Like Minded - Series 3 - Episode 2 - Like Sisters

So after the chance encounter with Melody, I would have expected life to have been a little more interesting. And I guess I was right. Work was the same as usual; Jessie was as eccentric as ever...if I think about it, life was almost the same. It was just the little things I kept noticing.

Like Melody seemed to turn up everywhere I went.

When I went into the shops to buy a magazine, and was walking over to the counter, there would be Melody, also buying a magazine.

When I went grocery shopping and was getting things out of the freezers, I’d turn round and there’d be Melody getting some bread.

Playing pinball during my time off work – Melody!

Even when I was buying clothes – MELODY?!

At first I thought it was pure coincidence, but after the next five billion times I started to get uneasy. It was almost as if she was...stalking me? I didn’t think Melody was up to that.

It started to unnerve me and I rarely went out after that.

Nurmel: I can’t believe I have to stay at home watching TV with you.
Llama: But I thought you liked me...
Nurmel: Wait, you don’t even live here! What the hell?!
Llama: The front door was open...
Nurmel: Scram, loser!!!

*phone rings*
Nurmel: Who can that be? Hello?
Jessie: Nurmel, it’s me, your boss!
Nurmel: Duh.
Jessie: I need you to go to the library and pick up a book on gym techniques for one of my students, ok?
Nurmel: Ok. What time are you coming back tonight?
Jessie: What do you mean? I’m in the house right now.

Jessie: I’m just trapped in the loo ‘cos this llama won’t bugger off!
Llama: Hello, cutie.
Nurmel: Riiiight...

The university library was large and almost empty half of the time. I rarely went in there seeing as I didn’t really need to read anything. I guess I’m glad that I know how to read anyway, thanks to the minimal schooling I did have as a kid.

As I looked in the dance section, I had the prickle on the back of my neck that warned me that I was being watched...I heard the innocent hum round the side and instinctly knew that Melody was there. The fact made me so unnerved; I knew I had to put a stop to this.

Nurmel: Hey!
Melody: Oh, Nurmel, fancy seeing you he-
Nurmel: Cut the crap, Melody!
Melody: ...Huh?
Nurmel: I know you’re stalking me, or following or something!

Melody: Nurmel, I have no idea what you’re talking about.
Nurmel: Oh, you do so! Why is it everywhere I go you’re there too?
Melody: It’s purely coincidence, and please, you’re making a scene!
Nurmel: I’m sorry, but when it happens more than ten times it can’t surely be coincidence! Now tell me why! Do you have some sort of sick fixation on me?

Melody: Fixation? What – how can you say that? I’m only –
Nurmel: Only what?!
Melody: I’m only looking out for you!
Nurmel: What the hell? I don’t need anyone to look after me-
Melody: I’m sorry. I have to go.

And with that she burst into tears and barged past me.

Nurmel: Hey...Melody?
Melody: Don’t follow me!
Nurmel: Look who’s talking.

I felt so terrible. I accused her just like that and upset her feelings. But it had made me so mad. I thought I would be independent, but when she said she was “looking out for me” I wondered whether I was really independent at all...

Right now, I knew I had to follow Melody and apologise. Then I’d talk to her. Nicer this time. And then...I’d tell her how I know all about her.

I found her watching clouds in the Campus Park, right in the middle of the university. She seemed non-pan as she stared up at the sky in indifference. I don’t think she noticed me approaching.

Nurmel: Erm...hey.
Melody: ....
Nurmel: I don’t do apologies much. Y’know, my background isn’t as nice as you’d think. I used to survive purely on animal instinct, always lashing out when I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to yell at you like that.
Melody: It’s ok. And I’m sorry too. I admit, I was following you, but I was just...(sigh) It’s hard for me to say.

Nurmel: Just admit it. You’ve fallen in love with me.
Melody: No! I don’t swing that way!
Nurmel: (laughs) I’m only joking, silly. No need to go all red on me.
Melody: (mumble) I’m not going red.

It seemed as though Melody has grown up a bit since I last saw her. She was always so shy and hesitant. Now she seemed a little more confident and carefree. Perhaps Mia rubbed off a bit on her.

Melody: Hey, er, Nurmel?
Nurmel: What’s up?
Melody: This may seem really crazy...
Nurmel: Yeah?
Melody: But...I...I know all about you.

Nurmel: Heh, did you see me on TV or something? I have been quite famous in my earlier years.
Melody: Well...not exactly.
Nurmel: What do you mean, not exactly...?

I already knew the answer, and got up immediately, afraid. She got up too and looked me straight in the eye.

Melody: Nurmel, I dream of you. I’ve had dreams of you since I was little. I’ve seen you fight, I’ve seen you stumble through everyday life, I saw the way your parents treated you, the fights you had with Collette, the trial...everything.

I was speechless. Totally speechless. And then I snapped.

Nurmel: So that’s it?
Melody: What?
Nurmel: Don’t I get a say in this?!
Melody: What do you-
Nurmel: It’s not fair! You hear me? NOT FAIR! I’m the one with the visions, I’m the one who’s been dreaming about you since I was a kid!
Melody: I...
Nurmel: And then before I get a chance to own up, you turn round and say the same thing!

Melody: Oh, I’m sorry for being so open!
Nurmel: I thought you’d at least know something about this thing that’s been driving me crazy for my whole life!
Melody: Well, I’ve got news for you, pal! I don’t know anything either, and I’m just as confused as you are!!!

And before I knew it, we were clinging to each other, sobbing on each other’s shoulders. I felt...released almost. As if I’d been waiting for this moment for all my life...I guess I was. I was waiting for her. And now we’d acknowledged how we’d seen each other stumble through life...well, it was a pretty awesome feeling.

After that, we played some Catch in the park for a bit, after we’d calmed down and wiped away our tears. We both didn’t say much, but we knew what we had to do. We had to get down to the bottom of this.