Like Minded - Series 1 - Episode 8 - The Hardest Decisions

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Leona: Why are we watching this?
Harris: It’s better than watching the news, with coverage of the fire all the time.
Leona: Yeah, you’re right. How long has it been?
Harris: Almost three days.
Leona: She’s not in a coma, is she…?
Harris: Who can say? The doctor’s are as clueless as we are.
Leona: I just want my baby back.

Kimberly: Excuse me…but I couldn’t help overhearing. Are you Nurmel’s parents?
Harris: We are indeed. Are you a friend of Nurmel?
Kimberly: Sort of. I’m from the family whose house was in the fire.
Leona: (gasp)

Leona: So you’re a gypsy then? Or…a traveller, like us.
Kimberly: Yes, we’re gypsies. Why do you ask?
Leona: Oh, no particular reason…tell me, do you have visions?
Kimberly: Excuse me?
Leona: You know, like dreams of someone the same age as you, but them going through everyday life like you are…
Kimberly: I don’t know what you’re talking about…

Leona: But you must know! Why? Why do you have those dreams?
Kimberly: Please, ma’am, I don’t understand!
Leona: Please tell me!!

Kimberly: I can see you’re a little emotional. Sorry I intervened.
Leona: No! Come back! Tell me why!

Harris: Darling, with all due respect…that wasn’t very strategic.
Leona: I don’t care! I want to find out once and for all why Nurmel is like this… (crying) but she won’t tell me!
Harris: Of course not! She probably doesn’t have them!

Dr Field: Don’t mind me, Nurmel. Just checking on you…wow, your mental activities have been huge…Nurmel?

Nurmel: Huh…where…where am I?
Dr Field: Nurmel, you’re awake!
Nurmel: Who are you?

Dr Field: My name is Dr Field, and you’re in Flint Hospital after becoming unconscious.
Nurmel: Mum…Dad…where are they?
Dr Field: You can see them in a moment; I need to run some checks on you-

Nurmel: I want…to see…my parents!
Dr Field: Ok, Nurmel, I’ll go fetch them.

Harris: Dr Field?
Dr Field: I bring good news. Nurmel’s awake.
Harris: She’s alive?!
Leona: Thank goodness! Can we see her?
Dr Field: Of course, follow me.

Leona: Nurmel!
Nurmel: Hey Mum.
Harris: How are you feeling?
Nurmel: Pretty…hot. (laughs feebly)

Leona: Oh, my baby girl, I missed you so much!
Nurmel: Hey Mum, that hurts…
Leona: I’m sorry! It’s just that I can’t believe you’re back with us.
Nurmel: Heh. Thanks for caring.

Dr Marsh: Mr Rosetta, we need to run some checks on Nurmel, to see if she’s able to leave hospital.
Harris: Ok, sure, that’s fine. Come on honey, we need to go for a moment.
Leona: See you in a moment sweetie.
Nurmel: Yeah.

Leona: She looked burnt.
Harris: It’ll heal. It could have been worse, you know.
Leona: I know…oh, Winston. I didn’t see you there.
Harris: Thanks for driving us here.
Winston: Anytime.

Winston: Listen, I need to tell you something. We’ve been talking with the family, and some neighbours and we’ve got a good idea of who’s to blame for this.
Harris: Seriously? Who is it?
Leona: I hope they get what’s coming to them.
Winston: Well…this is going to be hard, but we reckon it was Nurmel herself who started the fire.

Harris+Leona: What?!
Winston: I know you may not believe it, but look at the facts. She’s like them, but they’re lesser off than her. She was the one who discovered the fire, she could have been the one to start it. And let’s face it; she’s not in the right of mind. I can help you sort things out. She won’t be charged and put in jail. She’ll be taken to a safe place.

Leona: You mean like a…a…you know! But…Nurmel wouldn’t do that…would she?
Winston: It really is up to you. All evidence turns to her and she’s not mentally healthy. Make your choice wisely.
Leona: Could she really have done it?

Dr Marsh: Well, Nurmel, it seems you’re all fine, it’s just the burns and a slight cut on your arm.
Nurmel: Really? That’s great. Can I go home now?
Dr Marsh: Whoa, no need to rush! We need to let the worst of the burns heal first.
Nurmel: (sigh) Ok.

Dr Marsh: Oh look, you have a visitor.
Nurmel: Kimberly?!

Nurmel: Oh my god, are you ok! Did Handel get out alright? Are you all ok?
Kimberly: Yes we’re all fine. We’ve got new clothes now. But we’re ok.
Nurmel: That’s brilliant!
Kimberly: No thanks to you.
Nurmel: …what?

Kimberly: It was your fault our home got burnt down!
Nurmel: Did I miss something here?!
Kimberly: Everyone says that you started the fire, you evil witch!
Nurmel: Kimberly I…it wasn’t me!

Kimberly: Everyone says you’re crazy and mentally unstable. No wonder you’d try to kill us. Can’t stand any competition, eh?
Nurmel: Kimberly – just calm down for a second – I saved your life!
Kimberly: Yeah, you’re a coward! You couldn’t bear to see us burn like the coward you are so you let us live!
Nurmel: How dare you say that when I saved your little brother’s life!

Kimberly: Well you know what? You can just stay away from us, Nurmel Rosetta, because you are a hated person amongst our family!
Nurmel: Kimberly…it wasn’t me! I didn’t start it!
Kimberly: Save that for people who give a damn! (storms out)
Nurmel: This can’t be true.

Harris: Nurmel?!
Leona: What’s wrong?
Nurmel: Mum! Dad! Tell me it’s not true!
Harris: What do you mean?
Nurmel: Tell them I didn’t burn it down, it wasn’t me!
Harris: Oh honey…

Nurmel: Dad…why can I hear tyres and people coming out of a van…?
Harris: We’re sorry Nurmel.

Doctor: Hello Nurmel. My name’s Dr Hunt. We’re going to take you to a better place.
Nurmel: No…no!

Dr Hunt: Now come on Nurmel, there’s a good girl. You’re going to love the HUL Institute.
Nurmel: Get off me! I’m not going! Please!

Man: Come on Nurmel, come with us.
Nurmel: (sobbing) MUM! DAD! DON’T LET THEM TAKE ME AWAY!!!
Dr Hunt: Let’s go.
Nurmel: NO! NO!!

(Sound of van leaving)
Leona: (crying) What have we done…?
Harris: We had to do it. We had no choice, honey.

A happy family. That’s what we are. A nice normal family.