Life of Bella Goth - Series 2 - Episode 3

Sarah: So how do you know this is Strangetown?
Chris: Because of the sign saying "Strangetown" a couple of blocks away.
Paula: Well we can't just go into the town like this. There's a Motel down the street. We'll stay there for a bit.
Sarah: How do you know that?
Paula: Because of the signs! Don't you read?
Sarah: Are you saying i'm thick?
Paula: (sighs) I'll take that as a no.

Sarah: This is what we're reduced to?
Chris: We have no other choice. Let's just get some sleep and in the morning we'll take a look around.
Paula: Right, goodnight.

Chris: You know, i wonder if Cassandra died knowing what truly happened to her Mother?
Sarah: Yeah...i wonder. But we'll never know, so let's talk about something else.
Chris: What's up?
Sarah: (sighs) nothing, it's just - everything we seem to talk about revolves around this...woman lately.
Chris: Her name is Bella.
Sarah: Oh for god's sake. I don't care what her bloody name is. See what i mean, i try to have a chat with you about something and it's "Her name is Bella".
Chris: What's got into you lately?
Sarah: This...woman. She's driving me insane. It's like you're having an affair with a statue. It's just weird.
Chris: Having an affair with a statue? (laughs) She's more than that.
Sarah: Can i ask you a question?
Chris: Go ahead...
Sarah: If we find her in Strangetown, and she turns out to be this lovely woman you've pictured...will you still love me?

Chris: What?
Sarah: If this "legend" turns out to be the beautiful woman that's been described to us; can you still say you love me? You won't turn your back on me?
Chris: I will always love you Sarah. No matter what.
Sarah: Then why don't i believe you?
Chris: I don't know.
Sarah: It's because you're lying to me. Once we find this woman you'll fall in love with her instead.
Chris: Don't be...
Sarah: Please, don't try and deny it. It makes you look more stupid.


Next day

Susan: There it is. Strangetown, i did a story about this place once. It's very creepy, you'd proberly get shot if you walked down the street the wrong way.
Peter: Sounds good.
Susan: Don't look for any welcome here.

Chris: Firstly, lets ask around the market square up near that big hole.
Sarah: Okay.

Susan: Look at it. Full of weird...aliens.
Peter: Aliens! That's it...she was abducted by aliens!
Susan: Ssh! Not now, lets find the others.

Chris: Lets split up. Me and Sarah will search to the right, Paula you to the left.
Paula: Will do chicky.
Chris: Lets go.

Paula: Excuse me...erm...excuse me?
Susan: Oh...hello!
Paula: What are you guys doing here?
Peter: We followed you lot up here.
Paula: Oh - well we're looking for Bella.
Peter: She was abducted by aliens, and her husband died whilst grieving for her.
Paula: (laughs) That's funny. Anyway, the other two are searching over there. We should proberly stick together to avoid any other problems.
Susan: Erm...right.

Chris: Do you know her?
Woman: No!

Chris: Damn it!
Sarah: No one knows her, lets go home.
Chris: Shut up now! What is with you at all?
Sarah: This is stupid, i never wanted to do this in the first place.

Jenny: Excuse me, i couldn't help overhearing. Did you say you was looking for Bella Goth?

Jenny: She's such a nice girl. Long dark hair, beautiful skin. Mind you, it's nothing compared to when we first found her.
Chris: Found her?
Jenny: Yes, she was found at a UFO wreckaged a while back. Oh, it must've been years ago. A UFO crash landed in the outskirts of the town, the wreckage left a lot of...things dead. But one thing they found was a woman, wearing a red dress. She was covered in blood.
Chris: Where is she now?
Jenny: At my house, eating a scone.
Chris: Can i see her please?
Jenny: Of course, i'll take you right away.

Paula: Any luck? Oh, who's this?
Chris: This is Jenny, she knows where Bella is. We're going now.
Susan: Yes! Lets head off.

Sarah: What are you doing here?
Peter: Came to see how everyone is.
Sarah: Why don't you go and sit with the aliens of this town, you'll fit right in.

Jenny: It's strange, because Bella has never aged.
Chris: Oh?
Jenny: Yes, she still looks the same as she always did.

Chris: Listen, i think that i should go in alone. It'll look stupid us all going in there, and she'll be a little freaked out.
Susan: Okay, but record everything she says, we want to hear too.
Chris: Sure.

Jenny: Bella? There's someone here to see you.
Bella: Who is it?

Chris: Bella? My name is Chris, i come from a small city called Belladonna Cove. May i take some of your time?

Bella: Why?
Chris: Because i need to ask some questions.
Jenny: I'll put the kettle on and get some biscuits.

Chris: Bella, i know this will be difficult for you to hear, but something doesn't add up here. Did you know that there was a city named after you?
Bella: No, i didn't think i was that important.
Chris: You are - there is a big statue in the center of it.
Bella: That's impossible, who put it there?
Chris: Here's a photo, it'll explain more.
Bella: How can this be?
Chris: Bella, do you remember anything about before you got to Strangetown?
Bella: (sighs) I don't remember anything. The only thing i remember was the accident.
Chris: What accident?

Bella: I was on a space ship. Two aliens stood before me, one had a gun in their hand. I looked to my right and saw that...another...version of me was dead. Her...its...head...splattered over the side of the wall. I saw the dress, the rings everything. I was taken into a small room a little later, alien was waiting for me. In his hand...a large axe.

Bella: He striked me through the stomach with the axe. The blood spilt across the floor. I then remember another spoke like a woman. It grabbed some scissors from the side and began cutting my hair. I then remember my eye's closing. The next thing i remember a light was being shone in me eye's and was in a wreckage.

Jenny: I was out with my friends when we saw the UFO on fire. It was landing in Strangetown. The fire department only found one survivor.

Bella: Yes. Now that you've heard mine...i want to hear yours. What do you know about me? What have you found out?
Chris: Are you ready for this?
Bella: (sighs) Yes.
Chris: From what i know you had two children. A girl named Cassandra, and a son named Alexander. Your husband, Mortimer, got older before you, and he waited for you get old too.
When you went missing, you was taken aboard a ship. After that...i know very little about it.
Bella: I have children? How are they? Why didn't you bring them?
Chris: Because they're dead. Cassandra is for sure dead. She died of old age. I've not been able to trace Alexander, there have been no records of him.
Bella: (begins to cry) Old age?! So whay haven't i aged any?
Chris: That's what's worrying me haven't aged. And even now i've told you this - you cannot gain any memory of your past life...can you?
Bella: No...nothing. I don't even know what they look like.
Chris: Then something has gone wrong down the lines.

Peter: I swear i lived in Pleasantview.
Paula: Give me a break.
Peter: No seriously, i was Dustin Broke's friend.
Sarah: Shut up!
Peter: And he said that Bella was abducted by aliens and she was cloned or something.
Susan: (mutters) A cloned statue...this story gets better.

Bella: I'm a freak. I'm...supposed to be older that Jenny. I've known her since she 43. She's not 82. I've not aged.
Chris: I know, it's strange.
Peter: You're a clone!

Bella: What?!
Chris: Peter, i told you to wait outside.
Peter: No, it's true. I lived in Pleasantview years ago. Me and my Mother. I was friends with this lad called Dustin Broke. He said that Bella had been abducted. It was all over the news.
Chris: Why didn't you speak about this before?!
Peter: Because i forgot, i've never really thought about it for a while. Anyway, Bella's husband Morty Roth...
Chris: Mortimer Goth!
Peter: Right - he died shortly after and both Bella's kids went away. Then it came out that they'd found a body near Pleasantview lake that turned out to be the real Bella. It then came out that she was cloned aboard the UFO.
Sarah: How did they tell?
Peter: Something to do with her cells. You're the clone love.
Bella: Oh my god!
Chris: Get out now!
Bella: No! I want to see it. I want to see my statue now!
Chris: But it's miles away from here.
Bella: Take me to it now!

Jenny: Are you sure you want to be doing this?
Bella: It's for the best trust me. I want to see my statue.
Jenny: Bella...darling...please.
Bella: I'm alright. I need to see my statue before i'm done.
Jenny: Done?
Bella: It's been nice knowing you Jenny. Thank you for looking after me.
Jenny: Bella? Bella? Come back please?

To be continued...