Life of Bella Goth - Series 2 - Episode 1

An incident occurred in the town of Pleasantview 25 years ago. Bella Goth, a mother and wife, went missing after her visit to Don Lathorio's house.

Her family searched the entire city for her, but they had no luck.

The case was eventually closed due to lack of evidence and information.

9 Years later; a town was built in memory of Bella herself. It was named Belladonna Cove. Little is known about who built it - the residents know nothing about Bella herself. A statue was placed in the center of the town in rememberance of Bella.


The Life of Bella Goth

Reverend Thompson: Hello and welcome to Church on this fine Sunday Morning. Today, i'd like to talk about this beautiful town.

Sarah: (whispers) Lets hope he doesn't say God made it because i never saw him here.
Chris: Ssh! Listen to what he's saying.

Reverend: ...the town, of course, has been home to many people seeking refuge from their ordinary lives. It was founded 17 years ago and we have come to love it as if it were a sanctuary...

Sarah: Sanctuary? My parents were murdered around here.
Chris: Ssh! Please be quiet...i know it's hard for you - but please.
Sarah: I didn't want to come here in the first place. I'll see you at home.

Chris: You can't drive!
Sarah: Who cares?! If this town is a "sanctuary" i'll be safe from death.


Later that day

Chris: Ahem...
Reverend: Oh, hello there. How can i help you?
Chris: Erm, can i just say how i enjoyed your talk about the town today, it was really beautiful.
Reverend: Why thank you.
Chris: But there's one thing which is bugging me - you went on about how lovely the town is and that, but you didn't mention the history really.
Reverend: Oh...well what is it you'd like to know?
Chris: A few things; one being why was the town made? And another being, who is that woman on the statue in the middle of the town?
Reverend:'s not really of any importance why the town was created, the fact that it is a lovely place makes up for it.
Chris: Is that your way of saying you don't know?
Reverend: I'm not a history teacher, if you really want to know, then you should look it up on the internet.
Chris: Okay...but what do i type?
Reverend: Statue?

Sarah: What are you doing?
Chris: Oh hello...i thought you was driving home, but when i got outside the car was still there.
Sarah: Yeah...i don't have any keys.
Chris: I see...
Sarah: What are you looking at?
Chris: I'm just looking for something...
Sarah: (reading computer screen) "History of Belladonna Cove." Why are you researching that?
Chris: Because i'm curious to know something...
Sarah: Which is?

Chris: Who is that woman in the center of town? Why are we told to respect her? No one seems to know...
Sarah: No one's really bothered though Chris...just leave it.
Chris: No! I need to know this stuff. We could be respecting a murderer...or a adultress out there.
Sarah: Don't be stupid...i'm sure she's a nice woman who used to live here...or built it.
Chris: Exactly! No one knows...its a mystery.
Sarah: Some things are best left a mystery...
Chris: Not way...
Sarah: (sighs)


Next Afternoon

Paula: Why are you hanging around here?
Peter: I need somewhere to mum thinks i'm at work.
Paula: And why aren't you?
Peter: Well my manager fancies i have to stay clear of her.
Paula: Why?
Peter: She's ugly...
Paula: That's it? Get to work and stop being a pest.
Peter: What's it like working in a book shop? Boring i bet.
Paula: It's quite rewarding fills me with knowledge about the books which are popular around here...and i can't take them home whenever i want.
Peter: So it's like stealing then?
Paula: (gasps) How dare you...i never steal.

Peter: Alright Chris?
Chris: Alright...erm Paula i'm looking for a book...
Peter: Don't tell me you read too?
Chris: Not really, i just need some information on this town.
Paula: Erm...i think we have the facts of Belladonna in section 3 on the third shelf.
Chris: Cheers.

Peter: His girlfriend is hot.
Paula: (sighs) Are you still here?
Peter: You know you love me.
Paula: I know i don't...

Chris: I'll take this out.
Paula: Okay...what's your account number?
Chris: 45723
Paula: Okay...give me a moment.

Peter: So what's everyone doing tonight?
Chris: I'm going to the pictures with Sarah.
Peter: Can i come?
Chris: Sorry, it's only for the two of us.
Peter: Like that is it?
Chris: Yes.
Paula: That's fine, you can take it now.
Chris: Thanks. Seeya.

Woman: Debra, Giles wants to see you now.
Debra: Okay.

Debra: What's the problem?
John Giles: Excuse me? As your boss i want respect from you. Take a seat.
Debra: Fine.

John Giles: Listen Debra...i've had 72 complaints about an article you wrote on...the lake.
Debra: What article? ...Oh...that one...i did over explain things a lot.
John Giles: I know...and i'm disgusted that you're that incapable of doing your job that you right an essay on the lake.
Debra: It's nothing to do with being incapable - nothing happens in this town...what do you expect me to do?
John Giles: A good reporter makes news...
Debra: Which is what i did.
John Giles: (sighs) It's not just the article - your attitude generally is shocking. Off-hand with your workers and me.
Debra: What's your point?
John Giles: You're bloomin' fired...that's my point.
Debra: No...please...i love this job. Don't fire me.
John Giles: I don't have a choice.
Debra: Please...let me do something to prove my worth to you...please.

John Giles: How about this - i'm giving you a week to get me an amazing story; something which will really make us think...
Debra: Okay. I can do it. I'll be back in a weeks time.

Chris: (reading book) " 1981 the town of Belladonna was just a small waste-land"

Sarah: The cab's here. Let's go.

Chris: (thinking) I wonder if...
Sarah: She's dead.
Chris: Who is?! What do you know?
Sarah: Angelina Jolie is dead. Are you watching this movie?
Chris: Sorry...i can't...
Sarah: Not that stupid statue again?
Chris: I can't help it...there's something weird about it...i know there is.
Sarah: Yeah...there is something weird about it...
Chris: You think so?
Sarah: It's weird that you keep going on about it. Lets watch this movie - £5.62 to come in here.
Voice: Ssh!
Sarah: You Ssh!

Sarah: Not a bad film huh?
Chris: It was okay.
Sarah: It was awesome.
Chris: I wonder if we can drive to the there anything engraved on it?
Sarah: Oh for god's sake. Move's a statue...that's all.
Chris: No it's not...there's something strange about that woman and i'm going to find out what it is.
Sarah: Anyone would think you were in love with her.
Chris: It's not..grow up.
Sarah: Me grow up?! You're 21 and you're obsessed with a statue.
Chris: I'm not.
Sarah: What else would you call it?
Chris: I'm curious.
Sarah: About what?!
Chris: FOrget it, lets go home.
Sarah: Yeah - then you'll have your head in that stupid book.


Next Day

Chris: I'm going to return this book to the library.
Sarah: Okay. I'm going to look on the internet for a job.
Chris: Okay.

Paula: Can i help you?
Debra: Erm, no darling...i'm just browsing.
Paula: Okay.

Chris: Hey Paula, i'm returning this book.
Paula: You only took it out yesterday.

Chris: There's nothing in it which i'm looking for.
Paula: Well what was it you were trying to find?
Chris: (sighs) You may think i'm crazy...
Paula: Please, you're talking to someone who knows this town like the back of their hand.
Chris: Who is that gold woman in the center of the town?
Paula: The statue?
Chris: Yes.

Paula: Erm...i don't actually know that one.
Chris: Exactly. Neither does the Reverend, neither does anyone. No one knows.

Debra: Excuse me, i couldn't help overhearing, erm...well...i've been researching the same thing as you...
Chris: Really? What have you found?
Debra: Very little - you?
Chris: Nothing at all.
Paula: Have you tried the internet?
Chris: Not really - they don't have files on some neighbourhoods.
Debra: Why don't we all give it a try? All of us...i'm curious.
Chris: Yeah, would you like to come back to mine? Both of you?
Debra: Sure.
Paula: I'll close early.

Peter: You can't leave me here!
Paula: Damn it! Go away!
Peter: Nope, i'm staying put.
Chris: (sighs) You can come too.

Sarah: Why are there no jobs on here?
Sarah: (sighs) I must be as mad as him...

Sarah: Who is she? Who's C.Goth?

Chris: Oh and ignore my girlfriend - she's against this whole idea.
Peter: I'll talk to her in private.
Paula: How rude.
Chris: Darling, i'm back...i've got some friends with me.

Sarah: Oh...hello.
Chris: These are all looking up the same thing as me...they want to know who the woman is in the center of town.
Sarah: Erm...yeah...about that...
Chris: What's the matter babe?
Sarah: Does the name "Goth" mean anything to you?
Chris: No...
Peter: Yeah...on of those people that wears make-up...
Sarah: No...the surname.
Debra: No.
Sarah: How about Cassandra Goth? Or Bella Goth?
Chris: Nope.
Sarah: I think you should take a look at this.

Chris: What is this?
Sarah: It's a picture. I found this website, it's a blog-style website owned by C.Goth. That's Cassandra Goth - she speaks of her mother; Bella Goth.
Debra: What's this got to do with anything?
Sarah: Look at the picture of Bella Goth.
Chris: Oh my god.
Paula: I think we know who the woman is now...

Chris: Yes we do...

To be continued...