Like Minded - Series 1 - Episode 7 - Daydreams

Weatherman: Today’s forecast is sunny, with a few light showers. There will be some cloudy patches up north, but that will be all. Back to you Sally.

News reporter: (on TV) Thanks Fred. We now return to our main story today; on the outskirts of Flint City, a fire broke out in a remote gypsy home. A family were unharmed, if not a little singed, but a local girl named Nurmel Rosetta, aged 17, was caught in the blaze. She is currently in Flint Hospital and she hasn’t woken up yet.
Receptionist: Tch. There’s too much drama in the news lately.

Dr Field: Ah, Marie. How is she doing?
Dr Marsh: Better than yesterday. Her pulse is still as steady as can be, and her body hasn’t been rejecting the nutrients.
Dr Field: That’s good to hear.

Dr Field: To be honest, it’s amazing she survived.
Dr Marsh: Tell me about it. I heard she was trapped in a collapsing building.
Dr Field: Surely that’s death?!
Dr Marsh: I know. But someone rescued her. That’s all I heard. We don’t know who. Then she was rushed to hospital.
Dr Field: Well, at least she’s only got minor burns.
Dr Marsh: Yes, it could have been a lot worse.

Dr Field: You, Nurmel Rosetta, are a remarkable girl.

Remarkable indeed. In an almost comatose state and still dreaming about good old’ Melody.

Mia: Aha! There you are!
Melody: Ah, you found me.
Mia: I’ve been looking for you everywhere!
Melody: I’m sorry. Didn’t know you needed me.
Mia: What are you doing down here anyway?
Melody: Oh, just reading something.
Mia: What is it?

Melody: Just…a book.
Mia: Hey! Is that the new romance novel I’ve been hearing about?
Melody: Erm…uh huh.
Mia: Are you blushing?
Melody: No!
Mia: Don’t worry about it! I like love stories too!

Mia: I mean, I really love it when you can just tell they feel the same way about each other, you know?
Melody: Yeah…
Mia: (laughs) You look as though you’re in your own little world, Melody!
Melody: Do I…?

Knight: Fair maiden, for too long I have travelled to find you, in your lonely tower in the middle of the woods! Look me in the eye and tell me what I want to hear!

Melody: (giggles)

Knight: But now that I am here, I must reach you. Tell me, oh most beautiful maiden how I can reach you!
Melody: There’s a door at the bottom of the tower, silly! (laughs)

Knight: At last! We can finally be together!
Melody: For too long have I been alone. But I wish to know the face of my rescuer.

Knight: If that is your wish! (lifts up visor)
Melody: Oh, it’s you! I always knew it would be you!

Knight: Come here, my love.
Mia: (distant) Melody?!

Melody: Huh? What?
Mia: I was trying to bring you back from dream land!

Melody: Sorry…kind of drifted off there…
Mrs Hamilton: Ah, there you are!
Melody: Oh, hello, Mrs Hamilton.
Mrs Hamilton: I was looking for you.
Mia: As was I! Aren’t you popular, Melody!
Melody: (laughs nervously)
Mrs Hamilton: I was wondering if you wanted another practise?
Melody: Erm…I don’t know…

Mia: Are you still worried about it?
Melody: No! But…yeah.
Mia: Look, you have an amazing voice Melody; you don’t have to be afraid!
Melody: But what if I screw it up? I’ll embarrass myself in front of the whole school! I just couldn’t cope with that…

Mrs Hamilton: Confidence issue, eh? I think I know just the remedy. I know some friends along the beach line, I think you’ll like them! They’re musicians so they know all about nerves. Shall we go now?
Melody: I don’t mind, give me two seconds while I change.

Mrs Hamilton: Here we are!
Melody: Erm, Mia?
Mia: Yeah?
Melody: I’m getting a bad feeling about this.
Mia: You too?

Darryl: Oh my god, you’re here!
Melody: Yep. Definitely a bad feeling.
Darryl: Hi, I’m Darryl, great to meet you! You must be Melody.
Melody: Hi.
Darryl: Georgia told us so much about you!
Melody: Oh…really now?

Darryl: And Georgia! How you been, baby?
Mrs Hamilton: Not too bad, Darryl honey. How are the boys?
Darryl: Same as always! Come in and see them!

Melody: Whoa.
Mia: My eyes!
Darryl: Yeah, great isn’t it!

Darryl: Melody, this is Orlando on the left and Viggo on the right.
Orlando: ‘Sup.
Viggo: ‘Sup, man.
Melody: Er…
Darryl: Melody has some issues with confidence!
Melody: Well, I wouldn’t call it an issue…just a slight inconvenience?
Orlando: Show us how you sing in the next room, babe!

Viggo: I take it you know the song, “Not This Way”, right?
Melody: Yeah, it’s one of my favourites.
Darryl: Here we go boys!

(They start playing)

Melody: (singing) It’s almost dark,
 And the night calls your spirit to take a dance
 Take a trip to the place where your heart is pure
 But you’re scared to take a step towards the boat
 That’ll take you down, so you sing

 O-o-o-oh, not this way, not this way.
 O-o-o-oh, not this way, not this way.

It’s all well and good living in a fantasy world,

But sooner or later you must return to the reality that you’re not as perfect as you think.