Life of Bella Goth - Series 2 - Episode 4

Chris: Here we are, it's just over that bridge.

Susan: Erm, i'll be right back guys.

Chris: That's your statue. Let's get closer.

Susan: Quickly, call a meeting. Tell all the residents to go the town hall.
Giles: Why?
Susan: I have the best story ever! Just do it.

Chris: Here you are!

Bella: Oh my gosh! It really is me. It really is...the statue of Bella Goth!
Chris: Yeah, it's beautiful.

Sarah: Why don't you just go home now
Peter: What? And miss all the fun? Don't be stupid.
Sarah: What's stopping me from going over to Chris and telling him exactly what you did to me?
Peter: The fact that i'd smash Chris' face in any day.

(the citizens talk amongst themselves)

Susan: Ahem...may i have your attention please? I've got something i want you all to listen to. Something that will make you realise what a lie you've been lead to believe.
Woman: What? What are you talking about?
Susan: Bella Goth! That's the name of the statue in the middle of the town. Well you all believe her to be this wonderful, amazing wonder woman of some kind. Well...i have on tape... the proof of the woman's identity. She's nothing but a scrubber and an adulterous.
Citizens: (gasp)
Susan: Listen for yourself.

Bella: I look at it...yet i can't believe it. I never remember myself having..Long hair like this woman.
Chris: That's why i was shocked when i saw you. The Bella in the pictures had very long hair.
Bella: It's not me. I'm not Bella. I'm just a...clone.
Chris: Look, i know how you feel...but you've got to listen to me; you're a human too. You can live here, be the legend. You'd live like a celebrity.
Bella: But i'd be living a lie. I couldn't do that. I can't live the life of someone else.
Chris: But you are Bella. You're the Bella that this town worship.
Bella: It's not enough.
Chris: What?

Bella: Why should i continue to live? I have nothing, nothing to make me want to stay in this world. Nothing that i need to do.
Chris: You could live here...with me and...Sarah.
Bella: Living what? As Bella? Or as...nothing?
Chris: Bella...
Bella: Don't call me that...i'm not Bella. I think i belong somewhere else.
Chris: Strangetown?
Bella: No.
Chris: Pleasantview?
Bella: No...nowhere. I'm going to go now.
Chris: Go where?
Bella: Away. Don't try and follow me. Let me go.

Susan: ...there you have it. The a clone.

Citizens: Clone?!
Woman: This is an outrage.
Man: I've been brought up to believe that this woman was like Jesus, and all along she's been a...random woman from Strangetown.
Susan: shall we do?
Citizens: Destory her!
Man: Pack your things people, leave the city.
Susan: Wait! She's here right now. As you can see outside...the people behind all this are right outside.
Citizens: (shout) Get them!

Giles: What have you done?

Susan: Oh calm down, this is the story you wanted.
Giles: You are fired.
Susan: What?!
Giles: You heard, clear your desk and get out of my sight.

Citizens: Where's this woman?
Chris: What?
Woman: We know everything. She's a faker. And we've been lead to believe that she was some God.
Chris: Look...Bella's gone. She wasn't a God...she's just a normal woman who...who has become a victim of the world. That's all she is.

Sarah: Anyone would think you're in love with her.
Chris: Well...there's one thing you can say about her...she won't snog my best friend behind my back.
Sarah: How did you...
Chris: I know you.

Woman: I'm not staying here, we're leaving the city.
Man: Wait...that statue no longer has any right to remain tear it down!
Citizens: Yes, tear it down!

Chris: No...that's not a good idea.
Citizens: Tear it down!
Chris: Somebody Stop them!

Peter: Look at them...
Sarah: So this is where the Legend dies; at the hands of angry citizens.

Paula: Stop it! You can't do this.
Woman: We can!
Chris: Stop it!

Vicar: Please? Jesus save this city!


2 Hours later...

Paula:'s gone...they've destroyed the statue.
Chris: They're destroying the city.
Paula: What could've driven them to this?
Chris: Me. I made them believe that we was going to find out about a wonderful person...they've been let down
Paula: It's not your fault. No one could've predicted how it would turn out.
Chris: Sarah did, she said to me "maybe this woman is meant to remain a legend". You may look at her as a thick woman, but she spoke more sense than any of us.
Paula: (sighs) It's just...sad...that the town has become...this.

Chris: Well, we'd better leave now.
Paula: What?
Chris: Everyone is moving away. And i think i'll do the same too. It'll be horrible being the only person in the city Paula.
Paula: Where will you go?
Chris: I don't know. I may head to Pleasantview...they say it's pretty normal these days.
Paula: (giggles) It's been nice knowing you Chris.
Chris: Yeah, you too Paula.
Paula: Take care.
Chris: I will do. Goodbye.

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The End