Like Minded - Series 1 - Episode 4 - Closed To Reasoning

The word “trapped” can have a big impact nowadays. It can mean being in somewhere where you can’t get out. It can mean your creativity is stifled in the place you are currently in.

It could mean you’re in a rival’s house and she has the advantage over you.

Nurmel: Look, Collette, just say whatever crud you want and then I’ll go.
Collette: Don’t think you’re going anywhere.
Nurmel: I really don’t see why I have to stay here…
Collette: I think you do.
Nurmel: I don’t get you. Perhaps if you stop being a moody git, you can see and speak sense.

Collette: Shut up! I don’t need to take rubbish from you, you slimy boyfriend stealer!
Nurmel: You what? Oh, wait…Raife…
Collette: Did you think you could get away with it?
Nurmel: Look, firstly, nothing happened between us; secondly, he asked me to go with him and Missy; and thirdly, I think you’re overreacting.
Collette: He would never ask you to go out with him! He loves me!
Nurmel: That’s not what he said. He said he was going to dump you.
Collette: You’re lying! Kevin! GET THE HELL IN HERE!

Kevin: What’s going on?
Collette: Recite to Nurmel what Raife said to me.
Kevin: Sure… “She was all over me, then was really drunk and passed out.”
Nurmel: Er, you might want to check out the reliability of your other half, Collette. I wasn’t drunk. I just-
Collette: Had another freaky dream?? Whatever. You’re gonna pay.

Nurmel: Heh…and what exactly are you going to do to me?
Kevin: Yeah, what was it…
Collette: We’re going to show you how we deal with scum in this area.
Kevin: Oh yeah!
Nurmel: Like how?

Kevin: Like so.
Nurmel: HEY!

Collette: Is she…?
Kevin: Knocked out cold. Now what?
Collette: Excellent. Now take her downstairs.
Kevin: Erm, ok.

Collette: Careful, don’t drop her! Put her in the boot of the car.

Kevin: Collette…you do know how to drive, don’t you?
Collette: Duh, I’m nearly 18, idiot! Let’s go.

Kevin: Where are we going?
Collette: As far away from here as possible.
Kevin: And that’s where, exactly?

Collette: Here’s the perfect spot.
Kevin: We’re on the other side of the city!
Collette: Precisely. We’re going to give Nurmel a little surprise.

Kevin: Don’t drive into the pond now.
Collette: Shut up. I can do it. Now get her out.

Collette: Look at her…sleeping so soundly amongst the flowers (cackles)
Kevin: Now what? (sarcastically) Push her in the lake?
Collette: Tempting…but no. This will have more revenge.

Kevin: Hey. Are we just leaving her here?
Collette: Of course. Have you only just twigged that in your puny little mind?
Kevin: No, but-
Collette: You’re not getting cold feet are you?
Kevin: It’s just she might never find her way back.

Collette: Don’t be so soft. We’ll come back for her…sometime. If you back out, or tell anyone about this, I’ll tell everyone what your natural hair colour is.
Kevin: Please don’t.
Collette: Then let’s go.

Collette: Perfect, and no one saw us. Sweet dreams, little Nurmel, heh.

Nurmel: (asleep)…Mum…

Harris: Hey, I’m back from work…hey, what’s up?
Leona: Oh, Harris, it’s terrible!
Harris: What? What’s happened? Are you hurt?
Leona: Oh, it’s not me, it’s Nurmel!

Harris: What about her?
Leona: She stormed off this morning after arguing with me, and I haven’t seen her since!
Harris: Is that all you’re crying about? You know what she’s like. She’s probably gone for a walk.
Leona: She’s never been gone this long before!

Harris: It’s going to be alright. If she doesn’t get back by tomorrow morning, then we’ll go look for her, ok?
Leona: Ok…she was so mad…she thinks we think she’s crazy…
Harris: I forgot she doesn’t have a door…we weren’t thinking all that right last night. Winston just got me all hecked up.
Leona: I know.

Harris: Now dry those tears. She’s probably walking back this very moment, after cooling her head. We’ll apologise for thinking that way, and we’ll go on being a happy family.
Leona: Yes…a happy family…
Harris: She’ll be back anytime now.

Famous last words.

Nurmel: Damn, it feels I’ve been walking for miles…where the heck am I?

Nurmel: Gaah! Why the hell did I end up here in the first place! I bet Collette was in on it…I guess this all boils down to me storming off this morning…I guess I was too over reactive.

Nurmel: When I get my hands on that girl…
Boy: (gasp)
Nurmel: Whoa! Hello there…sorry for scaring you.

Nurmel: Hey wait! Don’t run off! I’m sorry! Listen, I’m lost and need to find my way home! Wait up!

Nurmel: Agh, why do kids run so fast! HEY! I SAID I WAS SORRY! I-

Nurmel: Oh my god. Is that-?