Like Minded - Series 1 - Episode 2 - Friends and Foes

Nurmel: Hey dad.
Harris: Nurmel? What’s up honey?
Nurmel: Er, you wanted to see me? Your boss told me.
Harris: I did? When did I say that…?
Nurmel: Oh, Dad! You’re worse than ever!

Harris: I’m sorry, sweetheart. My memory’s not so good today.
Nurmel: Great, so I came here for nothing. Well, at least it’s better than staying at home all day, with nothing to do.
Harris: You could always go to school, like everyone else!
Nurmel: You know we can’t afford for me to go. Where’s Mum.
Harris: Oh, she’s coming this way. Let’s look busy so that she won’t ask us to go shopping.
Nurmel: (laughs) Dad!

Leona: What was that? I can hear you from over there.
Nurmel: (still laughing)
Harris: Er, nothing love. Just being busy here, yup!
Leona: What are you on about…?

Leona: And you! Got bored at home already? Nice of you to come see us at the building site.
Nurmel: Mum, don’t! You know I’m… (laughs) extremely ticklish!
Leona: Don’t I know it! But listen, your dad and I are rather busy at the moment. Henry wants me to go down to the contractors, apparently there’s a fault in the planning.

Nurmel: You mean you have to go away again?
Leona: Nurmel, I have to. I’m getting paid for this.
Nurmel: I suppose so…(sighs)
Leona: Why don’t you go back home? Or go for a walk?
Nurmel: It’s not the same on your own.

Nurmel: I suppose you’ll be leaving me too.
Harris: Well…I suppose you could come with me to get some cinder blocks.
Nurmel: Seriously? Anything’s better than staying at home.


One big happy family. Until we’re split up.

Leona: Grub’s up!

Nurmel: This looks great Mum.
Harris: Your spaghetti is the reason I married you, Leona.
Leona: Really now?
Harris: Joking! But you’re right, this is great.

Nurmel: Hey Mum…
Leona: Yes?
Nurmel: Now that we’ve sort of settled in, do you think we could scrounge up enough money for a TV? Then I won’t be bored here.
Leona: Sorry, but I don’t think that’s going to happen in the near future. Besides, I don’t want you watching TV all day; it’s not good for you. Why don’t you read a book?
Nurmel: I’ve read all the books at least five times each. Well, can’t blame me for trying.
Leona: Once we’ve got more into our line of work we’ll – oh my god.

Harris: What is it?
Leona: It’s him. Outside.
Harris: Eh? Let me handle this.

Harris: Winston.
Winston: Harris.
Harris: What can I do for you? I thought rent day was next week…
Winston: I come with a complaint. My Collette’s been telling me your Nurmel’s been stirring up trouble.
Harris: Nurmel? She wouldn’t stir up trouble-
Winston: Well apparently this morning she was bad mouthing my daughter and her friend.
Harris: I’m sure there must be some mistake-
Winston: They tell me she’s been having weird dreams or something-

Harris: I hardly think that’s any of your concern!
Winston: It is if it’s my land! If there’s a crazy person on my property, everyone’s in risk!
Harris: How dare you call Nurmel a crazy person! She’s perfectly normal!
Winston: Gypsies aren’t normal!
Harris: Oh, so this is where it all boils down to, isn’t it? Just because of our backgrounds!

Nurmel: They’re arguing again.
Leona: Don’t you worry. Your dad’s tough.
Nurmel: Why do they always argue about me! It was Collette who was being horrid, not me.
Leona: I know honey. That girl’s a bad egg.

Winston: I’m warning you, Harris Rosetta. Any talk of crazy goings on with that girl and you’re out on the streets!
Harris: I can’t believe you’d chuck a whole family out on the streets.
Winston: I’ve done it before and I can do it again! I should have thought you’d been used to it by now.
Harris: That’s it! Get off my property!
Winston: It’s my property, you scum. And I’ll come and go when I like.

Nurmel: Is he gone?
Harris: For now.
Nurmel: Good…I need to go lie down.

Leona: I heard what was going on. He mentioned Nurmel’s dreams, didn’t he?
Harris: Yes. To be honest, I’d be scared too if I wasn’t her father.
Leona: Maybe we should do something about it.
Harris: She’d never forgive us.

I can’t believe my parents don’t remember I don’t have a door.


Leona: All this just because of that one day…
Nurmel: (to self) That one day…



11 years ago

Chad: You're gypsies right?
Nurmel: My dad prefers to call us travellers.
Chad: That’s ok. My family’s them too.
Nurmel: Really? There’s more out there?
Chad: Oh yeah, all over the place. How long have you been here?
Nurmel: All my life.
Chad: You’ll be moving soon.

Nurmel: Huh? What do you mean?
Chad: The mob will come and get you if you don’t leave soon! Ha ha ha!
Nurmel: What the hell are you on about? Stupid.
Chad: Hey, it’s the truth!
Nurmel: Whatever. Let’s go look for snakes.
Chad: Ok!

Nurmel: Hey, wait up.
Chad: What’s wrong?
Nurmel: I don’t feel so good…my head…
Chad: N-Nurmel? Are you-?

Nurmel: (screams)

Leona: Nurmel? Nurmel! Please wake up, baby!
Chad: I’m sorry! I should have caught her!
Nurmel: (wakes up)..Mummy?
Leona: Oh, Nurmel, thank goodness!

Leona: I was so worried about you! I thought you were dead!
Nurmel: Mummy…I had this strange dream…about a girl called Melody…
Leona: Eh? Did you hit your head?
Nurmel: It was real! It was like I was right there with her…
Leona: You need to sit down, baby.

Leona: And ever since then, she’s had all those visions of the same girl.
Harris: I can’t imagine what it could mean.
Leona: And the fact that those rats know about it means she’s still having them.
Harris: This is serious. Something could be wrong with her.
Leona: We’ll find out first thing tomorrow.