Like Minded - Series 2 - Episode 2 - The Great-ish Escape

It’s a month away from my 18th birthday.
I wonder if they know.

Everyday, at six in the evening, the sun dims down. Especially in the summer. I can see the golden rays laminate my room.

Do they think about me as much as I think about them? I think about them nearly all the time.

But no one will ever come for me. I learnt that a while ago. I’m stuck here until I get better, which is unlikely, I escape, which is even more unlikely, or if I die…

Nurmel: Ah! Why must the lights come on so suddenly?! It hurts my eyes!
Intercom: Hello children. It’s time to have dinner and a group chat, so whenever you’re ready, you may come down to the lounge.
Nurmel: (mocking) Hello crazy people, it’s time to eat brainwashing food and talk about how abnormal we are, you may come down and suffer our torture!

It’s always the same routine. Sometimes it’s hard to know when days begin and end, it’s like they’re all fused together in one big routine.

Group chats are always annoying.

Doctor: Ok, everyone. Dinner is almost ready. Has everyone had fun today? Denise? Did you have fun?
Denise: I did! I went into the pool!
Doctor: That’s great. You must be very proud.
Denise: Oh I am! I didn’t feel like killing Mrs Kelsey today!
Doctor: Good for you!

Sasha: Hah! It’s all very well and good for you.
Denise: I’m sorry Sasha. Did I upset you?
Boy: …………
Sasha: Perhaps you did! You should have killed that woman!!
Denise: But she’s helping me get better!
Sasha: Well, I don’t see any improvement!

Freddie: Hey, both of you, stop yapping or I’ll come over there and stop you yapping myself!
Doctor: Now, now, Freddie. There’s no need for violence. Sasha is just anxious about her own recovery.
Sasha: No I’m not!
Freddie: Heh. Recovery? That ain’t happening for a long time.
Sasha: You take that back!
Doctor: Alright, you lot. It’s time for dinner.

Receptionist: Hello? HUL Institute, how may I help you?...I see…excuse me? I don’t…yes. I’ll be sure to tell her.

Sasha: Hey.
Nurmel: What?
Sasha: You’re the girl who goes crazy all the time, right?
Nurmel: Your description fits nearly everyone here.
Sasha: (laugh) You’re right. Listen, you want to get out of here, don’t you?
Nurmel: I…how do you know?
Sasha: I hear you sometimes, in the Quiet Room.

Sasha: Listen, I want to leave just as much as you. So tonight, we’re going to escape.
Nurmel: H-huh? E-escape?
Sasha: You heard me right.
Nurmel: But how?
Sasha: I’ve busted the lock on one of the windows. So far they haven’t fixed it.
Nurmel: Yeah, but what about all the security cameras and stuff-
Sasha: Don’t worry about them! I’ve got it covered.

Nurmel: Erm…ok?
Sasha: Ok. Now, we’re going to go to dinner, and then go to bed as usual. Then, after lights out, I want you to leave the room and meet me on the hallway.
Nurmel: B-but…they lock the doors, don’t they?
Sasha: I swiped these from the offices when they weren’t looking.
Nurmel: Paperclips?
Sasha: Unfold them and then use them on the door. I’ll see you tonight.
Nurmel: …ok…

Receptionist: Ah…Doctor Kelsey.
Kelsey: Yes?
Receptionist: There was a phone call earlier.
Kelsey: About…?
Receptionist: Someone calling about Nurmel Rosetta.
Kelsey: …what?

Receptionist: His name is Simon White. He claims to know Nurmel and wants to meet with her.
Kelsey: But I thought her parents gave us strict orders to not let anyone see her. At least, her mother did…
Receptionist: He insisted. Shall I ring him back and cancel?
Kelsey: …No. I want to see this White for myself.

That night, after lights out, when everything but the light outside was pitch black, I made my move. The building was still – it was as if everyone was gone.

I unfolded the paperclip that Sasha gave me and unlocked my door. It was easy. Scaringly easy. I wondered. What did Sasha really want? This was the first time I’d seen her want to escape so badly.

Sasha: There you are. I was worried you weren’t coming.
Nurmel: Don’t be ridiculous.
Sasha: We’ll have to be quiet. We don’t want to wake the doctors.
Nurmel: Agreed.

We made our way to the window, which, just as Sasha said, was busted. One small push was all it took to open it, and we crawled through the opening…

And we were outside.
I felt the unfamiliar breath of fresh of air tickle at my lungs. The wind was soft on my face and it made me want to cry. At last, I was going to have wonderful freedom…

Sasha: I don’t think I want to do this anymore.
Nurmel: What? You’ve got to be kidding me.
Sasha: I…I can’t do this.
Nurmel: Why not?
Sasha: I…I’m scared of outside…

Nurmel: What?? Are you telling me you’re scared of outside?!
Sasha: Y-yes…
Nurmel: Then why the hell were you so insisting on escaping??
Sasha: (sob) I thought I’d gotten over it! I thought I’d be ok!
Nurmel: This is just stupid! You can stay here and sob all you want, but I’m getting the hell out of here!

Nurmel: AAGH!!!
Voice: I think you’ll find that no one will be getting out of here tonight.
Sasha: I hate….outside…

We had been caught. If she hadn’t held back…I might have had a chance to run for it.

Kelsey: How naïve of you to think you could escape that easily.
Kelsey: Didn’t you know we have someone on 24-hour surveillance cameras to prevent this very thing?
Nurmel: …Not really. (I thought Sasha had gotten that covered! The little liar…)
Kelsey: I’m shocked. I’d expect this sort of behaviour from Nurmel, but Sasha?

Doctor: Sasha, why did you do it?
Sasha: I wanted to get out of here. I hate it here.
Doctor: As much as you hate it, you can’t leave. You saw that tonight, when you were holding back. As much as you want to go outside, you’re also afraid of what’s out there.

Kelsey: I have no doubt who put this idea into your head.
Sasha: It was my own idea!
Kelsey: No, I’m sorry Sasha. But someone was putting silly ideas into your head.
Nurmel: Why the hell are you glaring at me?! She’s the one who told me about the idea!
Kelsey: Nurmel, how dare you accuse innocent Sasha! I think we will have to put someone to keep watch over you at all times.
Nurmel: What?! That’s a violation of my privacy!
Kelsey: It’s for your own good.

It’s for your own good, for your own good…

This is hell. I’m sure of it.