who...what...what am I doing here?
Pollination: Don't be afraid, we just want to run some tests on you. You'll be back on Planet Earth in no time.
Bella: What tests?
Pollination: Just to test the female cells. That's all. We promise not to harm you.
Bella: Well, what do I do?
Pollination: Well, my worker will take you to your room. Then you we will take blood tests from you.
Bella: So...
Pollination: Worker, take Bella to her room...

Mortimer: (stargazing) Come on Bella. Where are you?

Cassandra: Dad?
Mortimer: Yeah?
Cassandra: It's on the news.

News Reporter: Now surprise down Pleasantview way as resident Bella Goth was mysteriously abducted last night whilst scaling the decks of Don Lathorio's rooftop. Her family and friends are devastated and are eager to find Bella.

News Reporter: Signs and warnings have been sent out around Sim City, to let them know that it is no longer safe to Stargaze. Keep checking Sim Broadcasting's news for updates.

Bella: (in mind) what am I doing here? Is this a dream? Am I dead? What's going on?

Worker: Mrs Goth, we'd like to take you to your first scan now.
Bella: Scan?
Worker: Nothing to worry about, just sit in a machine and we'll do the rest.
Bella: Okay.

Pollination: Ah, Bella. Welcome to our labs. Please just step into this machine.
Bella: Is it...dangerous?
Pollination: Not at all, just a quick shock and that'll be it.

Pollination: Put it on full shock. Make sure it's double voltage.

Alarm: System Denied! System Denied!

Pollination: What happened?
Worker: It says that the cells don't match. But it's making a clone for us.
Pollination: A clone? What an earth for?
Worker: Don't know.
Pollination: Take the real Bella to her room.
Worker: Yes sir.

Lucy: What happened to Mortimer after Bella was abducted?
Cassandra: He never saw her again. Not after that.
Lucy: Was she ever found?
Cassandra: No. Some say she died. Some say she's still in Pleasantview...somewhere.
Ben: You could find her. Still a chance.
Cassandra: Sweetheart, I'd rather not think about it right now.
Ben: So what happened next?

Bella: I've got to get out of here. It's not right.

Bella: They left the door open?!

Bella: Look at these names! People have died in here... Claire Charming? Melissa Roomies? Dead?!

Ladia: You're not supposed to be in here!
Bella: (gasps)

(Alarm goes off)

Ladia: Bella Goth's escaped!
Pollination: She's here....
Ladia: No! The real one!
Pollination: Find her.
Worker: What for? We've got our clone now.
Pollination: Erase her memory...she knows too much. Or...just kill her.

Bella: (whispers) come on Bella; I've got to get out of here. But how?

Ladia: Here you are...
Bella: Get away!
Ladia: The door sealed shut lady.
Bella: No, just let me go home.
Ladia: Well...erm...

Bella: Ouch!
Ladia: Now, back to the lab for you...

Ladia: We've got her. We placed her in with the clone.
Pollination: Are you stupid or what?
Ladia: Pardon?
Pollination: Which one's which?
Ladia: Erm...
Pollination: You idiot! What are you playing at. We almost had her then.
Worker: We can test them again.
Pollination: No, it won't work. If we do the wrong one, it can destroy the ships main power. Just...get rid of them.
Ladia: Which one?
Pollination: Just take a wild guess. Send one to Strangetown and kill the other.
Worker: Why not both of them?
Pollination: Because the clone's cells are powered by this ship, only when they reach earth can they leave us properly.
Worker: What if we kill the wrong one?
Pollination: Take a wild guess.

Worker: Which one?
Ladia: Go with the one that looks like she's weird.
Worker: They're both the same.
Ladia: Kill...the one on the left.

Worker: Now, close your eyes Ladia!
Ladia: They're closed.
Worker: Remember there will be a large flash...
Ladia: Just do it.

Mandy: How do you know she's not alive?
Cassandra: I don't quite know actually dear. But...I believe her to be dead.
Ben: Why don't you look for her now?
Cassandra: Because, I've got very old now dear. And I'd rather me remember her the way she used to be...

Cassandra: You see, when she went, I just assumed that my Mom had died. It was tough, but I dealt with it.
Ben: You was so brave.
Cassandra: Thanks.
Lucy: What happened to Mortimer?
Cassandra: He died just 3 weeks after.
Lucy: Oh no. Why?
Cassandra: Love Lucy...Love effects people in the most of ways. It makes you happy. It makes you cry. It even makes you unhappy. But once it's gone, the consequences are unreal to explain.

Lucy: That's so weird, not seeing your Mommy!
Cassandra: But I see her every night.
Ben: How?
Cassandra: In my dreams...she talks to me.
Ben: Do you think in your heart that Bella is alive?
Cassandra: I think...wherever she is, I think that she's never forgotten me...or the family...I think that deep down in her heart...she still cares for us...regardless of her memory...and...I hope she's well...because she was the greatest Mom...anyone could ever ask for...and I thank her, for being by my side...throughout the years...

Bella Goth died aboard the UFO. However, her existence still lives different fashions...

The truth is...One of the Bella's died aboard the which one is this?

That's for you to decide...

The End...