Like Minded - Series 1 - Episode 3 - Glad To Meet You

Episode 3 - Glad To Meet You

It was just another normal day. At least that’s what my parents thought. Me? I couldn’t forget about what they were talking about last night…

Leona: Hey there, you’re up earlier than usual!
Nurmel: I couldn’t sleep.
Leona: Really hun? That’s too bad. Hey, want me to cook up something for you for breakfast?
Nurmel: (mutters) You act as if it never happened.
Leona: Huh?

Nurmel: Don’t act all innocent with me! I heard you and Dad talking, but I guess that wouldn’t matter, since you already think I’m crazy!
Leona: Nurmel…? Why would we think you were crazy? You’re a normal person!
Nurmel: If I’m so normal, why were you so worried last night! You just can’t wait to get rid of me, then you won’t have so much trouble!
Leona: Now you listen here young lady! Your father and I love you very much and stick by you no matter what happens!
Nurmel: Oh please. I can tell when you’re lying Mum, and right now you’re telling a great whopper.

Leona: Nurmel! Where are you going!?
Nurmel: Away from here, dammit!!

I felt so…betrayed. Why was she being like this? I just needed to get away from there, and cool my head.

Missy: Hey…isn’t that the Rosetta girl?
Raife: You’re right, it is…yo, Nurmel!
Nurmel: What the hell do you want, asshole?!
Raife: Whoa. No need to bite my head off.
Nurmel:…Sorry. I’m just mad.
Raife: Lemme guess. Parents?
Nurmel: Got it in one.

Raife: Don’t you worry your pretty head. My parents aren’t around anymore.
Nurmel: What happened?
Raife: Ran out on me. Said I was a waste of space (laughs). But listen, you wanna hang out with me and Missy here?

Nurmel: Hey, you’re Collette’s boyfriend, aren’t you? How do I know I can trust you?
Raife: Collette? She’s a bitch. I was gonna dump her later anyway.
Nurmel: I…see…
Missy: Still suspicious? Look, we ain’t going anywhere dodgy, only to the bowling arcade.
Nurmel: Shouldn’t you be in school?
Raife: Shouldn’t you?
Nurmel: Touché.

Raife: Come on Nurmel. Who cares about parents? Let your hair down.
Nurmel: As you can see it’s already down.
Raife: Yeah, but not enough. Come with us?
Nurmel: Yeah, I suppose so.

Right then, I wanted to show my parents I didn’t have to depend on then all the time. I was willing to do anything…

Missy: Hope I get a strike!
Raife: Good one Missy.

…but I was a fool.

Raife: Nurmel, babe, you want a drink?
Nurmel: Heh…babe? Do you call all your lady friends that?
Raife: Only the really special ones.
Nurmel: Ah, that’s me out then. I’m not special.
Raife: Don’t be stupid.

Nurmel:…Oh no.
Raife: What’s up, babe?
Nurmel: Er, nothing. Just go get and get some drinks…
Raife: You ok?
Nurmel: My head…it’s pounding…

Nurmel: Here we go again…

Mrs Bridle: Melody, this is Dan. He’s the accommodation administrator.
Melody: Erm…?
Dan: Basically I’m in charge of where you sleep.
Melody: Oh.
Dan: Before we go upstairs, let me show you the library.

Receptionist: Oh, hello again.
Melody: I thought you were the receptionist.
Receptionist: (giggle) I am. But I’m part time librarian as well.
Dan: This is Miss Snow, one of the part time librarians.
Receptionist: Call me Harriet.
Dan: As you can see, she’s very friendly.
Harriet: He wants to be very friendly with me.

Melody: pfft… (laughs)
Dan: (sighs) Harriet, try to be more professional.
Harriet: Sorry! But hey, I made her laugh. That’s the first time I’ve seen you laugh. You were so serious before.
Melody: Really? I suppose I was.
Dan: Let’s go upstairs.

Dan: Here we are. You know, you were really lucky that we had a spare bed. Not everyone comes here in the middle of a year.
Melody: Mmm…I’m sorry.
Dan: What about? We’re glad to have you here, and I bet your new room mate is going to love you.

Dan: Ah…Mia! What have we told you about jumping on the sofa?
Mia: Wheee! I’m-sorry! But-this-couch-is-so-springy!
Dan: (sighs) Well get down here. You have a new room mate.
Mia: Oh yeah!

Mia: Hey, there, I’m Mia Costello.
Dan: Mia, this is Melody…what was your surname again?
Melody: Mystare.
Dan: Melody Mystare. I’ll be back in a second with your timetable, Melody. Your cases are over there, you can unpack now if you wish.
Melody: Thanks.

Mia: So, what do you think of your new room?
Melody: It’s…big. But then again, everything’s big here.
Mia: (laughs) You’re right! It’s bigger than most dorms. We’re even allowed a computer and a TV here! Although we’re not allowed to use them after eleven. And there’s no point trying, because I’ve already tried it, and they can tell when you’ve been on it!
Melody: Erm…ok.
Mia: Sorry, I’m a naturally hyper person! It’s usual to be scared though. I remember my first time here; I think I wet the bed! How childish is that!
Melody: That is pretty funny.

Mia: Oh wow, I love the painting! Let me guess, the famous “Suspense” by Teresa Solbel?
Melody: Yup. She’s my mum.
Mia: Oh my god, seriously!? You have an artist for a mum? That is so cool!

Mia: Can you paint too?
Melody: A bit.
Mia: Hey, just a thought, if her surname’s Solbel, then why’s your surname different?
Melody: Erm…because…

Man: You’re not my daughter!

Melody: I…I…
Mia: Whoa, easy now. It’s ok, you don’t have to tell me. It’s a secret, right?
Mia: Come on; let’s unpack your other stuff!

Melody: Ok…
Mia: Don’t worry about it ok? If it’s painful then you can keep it to yourself. I’m here for you, you know. You’re stuck with me for the year anyway!
Melody: (laughs)
Mia: I have a feeling we’re gonna get along just fine!

Nurmel: (stirring) Lookit, Melody, you’ve found a new friend…

Nurmel: Oh crap.
Collette: Oh crap is right.
Nurmel: Where am I?
Collette: You’re in my house, after being out of the count for at least three hours.
Nurmel: That long, huh?
Collette: That’s right…

Collette: …and I think you’ll find there is no escape.