Like Minded - Series 2 - Episode 3 - Something Lost, Another Thing Gained

And so…I became a prisoner.

Well, even more of a prisoner than I was already.

This time, they were watching my every move…

That’s right. Now every camera was pointing on me, every eye was on my every step…

I guess if it were a different situation I would have loved all this attention…but this was just ridiculous.

Nurmel: It sickens me to think this is how downhill my life is getting.
Doctor: Nurmel, are you nearly ready?
Nurmel: (through gritted teeth) Just a moment…

Doctor: Come along, Nurmel. Dr Kelsey wants to see you.
Nurmel: As far as I’m concerned, Dr Kelsey wants to kill me.
Doctor: Now Nurmel…Dr Kelsey is just concerned with your welfare.
Nurmel: But come on! Surely this “following me 24-7” is pushing it just a little bit, right?
Doctor: ………
Nurmel: Come on. You know I’m right.
Doctor: …Let’s not keep Dr Kelsey waiting.

This happened for a week. A whole week of “let’s go” and “you go there, don’t think about leaving” etc.

Kelsey: There you are. What kept you?
Nurmel: I…I was asleep.
Kelsey: Mmhmm. Of course.

I had a distinct feeling that she didn’t believe a word I said anymore.

Kelsey: It’s time to go swimming. I shall escort you while you put your swimsuit on.

How ironic. The activity that started my problem was now part of my problem.

Freddie: Dr Kelsey, Dr Kelsey, look! I can swim all around now!
Kelsey: Yes, Freddie, very good. You’re not touching the bottom, are you?
Freddie: No, of course not!

Sasha: Erm…
Nurmel: Hey.
Sasha: …Hi. Listen…
Nurmel: Don’t bother apologising. I forgive you. You can’t help being messed up inside.
Sasha: You…you don’t have to put it that way.
Nurmel: You said you’d dealt with the security cameras. Why didn’t you?
Sasha: I thought I had…

Denise:  Nurmel?
Nurmel: Huh? Oh…hi…Debbie was it?
Denise: (giggle) Denise, actually.
Nurmel: Sorry. Denise. How can I help you?
Denise: I heard about what you did last week.
Nurmel: News travels fast, huh?
Denise: You were foolish.
Nurmel: ….What?

Denise: You escaped too early. But if you listen to me, you will be out tonight.
Nurmel: Denise, are you feeling alright…?
Denise: I can help you.
Nurmel: I believe Sasha said that to me last week, and look where that got me. Not interested.

Denise: Fine. Don’t hear me out then. What would someone like me know? In all honesty, I should be insane.
Nurmel: I…..wait!
Kelsey: Everybody, it’s time to come out the pool now! Make sure you dry yourselves thoroughly.

Nurmel: Ok, so what were you talking about before?
Denise: Ah, now you’re interested?
Nurmel: Do I really have a choice?
Denise: Not really. Now listen. Tonight, we’re going to escape.
Nurmel: How? And we already tried through the front door.
Denise: You made a lot of foolish mistakes last time.

Sasha: I…they…they weren’t foolish mistakes! I did sort out the security cameras, I did!
Nurmel: So why were we caught then?
Sasha: I don’t know! Don’t yell at me!
Denise: Look, this isn’t the time to argue. Nurmel, you have a doctor standing guard in front of your door, right?
Nurmel: That’s right.

Denise: Then it’s simple. I’ll distract the doctor, and then I’ll meet you in the lobby.
Nurmel: But it surely can’t be that easy?!
Denise: It will be with me. Relax, you have nothing to fear!
Nurmel: I…whatever you say.

That night gave me a feeling of déjà vu, as it rightly should. How could I trust Denise any more than Sasha? I could just as easily be betrayed by her.

But down inside I knew why.
Because when I spoke to her that day, she was completely different to the Denise I knew.
So what could I do but wait?

Doctor: Denise? What are you doing out of bed?
Denise: Oh, hi, Doctor (giggle). No one locked my door!
Doctor: I’m sure someone did…oh well.
Denise: Could you come and read me a story?
Doctor: I think it’s a bit too late in the evening for that…
Denise: Pleeeease? I can’t get to sleep otherwise…
Doctor: (sigh) I suppose.

Nurmel: Wow…the coast is clear…I can’t believe that actually worked…

Running across the corridor to get to the staircase, I noticed how it was eerily quiet...a little too quiet…

Denise: Nurmel.
Nurmel: Denise! You…you made it down alright?
Denise: Of course I did. Now let’s get out of here.
Nurmel: But what if we’ll get caught again?
Denise: Let’s put it this way. No one will be chickening out and stopping this time.
Nurmel: …ok.

My heart pounded, every step it seemed to get faster with my legs, I ran, trying to catch up with Denise, never looking back. I never heard a siren go off, or voices shouting. All I could hear was stillness and the sound of my feet, and my breath. It seemed almost too good to be true again…

Nurmel: Denise, what did you do with the Doctor? Or Kelsey for that matter?
Denise: Oh, don’t you worry about them…

Denise: I took care of them.