Like Minded - Series 2 - Episode 4 - Walking Man's Road

We ran for what seemed like hours, and when we were sure we were as far away from the building as we could, we slowed down to a walk. I had never ran so fast or so far in my life, and in the end I had to sit down.

Denise: You can’t be tired again!
Nurmel: I’m sorry! (gasp) I’m…just…(pant)…not used to running…
Denise: You surprise me. So you never had to run from the law when you were with your parents?
Nurmel: What? What do you mean about my parents?
Denise: Forget I said anything.
Nurmel: …Denise, who are you?
Denise: What do you mean?
Nurmel: You’re not the same little daydreamer from back in HUL.
Denise: There’s more to people than meets the eye.

Denise: Now listen, I need to find someone.
Nurmel: You’re just leaving me here?!
Denise: I’ll be back soon, I promise. If anyone comes, stay out of sight. If anyone asks any questions, run for it. Understood?
Nurmel: Totally. You’d better come back, because if you don’t -
Denise: I have faith in you. You’ll be fine.

As I watched Denise walk away, my head was spinning for about the fifth time in the last two days.

I had never seen Denise like this before, so how exactly could I trust her? How had she “taken care” of the doctors back at HUL? How soon would it be before they started searching for us?

And where was she going now? Was she going back to tell the doctors where I am?
Thinking that way made me very afraid.

But I was still exhausted, and needed to sleep. Plus I had a headache, and I knew what that meant…

Nurmel: Being somewhere else in a vision is better than being by yourself…

Melody: So, I guess final exams will be starting soon, huh?
Mia: That’s right! But we should be fine.
Melody: The teachers have been working us a lot.
Mia: It’s all in preparation, so we know what to expect.
Olivia: Melody, I’m sure you’ll get into your first choice.
Mia: Yeah! What was it again?
Melody: Erm…actually I’m still undecided.
Mia: You what?

Melody: It’s not that I don’t know what to do…it’s just there’s so many to choose from.
Olivia: Well, I guess you’re right, but don’t leave it too long.
Melody: Don’t worry, I won’t.
Melissa: In other news, where are you all going for your holiday break?
Olivia: Oh, we’ll be going back to that caravan.
Melissa: What about you, Melody?
Melody: Oh, erm…I guess I’ll be going back home for the week.

Melissa: My parents are taking me to Spain!
Mia: Ooh, get you, rich girl!
Melissa: (laughs) Shut up! It’s going to be awesome.
Mia: Well, we’re going to our normal bog-standard camping trip up in the mountains, but hey!

Dan: Melody? There’s a phone call for you in the library.
Melody: Oh…ok, I’ll be right there.
Mia: Wonder who it could be?
Melody: It’s probably my mom. She rings this sort of time.
Mia: Cool!
Melissa: Ask her if you’re going away for the break!
Melody: (giggle) Will do.

Melody: Hello? This is Melody speaking.
Man: Hello there Melody.
Man: Your mother was going to ring, but she’s got her hands full with Cindy’s luggage at the moment.
Melody: Luggage…?
Man: Yes, that’s what we rang to tell you about. We’re going away this break. We’re going to Hong Kong.
Melody: Oh wow! That’s great!

Man: Glad to hear you’re so happy about it...
Melody: Of course I’m happy! I’ve always wanted to go to Hong Kong!
Man: Oh. Well…see here’s the thing…
Melody: …?
Man: We wanted you to come along, truly we did. But we couldn’t manage to get another ticket at short notice.
Melody: But…what will I do?
Man: I’m sure you can find something to do. Maybe see a friend. Or you have exams coming up, right? Perhaps you should spend the week doing some studying.

Man: I hope you’re not too unhappy, Melody.
Melody: No…it’s fine…I completely understand. Don’t worry.
Man: Good.
Voice on phone: Daddy! Daddy! Where are my straighteners?
Man: (to girl) I think they’re by the TV where you left them, honey. Melody, I’m going to hang up now, alright?
Melody: …Can I at least speak to Mom?
Man: She’s busy, I’m afraid.
Melody: Ok. Bye.

Melody: (to herself) You’re just trying to push me out of the family again, aren’t you…?
Mia: So who was that? Whoever it was, you sounded like you didn’t like him much.

Melody: Mia! You…you startled me.
Mia: Hey, you look like you’re going to cry…
Melody: No, I’m fine…
Mia: No, you’re not. Come on, now, I think it’s time you tell me what’s going on.
Melody: Ok…but you’re going to make a big deal out of this…

Mia: Melody, I’m your best friend! You can trust me, and I promise no matter how big it is I’ll still keep my faith in you…

Nurmel: (waking up) You know what? I wish I had a friend like Mia…w-where am I again? Oh yeah…

As soon as I remembered where I was, my heart sunk. How many hours had I been unconscious? And why wasn’t Denise back yet?

I was scared again…had the HUL doctors found her? Were they searching for me this very moment? I suddenly heard footsteps, coming closer and closer. I gulped and knew I should hide, but my body was frozen in fear and I could not move.

Man: Ah, there you are.
Nurmel: Excuse me?
Man: Nisa said you’d be here.
Nurmel: Who?...I don’t know anyone named Nisa…
Man: Listen, you can’t stay here.
Nurmel: I’m waiting for a girl named Denise, I’m sorry.
Man: Don’t worry, she’s perfectly safe.

Nurmel: So, what? Did you chloroform her or something?
Man: (chuckles) No. She’s safe back at HQ.
Nurmel: H…Q? Do you mean HUL?
Man: No, not HUL. You won’t be seeing that place again for a long time.
Nurmel: Who…who are you?

As I said this, I had stood up and was slowly walking towards him. There was something about him that was familiar almost. As if my heart had already trusted him. It wasn’t anything romantic, I can assure you.

Man: My name’s Simon. Simon White.
Nurmel: Simon…
Man: If it’s alright with you, I want to take you to safety. They may be looking for you.
Nurmel: Ok…let’s go.

I didn’t know exactly who this Simon White was, but I was soon going to find out.

Maybe miracles do exist.