Like Minded - Series 1 - Episode 6 - Hot Stuff

Help me.

Nurmel: Oh my god…the whole place is on fire! What am I gonna do?

Nurmel: The horses! I’ve got to get them out before the fire spreads! It’s so hot…

Nurmel: That’s that done…when I find out who did this, I’ll – oh yeah! The family!

Rose: (waking up) Huh…Nurmel?

Rose: Gee, hun, what’s with all the ruckus?
Nurmel: The abandoned barn’s on fire!
Rose: On fire? Oh no! This isn’t good at all!

Rose: Jimmy dear!
Jimmy: Rose? What’s with all the shouting?
Rose: There’s a fire, Jimmy! Next door!
Jimmy: What? A fire!? Right!
Nurmel: Hurry!

Rose: Kimberly, wake up darling, there’s a good girl!
Kimberly: What’s going on?
Rose: A fire!
Jimmy: Right everyone, we need to get out of here before the house catches alight with us in it!
Nurmel: Come on everyone!

Rose: Oh my…it is bad!
Jimmy: Who would do such a thing?
Rose: The horses!!
Kimberly: Mum it’s alright!

Kimberly: They’re here!
Nurmel: Yeah, I got them out; otherwise they’d be barbecued by now!
Rose: Thank heavens.
Jimmy: Everyone stay back, I’m going to get help!
Rose: Try and find someone with a phone, then you can ring the fire brigade…oh no.

Nurmel: What’s wrong?
Rose: Handel! Where is he?
Nurmel: I thought he was out here…
Rose: He must be still in the house! No!

Rose: My poor boy!
Nurmel: Relax, I’ll go get him!
Kimberly: Nurmel, be careful!
Rose: God bless you.

Harris: Leona? You’ve been really quiet.
Leona: I have? Oh. I’m sorry.
Harris: It’s alright…are you still worried about Nurmel?

Leona: Of course I am! I practically drove her out!
Harris: No you didn’t. She went out on her own accord.
Leona: But I started it!
Harris: Leona, this is Nurmel we’re talking about! She’s made of tougher stuff, like her dad (laughs). Like I said, if she’s not back by tomorrow morning, we’ll go look for her. She won’t have gone far.

Leona: I keep hearing her voice…screaming…calling my name over and over again…
Harris: Honey…?
(doorbell rings)

Harris: Who could that be at this time of night?
Leona: The police…
Harris: Honey, Nurmel will be fine!

Harris: You again? You just scared my wife, thinking you were the police.
Winston: Listen to me Harris.
Harris: Why should I? You’re probably just going to hurl insults at us again. If you don’t mind, our little girl is out there somewhere and my wife’s beating herself up over it!

Winston: Look, boy, before you go rambling, I need your help. There’s a wild fire started in the forest, in a gypsy camp. I got the alert by a neighbourhood watcher and now we need to help the victims!
Harris: …I suppose I should come.

Leona: …Gypsy…camp?

Leona: Where is the gypsy camp?
Harris: Leona?
Winston: On the other side of the area, in a small forest. They’ve been there since goodness knows when.
Leona: I want to see it.
Harris: Leona, it’s engulfed in flames at the moment, you can’t see it!
Winston: She can come help the family though.

Leona: Let’s go.
Harris: (muttering) What’s gotten into you…

Help me.

Nurmel: Holy…good thing we got out when we did…Handel? Handel! Where are you? (Cough) It’s so hard to breathe…

Handel: I’m in here! (crying)

Nurmel: Handel! What are you doing in here?!
Handel: I just got out of bed when the fire came in (sob)
Nurmel: Oh, Handel…it’s ok now.

Handel: (crying) I’m scared! Mummy!
Nurmel: I can hear the glass breaking…come on, Handel, we’ve got to get out of here!

Handel: AAGH!
Handel: Mummy!
Nurmel: Quick, Handel, get outside!

Nurmel: NO!
Handel: Nurmel? Are you still in there?!
Nurmel: God dammit, the entrance is sealed! HELP!


Help me.

Harris: I’m sure Nurmel will be home by the time we get back.

You’ve just gotta help me…