Like Minded - Series 2 - Episode 7 - End of the Line

Mia: We’re finally here!
Melody: Finally here…

We’re finally here.

Mia: Alright! I call this tent!
Melody: Is there enough room for both of us?
Mia: Of course! Don’t look so worried. Mom and Dad have the tent next to us. Come on, Melody, let’s check it out!
Melody: (laughs) Ok!

You see, Melody’s family went off to Hong Kong without her, for reasons that only she and I know. Mia, feeling pity on her invited her to stay with her family on a camping trip up in the mountains.

I can only feel sorry for her.

Mia: Smile for the camera!
Melody: Hey! Let me get ready first-
Mia: Nuh-uh. The best photos are the ones taken when you’re the least prepared and you least expect it! That way you’re natural and aren’t faking anything.
Melody: Oh, and that’s how it is…tell me, Mia, since when did you get so philosophical?
Mia: Eh, it’s just something my brother taught me. Hey, listen, wanna do some fishing before it gets dark?

Melody: I don’t understand. How can you get it so perfect on your fishing rod?
Mia: I have been doing it for most of my life now. Here, let me help you.
Melody: Thanks, I think I’ve got it now.

Melody: It’s quiet…
Mia: Wait until all the other campers come. Then it’ll be noisy you can’t sleep!
Melody: …Mia…?
Mia: ...Uh oh, what’s that serious face for?
Melody: Do you know where you’re going after school?
Mia: You mean, like after we graduate and all that? Hnn. Guess I hadn’t thought about that. I think…I might do fashion design, like my mom.
Melody: I thought you said you didn’t like it?
Mia: I just said that to tease Mom.

Mia: Gotcha!
Melody: Hey, that’s a big one!
Mia: Yup, this one’s for dinner!

Mia: Hey Dad! Look at the fish I just caught!
Mr Costello: Very nice, Mia.
Mrs Costello: She looks so happy. It’s a shame Phil wasn’t able to make it.
Mr Costello: Now, I’m sure he’s very busy at the moment.
Mrs Costello: Do you think we’re the only ones who he’s told about his true profession?
Mr Costello: Yes, but don’t let that get to you. When he’s ready, he’ll tell other people.
Mrs Costello: I just can’t help but get worried about him.

Mia: What about you, Melody?
Melody: Huh?
Mia: What do you want to do?
Melody: Oh, well…I was thinking of doing Art like my mom.
Mia: Excuse me? You’re not taking up Music?
Melody: N-no…
Mia: Why not? I thought you were an amazing singer!
Melody: I’m just not ready…to face the world like that yet…
Mia: Hmph. I guess. It really is up to you, Melody.

Mia: Bull’s-eye!
Melody: Wow…
Mia: Hey, it’s getting dark. Let’s get something to eat.

Mia: So, in some ways, this is the end of the line, really, huh?
Melody: I guess so.
Yes. This really is the end of the line. So long.

Nurmel: (waking up) What? End of the line? What does that mean?!

Nurmel: I- oh.
Simon: Good evening.
Nurmel: Erm, I can explain-
Simon: No need to. I’m guessing this is what happens when you have a vision.
Nurmel: And you’re…ok with that?
Simon: Of course. I thought it was the duty of an elder brother to accept their siblings, no matter what their mental situation is.

Nurmel: Heh. You know, I wish everyone was as accepting as you.
Simon: I sometimes feel the same myself. How do you feel?
Nurmel: Fine, although…

End of the line.

Simon: Although?
Nurmel: Nothing, don’t worry about it.

Simon: Mitch went a while ago, by the way. Do you remember what he was saying before passing out?
Nurmel: Totally. I guess…I have to go back home?
Simon: You seem rather calmer about this than before!
Nurmel: Heh, well I guess I got calmed down by someone.

Nurmel: What time do we leave?
Simon: As soon as possible. But Nurmel… you don’t have to go through with it.
Nurmel: What do you mean?
Simon: We can…I don’t know. Run away. Escape it all. Start anew.
Nurmel: What about your job? And home? Listen, I’m going to think about it, ok?
Simon: Yeah, ok.

The more I thought about it, the scarier the situation seemed. Simon was willing to give up everything to protect me…but that wouldn’t solve anything.
You can run away from your past and mistakes, but they will still follow you like flies no matter where you go. The only way to solve a problem is to hit it head on.

Nurmel: Listen, Simon, I’ve been doing some thinking…and I want to go back.
Simon: Go back? You’re going to go back home?

Nurmel: I’ll go for the trial, and proclaim my innocence. Then when it’s done, regardless of verdict I promise I’ll come back here with you.
Simon: You won’t go back to Mom and Dad, even if they accept you?
Nurmel: No. I need some time away from them, and I need to think about my future.

Simon: Nurmel…whatever you do, I will back you up all the way. If anyone accuses you, I will stand up to them. Understood?
Nurmel: What are you now, my bodyguard?
Simon: (chuckle) Perhaps.

End of line.

Or is it?