Like Minded - Series 1 - Episode 1 - Normal Girl, Normal Day

It’s started ever since I was a little girl.

Collette: Hey, look who it is! It’s Nurmel! Got any freaky visions for us today, huh?
Nurmel: Whatever, Collette. Do yourself a favour and get your head out of your butt.

Collette: Don’t you speak to me like that, you gypsy! This area is my dad’s roost, and don’t you forget that!
Nurmel: So why the hell are you strutting round like you own the place, you jerk?
Collette: Speak to me like that again, and I’ll get you and your family kicked out, and you’ll be homeless…oh, but I suppose you’re used to that by now, right?
Nurmel: Oh, you horrid cow!

Kevin: Don’t speak to her like that, you little tramp!
Nurmel: Don’t you dare call me that! Do it again and I’ll-
You’ll what? Curse me? *laughs* Ooooh I’m so scared of the scary witch! She’s gonna see a vision with me dying! Oh noooo!
Good one Kevin.
Oh just go away!

Kevin: Fine. But we’ll be back.
Collette: You and your little gypsy family can’t hide from the authorities forever, witch! Once they find out what they’re doing, they’ll come and burn your house down – with you in it!


My family are travellers. More commonly known as gypsies. We have been since my father lost his first job, before I was born. We’ve moved from town to town selling our crafts and busking. Sometimes…we have to resort to other methods…

Of course the people we meet aren’t too keen on us.


But ever since I was a little girl, I have been having visions. My parents say it’s just dreams that I make up in my head, but I swear they’re real. They all involve the same girl, who is my age…


Nurmel: I don’t feel so good…


Bridle’s High School for Girls

Teresa: Well, here we are.
Teresa: Honey? Are you ok?
Melody: …It’s big.
Teresa: Well of course it’s big; it’s a famous private high school, silly! It’s going to be big.
Melody: Let’s go inside.

Receptionist: Can I help you?
Teresa: Yes, my name is Teresa Solbel, and this is my daughter Melody. We made an appointment with Mrs Bridle about her enrolment here.
Receptionist: Ok, just a second.

Melody: It looks big on the inside too.
Teresa: You’ll get used to it.
Receptionist: If you’d like to sit in the waiting room, when Mrs Bridle is ready, I’ll come and fetch you.
Teresa: That’s fine.

Teresa: So, apart from being big, what do you think of the place?
Melody: It seems alright.
Teresa: Did you see the classrooms? They look a bit old fashioned to me.
Melody: Well, they do smell a bit weird, but you did say I’d get used to it, and I’ve smelt worse.

Teresa: Melody…I know you wanted to have more options set out for you…
Melody: I still do.
Teresa: But are you sure you’ll be alright here? It’s a long way from home.

Melody: Exactly. I need a place away from my comfort zone. It’ll make me more independent when I’m older.
Teresa: I don’t know…

Receptionist: Sorry to make you wait.
Teresa: Not at all.
Receptionist: Mrs Bridle will see you now in her office.

Mrs Bridle: Hello there, Mrs Solbel. My name is Mrs Marie Bridle and I hope you feel welcome here. And you must be…

Melody: My name’s Melody Mystare.

Mrs Bridle: Mystare?... I see.

Mrs Bridle: Well anyway, Miss Melody, I looked over your application. As you know all prospective students had to write about their interests and accomplishments. Yours was very interesting and you also got above average in the written exam.

Mrs Bridle: If you’ll excuse me…*picks up phone* Hello? Yes? It’s all sorted? Not a problem.

Mrs Bridle: That was the accommodation office. They’ve sorted out a room for you.
Melody: A room? You mean…?
Mrs Bridle: Yes, Melody. We would like to accept you into Bridle’s High School for Girls!
Melody: Oh wow! Thank you so much!

Mrs Bridle: Of course this does mean you must stay here now. Do you have all your things?
Melody: Yes, they’re all in the car…
Teresa: Oh Melody, I’m so proud of you.
Melody: Thanks mum.
Teresa: We’d better get your luggage out!

*their voices fade away*

Nurmel: *snores*
Henry: Nurmel? Nurmel!
Nurmel: *wakes up* Huh? What?

Henry: You were fast asleep.
Nurmel: I was? Oh.
Henry: Are you ok? I thought you had passed out or something.

Nurmel: Yeah, I just felt sleepy. Must be the sun.
Henry: Maybe you should go and have a nap.
Nurmel: I will.
Henry: By the way, your father was looking for you. He said it was rather urgent.
Nurmel: Ok, I’m on my way.

This is how I have visions. They just come and go. Sometimes I dream about them at night, sometimes I just pass out in the middle of whatever I’m doing. It sometimes scares the heck out of others. Whenever I was little I’d always tell my parents what had happened. They just laughed as if I was making it all up.


Why though? How is it that I can be so connected to this Melody? I hardly understand it. I’ve watched her grow up from a toddler as I have. Some of things I’ve seen are happy, sometimes not so happy.

Nurmel: Melody… if ever we meet… I will find out what this is all about…