Like Minded - Series 2 - Episode 5 - You Are Not Alone

Nurmel: Hey, we’ve been walking for a while…where are we?
Simon: Hang in there, we’re nearly home.
Nurmel: Home? What do you mean? This place looks nothing like Flint City.
Simon: We’re not in Flint City anymore, Nurmel. We’re a long way away from there. No, we’re in a place called…ah, here we are.
Nurmel: What’s this?
Simon: This is the block of apartments in which I live, Nurmel.

Simon: Apartment number 3, on the second floor, you get that?
Nurmel: I guess.
Simon: Hey…are you scared?
Nurmel: What do you mean??
Simon: Well, you’re not moving.
Nurmel: Is this…is this my home now?
Simon: …Nurmel. Perhaps you’d better come in first.

Nurmel: Who’s that?
Woman: (sobbing)
Simon: Oh man… Rina, I thought I told you to go.
Rina: Simon? You’re back!

Simon: I said I’d be alright.
Rina: I know, but I was so worried! I kept thinking you’d been caught, or arrested, or worse!
Nurmel: Erm…
Simon: You know this was my mission. I have to obey orders, and so should you.
Rina: You know you can’t have done this without me! If it weren’t for me, you’d still be-
Simon: That’s enough!

Simon: You see that girl standing there?
Rina: (sniff) Yes?
Simon: (whisper) That’s 6214.
Rina: (whisper) I know that!
Simon: (whisper) If you say anything else, she’ll be more confused. She’s been through enough tonight, so please, just go back and report.
Rina: I…if I must.

Simon: She’s finally gone.
Nurmel: Who was that, your ex or something?
Simon: Kinda. Sorry about that.
Nurmel: So, are you gonna start talking now or what?
Simon: (sigh) I suppose I should explain what you’re doing here.

Simon: See, when I heard you’d been taken away to HUL, I knew I had to save you. Especially when I saw your surname, Rosetta.
Nurmel: What’s so special about Rosetta?
Simon: It’s a surname I know very well.
Nurmel: Really? So, you know my family or something?
Simon: …You could say that. You could even say that we’re related…
Nurmel: I don’t know any Whites in our family…
Simon: Well, my real name is Simon Rosetta…
Nurmel: …What?

Simon: Nurmel…I’m your older brother.
Nurmel: ………

Simon: I know this must seem as a shock to you.
Simon: I never intended for you to learn this way.
Simon: Perhaps-
Nurmel: So why have you never been mentioned before? Mom and Dad never told me about you…
Simon: -perhaps I’d better explain.

Simon: Many years before you were born, I lived with Harris and Leona Rosetta. We lived in the south, near the desert. We enjoyed life there, and Mom and Dad were always smiling. They were young and carefree, having had me during their schooling.

Simon: When I was 5 years old, however…things changed. Dad lost his job. Sounds familiar? What happened to you three before you officially became travellers happened to us. Mom wouldn’t smile anymore. They didn’t know how they were going to cope by themselves, with a kid to feed. Sometimes I’d hear them argue at night about me. I felt so helpless; I didn’t know how to make them stop. I wanted them to smile again…

Simon: One day they made their decision. And they put me up for adoption. They couldn’t take care of me anymore. I was taken up by a sweet lady who couldn’t have any children, and Mom and Dad contacted me for the first year. But then after that they didn’t talk anymore. They didn’t even send cards on birthdays or Christmas. I had been…forgotten, almost.

Simon: My adoptive mother died when I was 13, and things were rough for a bit, but I managed to live and take care of myself. I learnt that pretty soon after they gave me up and moved on to another place, Dad got a new job. That same year, they had you. I guess Mom must have felt so guilty they felt the need to replace their lost child. Or maybe they felt so secure with their financial situation that they wanted to risk it again. But…I guess when you were the same age, he lost that job and you became the gypsies you were.

Simon: Nurmel? Are you…ok?
Nurmel: (sobbing) And here I thought…I…was the only…one…
Simon: Only one what?
Nurmel: The only one…who’d been…thrown away…when I’d become too…inconvenient for them…now…now I know someone else…feels that same pain…

Simon: You don’t have to feel sorry for me!
Nurmel: I hate them, I really do!
Simon: No you don’t. You just want to hate them. Now listen. You were right before; this is more or less your new home. So, do you want to take a look around?
Nurmel: I…I guess.

Nurmel: Oh gosh…is this?
Simon: Yup. This is your bedroom. Do you like it?
Nurmel: I love it!
Simon: Sorry it’s not very big.
Nurmel: Are you kidding?! This is the most space I’ve ever had in a long time!
Simon: I guess that’s a good thing then.

Nurmel: Thank you so much!
Simon: Whoah! You really must be happy!
Nurmel: You bet I am! (tummy growls) Oh…
Simon: (laughs) You sound hungry. Tell you what. I’ll make some dinner, and you can get changed out of that hideous uniform. I picked up some clothes, but I’m not sure what size you are, so they may be too small or too large.
Nurmel: Wow! I have more than one outfit?!
Simon: If that is your wish! (laughs)

Nurmel: Looking good…
Simon: That top looks a bit too small…
Nurmel: No worries! It looks good this way!
Simon: If you insist. If you wanted make-up, I think Rina left some in the bathroom…I mean if you’re into that sort of thing.

Simon: I’m not that used to having teenage girls staying over.
Nurmel: Relax! I’ll try not to get in your way. You’ll hardly notice I’m here!
Simon: Well, I enjoy the company. Hardly anyone comes to see me nowadays. They all moved on; have partners and kids, high-end jobs in the city. Makes me feel rather lonely.

Nurmel: This is…
Simon: You like it?
Nurmel: This is the most delicious food I’ve ever tasted!
Simon: It can’t be that good…
Nurmel: Seriously! Mom never cooked stuff like this, half the time it was always spag bol, which got boring after a while!
Simon: What? You mean she hasn’t learnt anything else since?
Nurmel: (laughs)

Within a few minutes, we were freely chatting about Mom and Dad. I immediately treated him like I’d known him as a brother for all my life. It was…comforting.

When I spoke about our parents, I didn’t feel a pain in my chest. I felt safe…I had forgotten all about where I had been that day. Maybe I wanted to forget. I wanted to forget about HUL, I wanted to forget about Denise, and Sasha, and all those other weirdos. I wanted to stay with Simon, where I felt I belonged…

TV: Look out tomorrow, as there might be showers. It’ll be best to wrap up and keep an umbrella handy!

That evening, I watched TV for the first time in ages. It felt so luxurious; like I was suddenly spoilt…I glued my eyes to the screen, my chest overwhelmed with happiness.

But my mind was elsewhere.

Simon: Better send an email to Nisa…

Phone: (beep)
Nurmel: Please pick up…
Woman: Hello?
Woman: Hello? Is anyone there?

Woman: Wait! Is that…is that…
Nurmel: I’m out. (hangs up)
Woman: Wai-

I guess there were some things I wasn’t ready to face up to yet.