Life of Bella Goth - Series 2 - Episode 2

Sarah: You still up?
Chris: Yeah, i'm just checking to see if the website owner has got back to me.
Sarah: It's been 2 weeks now. Do you think that maybe we should try somewhere else?
Chris: No - it's going to be fine.
Sarah: There's got to be another way to find this woman.
Chris: There's an address....but i'm not sure if i can find the location.
Sarah: Well...don't lose sleep over it. Come back to bed.

Susan: Trust me; this is going to be huge!
Giles: I hope so Myles.
Susan: You wanted a big story and this is it.
Giles: What exactly is it?
Susan: The statue! Who is she? What did she do? Well i'm about to find out.
Giles: How?
Susan: Trust me - this is going to be a real stinker.


Next day

Paula: Any luck?
Chris: No - no reply yet.
Paula: I don't know what i can do.
Chris: Well i'm going to try and do some more research.
Paula: Wait...doesn't she have a blog or something?
Chris: Yes - i think.
Paula: She must mention her hometown in that somewhere.
Chris: I've not checked. Let's take a look.

Peter: All alone?
Sarah: Yes. What do you want?
Peter: A chat?
Sarah: Haven't you got somewhere else to be?
Peter: We're all friends now...looking for the mystery lady? Ring any bells?
Sarah: I know that - but it doesn't mean i want you in my house all the time.
Peter: All the time?! I've only just asked.
Sarah: Fine, come in.

Paula: (reading) "...Dad's upset again. I heard him crying last night. Come home Mum!".
Chris: I wonder what happened to that woman.
Paula: Don't have a clue. Wait...
Chris: What is it?
Paula: (reads) "Yet again, i have to explain to Alexander that is Mummy isn't coming home. The Pleasantview police can do nothing." Pleasantview?
Chris: Pleasantview? Look it up.

Paula: There we go. It's quite a way away. I can print off the map.
Chris: Yes! Print it off. Me and you will go and look for it.

Peter: So when's he back?
Sarah: Don't know. Why are you asking?
Peter: I want to know if he has any news on the statue.
Sarah: He won't. No one knows what it is.
Peter: You sound like you don't care...
Sarah: I don't. I think there are some secrets that are best kept and some that are given away - this is best kept.

Chris: So we can use my car okay. Wait here i'll see if Sarah's coming.

Chris: Sarah...oh Peter; what are you doing here?
Peter: I'm just keeping Sarah company. Got any news on the statue?
Chris: Yes, we know were Cassandra lives.
Sarah: Really?!
Chris: Yeah, me and Paula are going to head over to her home now.
Sarah: Oh...
Chris: Are you coming?
Sarah:'ll stay here.
Chris: Okay then. Back later.
Sarah: Yeah...bye.

Sarah: How dare he?! Take that four eyed witch in his car!
Peter: I know...he's a real bastard.
Sarah: Look, you'd better go Peter.
Peter: Okay then. If he's not back later, i'll come around.
Sarah: (sighs) Fine...


2 hours later

Chris: This is the house.
Paula: Lets take a look then.

Chris: (rings doorbell) I hope someone's in.

Jessie: Hello?
Chris: Oh hello, i'm Chris and this is my friend Paula, can we speak to Cassandra please?
Jessie: How do you know her?
Chris: Erm...we just need to speak to her.
Jessie: Well you can't. She died a month ago.
Paula: Oh i am so sorry.
Jessie: What was it you wanted to speak to her about?
Chris: Her Mother.
Jessie: Bella?
Chris: Yes.
Jessie: What do you want to know?
Paula: Where is she? Why is their a statue of her in the middle of our town?
Jessie: Statue?

Sarah: (sighs)

Peter: I knew he wouldn't be back yet.
Sarah: How did you get in here?
Peter: Door was open.
Sarah: Take a seat...

Jessie: She always spoke of her mother - this lovely woman with bright green eye's. She broke her heart.
Paula: What exactly happened?
Jessie: She went missing. Just like that - no one knew why she'd gone. Cassandra was set to marry her fiancee at the time. Bella went to talk to him....
Chris: Could he not of...
Jessie: Killed her? No, he claimed she'd been abducted by aliens. Although he never actually saw it.
Chris: What happened to him?
Jessie: Charges were dropped. No evidence. Then he moved away; according to my mother, he split with her shortly after the "abduction".
Paula: But she may of lived. No one knows her - but why is their a statue of her in our town?
Jessie: I don't know. Look you need to go.
Chris: We need to find this woman...if you have any information about what may of happened to her...please tell us.
Jessie: No, sir, there's nothing to know. You must leave.

Jessie: Please don't come back here.
Paula: There is something else. Bella...she must be somewhere.
Jessie: (sighs) It's nothing to jump to - and i kept this from mother for so long. But there has been sightings of her.
Chris: Where?
Jessie: Drive to Chicago, on your way you'll come across a sign which says "Desert north". Turn down that road until you come to a desert town. The town you seek goes by the name of Strangetown.

(slams door shut)

Paula: Strangetown?

Peter: You're beautiful.
Sarah: I'm spoken for.
Peter: You know you want me.

Sarah: What?! Get away!

Sarah: (screams) Get out now!
Peter: What is your problem? Chris doesn't love you, he hates you. He always slags you off to Paula.
Sarah: Get out now!
Peter: He said you was an dirty tart.

Sarah: Get out now!

Chris: Sarah will want to know about this. I'll call her now.

Sarah: Hello?
Chris: Hey honey, good news - Bella could be in a dessert town called Strangetown.
Sarah: Thats good.
Chris: I'm coming to pick you up now, me, you and Paula will head out as soon as okay?
Sarah: Sure, i'll be ready.

Chris: Right, lets go. Strangetown here we come!

To be continued...