Like Minded - Series 2 - Episode 9 - Spread Your Wings and Take Flight

After the shock testimony read out by John Crowe, it seemed as the rest of the trial went as if in a dream. To impossible suddenly became possible. I’m sure if I flapped my arms enough, I could have taken off into the air.

His testimony was full of holes, Winston Benning. His esteem broke with every contradiction Mr Crowe found. Eventually he broke down in a rage and admitted everything.

“It was me! I did it! I started the fire, in the intention of blaming the defendant! Why? Ahahaha…why? Wouldn’t you like to know!? You know what?! I’m not gonna tell you! Work it out yourself, dumb asses! You don’t need to know why, all you need to know is that I did it, and you can’t make me change my mind! Well...What are you waiting for? Take me away! Take me awaaaaaaay!”

He was taken away for more questioning. I was proclaimed innocent. It was the most wonderful feeling I had ever experienced so far…

Mr Crowe: Well, that’s the end of that. Mr Benning has been taken in for questioning. He still won’t explain why though. He just keeps admitting he did it, but no motive.

Nurmel: Well, I think I have a good idea why anyway. Something to do with gypsies.
Mr Crowe: That makes sense. He was never very nice to your family, was he? Maybe he saw you as a threat?
Nurmel: I guess so. But…this all seems too simple.
Mr Crowe: What do you mean?
Nurmel: I think he confessed too easily. And the prosecution’s case was supposed to be airtight. And why wasn’t my, err, “mental problem” brought up?

Simon: You know, that’s right. They never once mentioned your visions.
Nurmel: Something doesn’t feel right here…
Simon: Well, for now, you’re proclaimed not guilty, and you should now enjoy your freedom. No one’s going to chase you anymore.
Nurmel: Thank goodness…
Mr Crowe: Oh? I think we have some visitors.

Kimberly: Nurmel!!!
Nurmel: Whoah! Erm, hey.
Kimberly: (sob) Nurmel, I’m so, so sorry! I was just told by everyone that you did it and you were right, I was scared and blamed you for it because everyone else was…and…I should’ve known it was that evil landlord! I mean, I thought he was fishy from the start but-
Nurmel: Hey, hey! Calm down a sec! Its ok, I forgive you.

Kimberly: So we’re still friends?
Nurmel: Yup! By the way, where are you living now?
Kimberly: The council gave us insurance money, so we’re now living in a proper house, and get this: Dad has a proper job now! We’re no longer as inferior as we once were!
Nurmel: That’s wonderful!
Kimberly: Oh, and by the way, I think your parents want to see you.
Nurmel: Oh…right…

Harris: Nurmel! My little girl!
Nurmel: Dad!
Harris: Nurmel, let you know now - I never wanted you to go to that HUL place, it was just Winston insisted it was the best for you-
Nurmel: Don’t worry about it. I know now that Winston had a lot more to do with this than we first thought.
Harris: You can say that again! Hey, Leona, come and say hello!...Leona?

Leona: ….huh? Oh, sorry. I was just…erm…never mind.

Nurmel: Hey, mom. Check out your new glad rags!
Leona: Well, we got ourselves some new jobs, with a better pay so we can afford a bit more now.

Leona: Listen, err, Nurmel. I was thinking…since you’re, erm, not as crazy as you were once seen-
Harris: Leona!
Leona: Sorry. I just can’t my head round to the fact that Winston did it…anyway, I suppose you want to move back in home now…right?
Nurmel: …Oh? Oh. Erm…I hadn’t thought of that.

Simon: Well, Nurmel, now that you’re not seen as a criminal, you can do whatever you want for your future. I mean, you’ve never really gone to much school, so university is not an option, but you can always get a job in Flint City…if you wanted to, that is.
Nurmel: Well…I guess I really should start thinking about my future.

Leona: Erm, excuse me, but who exactly are you? I don’t think we’ve met.
Simon: Hnn. Please excuse my rudeness. I was Nurmel’s guardian for the past month.
Leona: Oh, I see.
Simon: My name’s Simon White. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mrs Rosetta.
Leona: S-simon…W-white?
Nurmel: Listen, mom, dad…if it’s ok with you. I want to stay with Simon for a bit, until I decide what to do. He lives in a nice area, and I won’t get into trouble, and we’ll take care of each other…
Leona: How old did you say you were?
Simon: I didn’t. I’m 31.
Leona: …I have no objection to Nurmel staying with you until further notice.

Harris: It’s your future, honey…
Nurmel: Thanks, guys. I’ll see you whenever.

And that was that. I was walking away from my past, my parents, my home…it was surprisingly easy.

They had begged for my forgiveness for their wrongdoing, blaming Winston for their poor decision. I grinned painfully. They were doing the same thing they had exactly done before, with me. Because deep down they were afraid to admit that they were guilty as well for throwing away their daughter.

And yet they didn’t cry, or call me back, or plead for me to come back. They let me go. In good nature, of course. And I didn’t look back once.

Before Simon and I left Flint City for good, we visited my old house one more time. It still looked the same; peeling paint, dying grass, rotting windows. It didn’t feel like home though. I kept wondering how they were going to cope with Winston in prison. Were they going to get a new landlord?

I walked through the rooms, memories flooding back with every step. I saw my pokey old room, with the doorway that Dad kept promising to fit a door onto. He never did.

I remember the times I spent lying on that bed, dreaming of another life. Wishing how better off I could be. Now I could know that joy of taking flight.

Nurmel: Do you think I’m doing the right thing?
Simon: Personally, yes. You’re a grown up now, you need to spread your wings and find your future.
Nurmel: Are they going to cope without me?
Simon: Who knows? I guess they will. They coped without me, anyway.
Nurmel: Do you think they recognised you?
Simon: I’m sure they did. That’s why they let you stay with me. Because they knew that I would care for you.
Nurmel: Hnn. Guess they’re not as stupid as I thought.

And with one quick look over the house, we turned on the engine and left in the direction of our home.

Which was nowhere in Flint City, but in the future.